Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dr. TERROR'S CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY: The Silent Night, Deadly Night Series!!!

Christmastime is here! That means Christmas horror movie and Christmas cheer and Christmas egg nog and Christmas beer and a Christmas GIVEAWAY!!! One of my early New Years resolutions was to start doing some giveaways. I want to make sure that my readers know that I absolutely love that they come back for more, show support and help create the horror community that drives me daily. You think this is a Santa suit is a fucking costume? This is a way of life! Before we get to the big giveaway that I've been name dropping all day let's talk about what you can expect over the next couple days on DOCTERROR.COM and across the horror-verse.

Expect more ghosts as the clock tolls a variety of times throughout the next couple of days including a special IT CAME FROM 1980x over on my home away from home, THE LIBERAL DEAD. We will be discussing SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 5: THE TOYMAKER. Expect a very special Christmas treat from me and Frank Browning (Doctor in training and Doctor of Photography) as well as Leema frickin' Mountain (or at least one member there of). That'll be Christmas Eve and involves 8-Bit to hold you. Also, Jesse Bartel of GameTyrant and Liberal Dead fame and Jeff Konopka, The Liberal Dead's Podcast Deity and I teamed up to record a Holidy Special episode of Dead Air featuring a full length reivew of Silent Night and to discuss our lists from dear old St. Nick. All of these entries will be up leading to the Christmas holiday.

Now for the giveaway; the one I mentioned in Twitter @drjimmyterror and on FaceBook HERE.

IT CAME FROM 1980x  this season focused on the Silent Night, Deadly Night series over the last month and I dropped a big ol' happy review of the movie Silent Night, the remake/reimaging of Silent Night Deadly Night. It occurred to me that some folks just aren't going to enjoy all of these movies unless I give them to you for Christmas, so that's exactly what we've decied to do.


Silent Night, Deadly Night 1-5 on DVD (The Survival Double Feature for the first two entries in the series from Anchor Bay and the 3 movie set from Lionsgate for the remaining three films) and YOUR CHOICE of Silent Night, the remake/re-imagining, on either DVD or Blu-ray (I suppose it depends on if Santa got you a Playstation 3 for Christmas. One lucky winner takes the whole thing and becomes a viritual expert in the art of punishing the naughty, taking out the garbage, strange pagan rituals involving cockroaches, psychic abilities and of course, the art of making toys (Clint Howard thank you in advance).


First off, you're going to need to help me out. I truly want to hit 666 likes on my FaceBook page before or on Christmas, but I'll take New Years Day or any other day for that matter. Seriously though, there's something ironic about hitting 666 likes on Christmas day. I'm thinking Hail Adriane, The Year is One, Satan Lives and or Gregory Peck with way too many knives about to kill the Antichrist. Regardless of my insane reasons, please offer me your seasonal kindness and help out. So you'll need to go over to like the FaceBook page of Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors HERE. We won't do the giveaway until we hit 666 likes (we've got less than 100 to go... not too shabby). You'll have to like the page to win but to ensure that it happens in a timely manner spread this contest/blog post every where you can. The faster it spreads, the faster we have a winner, and believe you me I wanna give away this prize. It makes you better horror fans! Liking the page is step one. Second, send an email to me at including your name, address, choice of Blu-ray or DVD for the remake. Make sure to caption your email "DR. SANTA TERROR, I'VE BEEN NAUGHTY". Scantily clad Christmas photos are appreciated, but will not guarantee a win. Tell me what's on your Christmas list if you feel like it. I really just need the basics so I can get the winner the prize.

We'll announce the winner when we break/hit the 666 like barrier (the most arbitrary mark this side of the DMZ).

Get the word out. Make some noise. Tell your friends and by all means enjoy good horror this holiday season. For fun consider posting your favorite holiday horror or favorite Christmas beer below and let's get the celebration started and spread some cheer!

-Dr. Santa TERROR

NOTE: Make sure to stop back here Christmas Eve for our Special Christmas Treat and stop by the Liberal Dead to read IT CAME FROM 1980x: SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 5 - THE TOYMAKER!!!


  1. I like to drink Timothy Talors Landlord at this or any time of year. It is an award winning Yorkshire ale from the UK.
    One year my brother and I spent the day sampling beers from around the world with evil sounding names like Belgium's Lucifer for example. Things got very messy indeed.