Monday, January 7, 2013

Video Nasty Challenge Update 1: Werewolves, Nazis and the Absurd Oh My!

So far so good. This was my first week of my Video Nasty challenge; the challenge to see all the Video Nasties I had not seen yet. Five down. Four of them really impressed me and had a very positive impact on me. My favorite above all was Absurd. I may have to start collecting that one in all its editions. 

Here's the results for this week:

Absurd aka Rosso Sangue aka Anthropophagus 2 aka Horrible aka The Grim Reaper 2 aka Zombie 6: Monster Hunter

There’s not much more I can say that the slew of aka’s above won’t tell you about this Video Nasty. It’s the unofficial sequel to Anthropophagus aka The Grim Reaper of which I am a huge fan. This film sports some beautiful splatter, kills worth watching and a surprising bit of suspense. For all intents and purposes I am Joe D’Amato rookie. I’m still catching some of his more popular work and I’m learning to appreciate movies like Beyond the Darkness which has not struck me as anything special (but I’ll give it another chance as I do all movies).  Want a fun night out with the guys watching a completely wacked out flick with gore galore… give this one a ring. It’s nasty because it’s a grueling blood and guts fest. That’s also the best reason to watch it. STILL hasn’t been re-released in the UK.

Side Note: one of my favorite soundtracks in recent memory. I can only hope to get a copy somehow, someway.

Women Behind Bars


This movie is, in fact, about women behind bars. I guess that means you get what you pay for. For those of you familiar with the women in prison movies and shy away from them based solely on their exploitation and torture of women shame on you. In all seriousness (we are occasionally serious around here), this movie has a plot! I mean, there’s no academy award worthy performance here, but at least there’s a narrative. Did I also mention it’s absolutely hilarious? The dialogue is quotable, bad and made to riff on. The jungle bush is flowing like it’s the friggin’ Amazon rain forest and the exquisite scenes of vaginal torture will make your girlfriend get up and leave your dwelling so that you can masturbate properly while enjoying this Jess Franco classic featuring Lina Romay. Need a movie with a close up shot of a vagina that ain’t porn? Women Behind Bars has got it nailed! Yet another movie on the Nasty list with a great score all be it more subdued then Absurd.

Last Orgy of the Third Reich aka The Gestapo's Last Orgy aka Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler

Talk about a movie that will conflict you.. well… if you enjoy Naziploitation movies. What had me thinking it would be a humorous torturous romp with loads of naked girlies and piles of bad one liners with improper German accent inflected turned into some downright sick shit. Let’s cover a girl with meat and Cognac and then light her on fire and eat her or at the very least let another girl sexually molest her dead corpse. This is what we’re dealing with. It’s funny, but it’s also not so funny. It’s not Ilsa. Ilsa’s tongue is firmly in her S.S. cheek. This feels more serious.  Still not released in the UK. I’d recommend this to people who can laugh at Cannibal Holocaust though there really is nothing quite as debauched as C.H. I would also recommend this to folks who like hot, “Jewish” naked women that love and enjoy lesbian acts and, above all, being part of a bloody, filthy orgy. Also, a close up of an ass as it squelches out a fart? Really?

Madhouse aka And When She Was Bad 

(enjoy the music on this one)

This has got an amazingly wonderful opening sequence. Eerie and full of raunch. Classic 80's gore. Then the movie goes into full on psychological thriller with gallons of good ol' fashion gore and guts and throats being ripped out by dogs. It's a thing of beauty though it does feel rather slow at times. That damn dog actually gave me shivers, and that's saying something. Should it be on the Nasty list? Well, it has a comparable amount of gore to Absurd so sure. Definitely a recommend though not much else stood out to me worth mentioning. I suppose it was a continuing and often used trope to have either deaf or blind people in horror movies in the late 70's/early 80's? Oh and same director as Piranha Part II, Tentacles and Beyond the Door. 

Night of the Howling Beast aka The Werewolf and The Yeti

Not my favorite Paul Naschy movie and I'm not entirely sure why this one makes it to the list at all. Some nude scenes. Some beasties. Whatever! Compared to other movies on this list you could cut a few scenes and show it as the 4 o'clock movie. As a movie, well, it's unique. I mean it's a classic monster on monster type story though we don't get nearly enough monster for my liking. Has a superb score. Paul Naschy does a great job as always. I mean, the fucking guy is Waldemar and yes, the nudies are smokin'. Interestingly enough the director, Miguel Iglesias, directed a movie in 1972 called Green Inferno that appears to be a Tarzan picture. Of course, that would be the title to Cannibal Holocaust part 2 and Eli Roth's newest endeavor. 

Keep it nasty. Tee hee hee.



  1. Just learned I share a birthday with Joe D'amato! Nice article, I'm adding these to my future viewing list.

  2. That's an amazing birthday! Are you as debauched as he? Some of my best viewing experience come from the great D'amato.