Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Early this year I asked a bunch of you what you thought my New Year's Horror Resolution should be. Last year we went into the yellow and attempted (and failed) to watch every giallo movie ever made. Over 200 movies. I made it just over 100, got busy, got bored and moved on to bigger and better pornography. I love giallo, but I failed. Ce la vie. That's what resolutions are for any way right? Failing to keep them.
Well this year I'm going balls to the wall and announcing not one, but three separate resolutions. They end up being somewhat linked, but I think I have a good shot at completing all of them. Let's get this party started (or this hangover started since it is the morning after New Year's Eve.

I was born in 1980 I've always wanted to watch every single horror movie from my birth year. Well this is the year! This is my chance. I'll watch every horror movie from 1980 as dictated by this great God Wikipedia (they keep a list for every single year for horror films released if you're interested). It's over 50 movies. It's not actually that bad and I'm not going to force myself to watch all the movies I've already seen though I will try to revisit many. It's a great year for horror. Check out the list HERE.

Next challenge for 2013 involves me watching every single movie on the Video Nasty List ala the Video Recording Act of 1984 straight out of the UK. Banned movies fascinate me. Again, I won't force myself to watch every movie on the list if I've seen it. I will potentially be doing something very special with this challenge regarding a competition of sorts. Stay tuned. I can't wait to enjoy all the things I'm not supposed to enjoy. For a complete list go HERE.
Last but certainly not least... I'm going to FINISH THE GIALLO CHALLENGE OF LAST YEAR!!! This is the challenge that truly won the popular vote. Finish what I started ya'll said. So I will. I will continue enjoying gialli for the rest of the year and hopefully I'll get through the lot of them. over 100 to go. Bring it on! Expect frequent weekly updates.
Hope your New Year's Evil was fantastic. Hope you kissed your favorite Boil or Ghoul at midnight and most of all, I hope you were watching horror movies before and afterward.


  1. Good luck. All of these are worthwhile challenges. I too was born in 1980 and love watching the horror films from that year. Friday the 13th and The Shining particularly.

  2. Thanks DW. I'm going to restrain it at first to movies I haven't seen. Of course there are plenty I will rewatch naturally this year like the Shining and definitely Friday the 13th. I'll be posting regularly about all three challenges to give updates as to what I'm watching, finding difficult to find or just brief thoughts on the watching experience. Some of these are bad. Really bad. Some are really tricky to get a hold of too.