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MAKE THEM DIE FEROXLY: Grindhouse Releasing Feeds Our Italian Cannibal Lust (DVD Review)

Before I say another word about it make sure to get out and see Grindhouse Theater’s screening of Cannibal Ferox in 35mm coming to you UNCUT on November 23 & 24: 9:09pm each night. You can get the full event info and details on future screenings HERE. If I lived on the West Coast I would be there. Helmed by Dr. TERROR compatriot and friend, Justin Giallo, this group has been pounding out screenings of classic horror. Recent screenings include Demons, Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead and Phantasm. Coming next month... SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT!!!Come check out the Grand Cinema page as well HERE

BANNED IN 31 COUNTRIES (can you name them all?)

Warning! Due to the SHOCKING and VIOLENT subject matter, NO ONE UDER 17 should view this film. (guess my parents missed that one on the rental copy).

Three friends out to disprove cannibalism meet two men on the run who tortured and enslaved a cannibal tribe to find emeralds, and now the tribe is out for revenge.

Cannibal Ferox is the first of the Italian cannibal cycle films that I was privy to. I rented it from Palmer Video one summer day at my uncles’ house while my parents were busy partying without the kids. When I saw the Umberto Lenzi classic it was under its American title, Make Them Die Slowly. Quite often I still called it Make Them Die Slowly. It’s almost a more vicious name to me than Cannibal Ferox. To this day when I talk to people about it and they say Cannibal Ferox to me I instantly “correct’ them stating Make Them Die Slowly even though technically I’m incorrect. Even writing about it as Cannibal Ferox feels strange.

Grindhouse Releasing put out some amazing packages in the last couple of years including this picture on DVD. It’s a gorgeous letterbox print. When I say gorgeous, that does not mean that it’s been beautifully restore and all the grain and dust removed. Watching the Grindhouse Releasing print is like putting yourself on 42nd Street with a sign that says “teen virgin, make me a real man’ on your back. The true grit and grime of the hay day of exploitation cinema seeps through your TV screen as it once jumped off the celluloid. For those your familiar with other GR releases this lives up to the quality expectation you come to respect.

This is the uncensored Director’s Cut. The sound has been updated and mixed and is a vast improvement on the VHS copy I watched as a boy. Both Umberto Lenzi and John Morghen offer excellent commentary tracks. It also comes loaded with the German, US and Italian trailers. The stills from Cannibal Ferox sell the movie with their absolutely inspiration gore and novelty. This edition features an extensive still library. The  liner booklet featuring Times Square historian Bill Landis makes this a very collectible edition. If all that doesn’t get you than the Umberto Lenzi interview will.

You can pick up this extremely definitive edition HERE. Check out the other Grindhouse Releasing offerings HERE and make sure to stop by CAV Distributing to see what else you can find from this powerhouse distro company.


Name the 31 countries in which Cannibal Ferox was banned... Go!

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  1. Lenzi commentary AND interview... wow. I'd have so many questions to ask him...