Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video Nasty 4.2: When There's No Room in the UK, The Nasties Will Walk the Earth

Our Second update of the week features some rather odd movies. Favorite for this installment was The Witch Who Came from the Sea for its outright weirdness and originality. I’m not even sure I fully understand just what happened there, but it’s a Nasty . I urge you to avoid Return of the Boogeyman at all cost. Just watch the original and let that fill your head with all the nasties you need.

No shining recommendations. I didn’t discover the next Cannibal Holocaust in this lot.

Return of the Boogeyman

While the original movie is a haunting love fest for most horror fans, the sequel’s most prominent and worthwhile feature is the recap of the original movie. Basically, we can say that there isn’t enough in the sequel to remotely be entertaining. With so much reused footage no wonder this would make the Video Nasty list for the exact same reasons as its predecessor. After a short stint actually watching the movie I fast forwarded a bit... it’s basically Boogeyman with bad filler.

I Miss You, Hugs and Kiss aka Left For Dead

Elke Sommer... that’s the only reason you watch this movie. Find another reason and you let me know. Generic murder mystery plot. Not funny bad dialogue. Violence that just doesn’t go far enough. It’s like one great big horrible made-for-tv movie that England rejected and gave it life in infamy. This one gets released as Drop Dead Dearest with over a minute cut including cuts to some of the beatings and caressing of a naked body. We demand better Nasties than this. Still... Elke Sommer. You’ll see.

Delirium (1979)

Check out the Trailer HERE (Embedding is a good thing YouTube poster)

For a fairly straightforward slasher film it appears this movie is fairly well made. I’m not going to commit to liking it though. It’s dry. Nothing iconic. Nothing that “pops”. The violent bits are just fine. Killing a farm girl with a pitchfork works for me every time especially when she has cut off short short jean shorts. The acting is pure 70’s glory. I’ve seen much worse, but there’s just not much to talk about. I will say this though.  The prog rock trip-aholic score is friggin amazing. Elements of Carpenter’s Halloween score with a more organic feel. Less synth more electric bass and strings. If you’re gonna watch this movie make sure you pay attention to it. Reminds me of something out of a gialli picture or something that Giallo’s Flame would write. You know... I wonder if I was just in a sour mood when I watched this flick because it pretty much screams semi-giallo outta Italy with all the trimmings with a slightly unconventional twist.

The Witch Who Came From the Sea

Well just when I thought I’d seen everything along came this fucked up strange move (with strange hints of aquatic what the fuck). I wouldn’t say that I dislike this movie. I really don’t know how to recommend it. I know that once you watch you’ll have the same reaction. I guess it’s make me laugh and that’s at least something. Witch from the Sea? How about strange nympho topless girl with football player fetish who speaks in riddles and gets tattoos from a very questionable “artist”. Every in the movie needs a strong drink. You should get one too. Sort of shot like a made for TV movie and with a reference to the Little Mermaid (not the Disney story of course)... well... You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Make trade up the drink for some blotter acid.


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