Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GORGO but Not Forgotten. You Don't Have to Go to Japan for a Giant Monster Movie

You know Gorgo looks quite a bit like Godzilla. Any relation? (You can hear my chuckling like a friggin’ school girl can’t you?).  While Gorgo may not be your favorite giant monster movie, and while the creature creation certainly didn’t rival the Japanese during the early 60’s, it’s nice to know that there’s a large monster attacking the UK. Maybe you could call Gorgo the original British Invasion although Gorgo would be invading England rather than having a giant monster from Britain invade the U.S. (there’s plenty of time to invade the U.S. later. I had a chance to catch up with this British attempt at Kaiju courtesy of VCI sans the Mystery Science Theater 3000 robots and was instantly transported to Saturday afternoon’s with my father spent re-watching some of the trashiest films of which Gorgo was a clear favorite. The effects may not be as good as pretty much any Japanese movie dealing in the same subgenre and we all know that Godzilla would destroy Gorgo to no end, we still love our big friend from the British Isles.

The VCI release offers a nice transfer, widescreen edition with some modest extras that will please the giant monster enthusiast. There’s not much new going on with Gorgo at the moment. Godzilla is still King of the Monsters after all. You don’t need to go to Japan for a giant monster movie and thankfully Gorgo didn’t attack Australia (because no one would care, right?)

Pick up Gorgo HERE and make sure to stop by and check out the rest of the VCI catalog HERE. There’s plenty of excellent horror and sci-fi with tight packaging that emphasizes the original artwork. VCI won’t necessarily give you the ultimate collector’s edition every time, but you’ll get a competent release at a good price.


Note: The snide remake about Australia was not mine. It was the original producer’s decision to NOT shoot in Australia. Why? No one would care. At least that’s the rumor. 

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