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From the Lab Notes of Franklin-Stein: "It's all in who you watch it with." or "Everyone's a Critic..."

Note to our readers: Frank Browning has been contributing here in one way or another for some time. You see his handy work all over this page and even in some articles. Frank will be contributing a column under the guise of one, Franklin-Stein. Frank makes me laugh. Let Frank make you laugh. Hopefully we'll have a new column/page dedicated to all of Frank hi-jinx around DOCTERROR.COM soon. 

"It's all in who you watch it with." or "Everyone's a Critic..."

Greetings True Believers!

Today we’re going to talk about an issue about which I have extremely strong feelings. For as long as I’ve been watching (mostly terrible) movies, I’ve noticed that my viewing experience is strongly influenced by with whom I’m watching the film.

Allow me to explain:

People kill me with how critical they are about movies. It’s like everyone’s missing the point. I mean, if the dumb book is THAT much better, then shut your head and go read it, Harry Potter. Seriously. It also bewilders me to see folks go into movies (esp. of the Horror/Sci-Fi Genre) expecting a life-changing and religious cinematic experience that explains the meaning of life and all manner of existentialism issues. Are we serious with this?! If you’re not going to a movie to escape the crappy reality of the real world and have a good time for 90 minutes or so then you are a bitter old turd and should go sniff the arnus of the nearest cat.

Lighten up, folks. Have a good time. Watch some bloody boobs and grisly guts with a smile on your face. Life is too short to spend all your time hatin’ on every movie you see. Sure, plot holes and inconsistencies and all that stuff happens. If it were so easy, everyone and their Mommies would be making movies. Give ‘em a break. If you can really do better than Hollywood, then prove it and/or shush.

I, personally, don’t believe in tearing movies apart. Sure, most of them suck but that’s not the point. The point is all in how you perceive it. I believe that a lot of times how a person feels about a movie (or anything) is a reflection of that person and how they react to the world. If you’re a hateful old poopie, then of course you’ll find something negative to say about everything going on around you. If you’re easily amused and insane like me, you’ll have a LOT more fun in the theaters. Believe me. Remember, it is not the spoon that bends; it is only your mind…

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are millions of terrible movies out there. The point is that you should find a way to enjoy each movie. If it sucks, make fun of it because it does; get some form of enjoyment from it. Also, I know there are exceptions to every rule and a movie (or anything else) may upset you due to a personal belief you have or something, and that’s fine. It happens. Just try to be slow to anger. Don’t be a sour-patch kid. There are enough of those in the world already. There are also enough prissy, stuck-up movie critics in the world. No one wants to hear you cry about how Spider-Man’s webbing came from devices he created (and NOT secreted from his wrists) and that the webbing came in cartridges he filled himself with webbing he made using the knowledge he gained from his radioactive spider-bite. We all already know that. Your mom knows that. The first pet you ever had as a kid, which is now almost assuredly dead, knew this… Let it go and enjoy the movie.

Having said all this, if you surround yourself with overly critical and judgmental people when you watch movies, chances are you will hate the movie too. It’s science. Cats and Dogs, living together. Mass Hysteria! Don’t fall prey to this epidemic. Enjoy movies with people like me who can find something to enjoy in just about any movie. Life’s a lot better when you can make fun of it.

I have a challenge for you all:
(If you can) revisit a movie from the past that you didn’t like, only watch it with someone who likes the movie. Keep an open-mind and see what happens. You may be surprised. If you find that you still hate it, then you’re probably just stubborn and there’s no hope for you. For your sake, I hope you enjoy the movie. 

Remember, open your mind…



Born and raised in southern West Virginia, Frank Browning's passion for art developed at a very young age.. He would spend time recreating his favorite images from his beloved Marvel comic books while "Empire Strikes Back" played in the background. He continued to develop his talent throughout high school, then took that talent to college. He graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, with a bachelor's in graphic design.

Frank has a broad range of talent and has designed for the likes of Spencer's, Hot Topic, FYE, HBO, Capcom, Epic Games, DC, Warner Brothers, and Jim Hensen Company, to name a few. Many of his designs can still be found in Spencer's stores today.

Frank currently works for the West Virginia Department of Education and enjoys doing freelance design projects. He loves all things horror, Star Wars, and Marvel, but his favorite thing is spending time with his wife and  son.

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