Monday, January 21, 2013

Video Nasty Challenge Update 3: Night of the Demon... No, Not THAT Night of the Demon

While this was a real eye opener into what I might have in store as far as how truly awful the nasties could be, I have to say that I have crossed a few major titles off my list. These are movies that have stood out on rare release lists that I hadn't gotten to see and honestly expected a bit more from. Case in point, Mardi Gras Massacre. Fat Fucking Tuesday! This was like a Wendy's commercial circa 1980-whenever and in place of beef you use beads. This movie screams remake in the next five years if the world continues to spin even though it's absolute garbage (fun, but garbage). 

If I learned one thing from this week in Nastyville it was to not take this list too seriously. Sure there are plenty of baddy bad bad bad movies on this list, but sometimes, just sometimes, the Brits got it wrong. Plenty of other ban-able movies in the sea. I still love the Video Recording Act of 1984 for giving me an exceptionally fun chore in 2013. Bless your black barred heart. 

This week we're doing posters instead of trailers in honor of the awesome updates that Shit Movie Fest has been providing to us via the great and powerful Facebook. Give him a like HERE

Night of the Demon 

NO NOT THAT NIGHT OF THE DEMON… or Curse of the Demon as you may be more familiar with it. This is the campy, Sasquatch flick about a professor and his crew that go into the woods to do research on an urban legend and encounter absolutely bat shit craziness in the form of inter-species sexual relations/big foot rape, setting people on fire and a giant animal man ripping apart humans out of anger and revenge. It’s really the story of a protective mother who’s looking out for her baby big foot or what might have been her baby big foot had her father not aborted the damn thing. It’s as bad/as good as you think it is. Plenty of “throw the red paint at the screen” blood letting, dry dialogue that seems have been written for the Mystery Science Theater robots to riff on and a righteous, backwoods nude scene. For some reason the way this movie was produced had me thinking Don’t Go into the Woods, another Video Nasty. No relation whatsoever. One of the best/worst arm removals I’ve seen in recent years. Enjoy it.

Axe aka Lisa, Lisa aka California Axe Massacre

Axe has Last House on the Left sensibilities. Similar feel. Similar actors. Sure it’s a completely different movie, but the overall home invasion buy some filthy looking thugs with 1970’s hair do’s (and don’ts) gives off that we’re going to rape you over and over and over and eventually make you piss your pants. The dialogue isn’t as catchy as Last House. The revenge theme is underplayed. I love the setting; that house had me creeped out. One of the best posters of the whole nasty bunch. No pants were pissed in in the making of this movie (sorry in advance).

Mardi Gras Massacre

 What a busy hoopla of an excuse to show off the same disemboweling sequence over and over and over featuring a variety of naked women with the exact same body-cast. I’m not saying that it is without merit… okay, that’s exactly what I’m saying, but for all the good this movie will do you and for the relationship to Mardi Gras, you might as well go throw some beads at a pile of mannequins in your living room and ask them to show you their goodies. The gore is funny and the dialogue is atrocious. It’s the perfect nonsensical fare you’ve seen a thousand times over only done better. See it once. Laugh. Then never tell anyone to see.

Love Camp 7

A movie that makes watching naked women boring. This doesn't have the charm or good sense of humor of most exploitation films in the naziploitation subgenre. Sure there are naked women. People being tortured. Power plays. Love. Camps. It's an obvious video nasty but without the thing you want to enjoy in a naziploitation movie. There is no Ilsa. There is not exceptional element that makes it stand out. I was scheduled to run a marathon of nasties behind this movie but was so frustrated with this entry that I immediately opted to watch Storage 24. Hardly a nasty. The name is barely ominous. You deserve better. Go enjoy SS Hellcamp, Gestapo's Last Orgy... go enjoy the Nazis the way they were meant to be enjoyed. 


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