Monday, November 19, 2012

Hostel Double Feature From Mill Creek (DVD Review)

Hostel along with Saw helped break the torture porn world open and pretty much gave it its own subgenre designation. If you dislike this designation then you either a. don’t like special effects b. love plot driven horror or c. dislike porn (tee hee hee). It’s been about six years since Eli Roth gave us something new to cringe at and in that time we have seen two sequels to his debauched satirical gore store. Hostel II has received excellent notes, goes even more overtop than its predecessor and generally does exactly what the good old fashion 80’s slasher flicks tried to do with each successive sequel; basically out due it’s predecessor in terms of exploitable film elements.

If you haven't had the privilege to enjoy these two films please check out the trailers and get with the times already.

We’ve been talking about Mill Creek Entertainment and some of their recent releases. They have released a double feature of the first two movies in the Hostel franchise on one Blu-ray disc. Does it hold up to the individual Director’s cuts? I don’t think it’s supposed to. At least not in terms of special features. The audio is vibrant and delivers the theatrical punch you expect from a hi-def disc. The video quality however does leave something to be desired. It’s a bit dusty for a newer release Blu. The blacks seem washed out. Maybe you like a little dust on your older releases. Even a few scratches. Not quite the hi-def I was looking for. The strength of the Mill Creek release is that you get two movies for a low price. You don’t get special features. You get two features. It really depends on what you’re looking for in this purchase. Does the transfer surpass the DVD release? Yes. It’s an upgrade. It’s standard packaging for a double feature.

With Hostel you get what you get. It’s a gore fest. This release does look good, but maybe it could’ve looked great. Maybe doing two separate discs and throwing in a bonus feature package would have been nice for the Roth fan club, but it’s not essential and most likely could have been cost prohibitive. This is really a buyer choice. How much do you want to spend for a full release versus this double feature?

Hostel I/Hostel II Double Feature can be purchased HERE. For more offerings from Mill Creek Entertainment visit their website HERE.


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