Friday, January 18, 2013

Preview of the 1980 Challenge: Dr. TERROR's Top 5 of 1980

I haven't mentioned much about my New Year's Resolution Challenge to watch all the horror movies released in 1980 (the ones I haven't seen of course). I wanted to take a second to release to put out the Top 5 Horror Films of 1980. These are the movies that I have seen, have loved and believe to be the best of the best of the best (sir). I was born in 1980 on October 24th. I've enjoyed that day ever since (one week off Halloween). I think it's only fitting that I see every horror flick form that year (as listed by Wikipedia because they have a nice list).

Feel free to chime in with your favorites below. There's no wrong answer. Do you know how hard this list was to compile? Do you know the movies I had to leave out? There's no particular order to the movies below.

Cannibal Holocaust

The ultimate nasty. The gross out. The turtle. The impaling. There's so much to love that when I tell you that the score is one of my favorite thing about the movie you'll hardly believe me. I don't get shocked by Cannibal Holocaust although I do occassionaly have my stomach turned. I refuse to leave the room when their dismembering the turtle. I refuse to turn my head during any scene in the movie for that matter. In fact some of it is a downright turn on. I suppose that makes me a sick fuck, but you knew that. That's why you're still here.

I truly to aspire to meet Deodato. I hope to Hell that he'll be at a convention that I attend.

City of the Walking Dead

IT'S NOT A ZOMBIE MOVIE!!! Sure it is, but not really. Whatever my dearest Lenzi. I love your gore and your women and your action packed fury. I love the score. I love the style. I love that this is the movie that made me realize that I was destined to be a 35mm junkie. This is the movie that made me realize that I was missing a whole big world of Umberto Lenzi out there and that Hugo Stiglitz a. looked like Alf and b. might be my hero... at least in the movie.

Motel Hell

I eat jerky when I watch this movie whenever possible. It's a camp horror classic. I can't tell if it ever gets the credit it derserves as a truly terrifying piece of cinema. That pig mask and that chainsaw fight are chaos and creep. Rory Calhoun plays the ultimate hero/cannibal. My dad introduced this movie to me, cut to Hell and taped from TV, and I am truly thankful that I had a parent that saw the merit in this movie. So quotable, you might as well make a meat product and slam Farmer Vincent's name on it.

City of the Living Dead

I fascillate between City of the Living Dead and The Beyond and Zombie and Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead as might favorite zombie flicks. This one surely takes the cake more often than not between the amazing effects work, brilliant score, classic Fulci elements. Bulemia isn't the answer. Throwing up your intestines due to the power of pure, unadulterated evil is the new diet craze.


Creature Feature Week changed my life. I became a fan of perfect schlock. It didn't take long. Godzilla 1985, Dracula's Great Love, X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Giant Spider Invasion and of course Alligator. Robert Forster and Henry Silva and that big guy from the Godfather Part II. Oh and of course you have to add the alligator that size of a Cadillac (or larger really). How about Charlie Cheswick getting eaten alive? How about that amazing bass note score with piano tinkling the eerie notes over head? I'm very thankful that Hudson Horror Show gave me the opportunity to see this on the big screen (and alonside Cannibal Holocaust no less).

I'd like to think that The Boogeman, Altered States, The Children and The Shining would be in the top ten.


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