Friday, February 8, 2013

Bloke's Terrible TOMB OF TERROR #6: Buy the Comic Book. Take the Ride. Alive Alive Alive!

The Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror #6 is another stunning tribute to the horror and fantasy comics of yesteryear that we have come to love and collect. Inside are four new tales of... well... terror, pinups and segues featuring the artwork of Mike Hoffman, Rob Moran, Stephen Sistelli, Rock Baker, Scott Shriver, Robert G. Smith, Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo, Mark Kidwell, Mike Dubisch and Shane Smith. Issue #6 is a collaboration of writing and storytelling styles as well as artistic expression that makes each story refreshing and keeping your palette sufficiently wet.

Some notes about Issue #6: The Bloke himself has put in place a new column entitled “Bits N Pieces”. This is where you’ll be able to send photos of yourself with the Terrible Tomb of Terror, fan art and letters. Let’s see what the readers have in store for the Bloke.

Until Death Do Us Not Part“A cheating husband is caught in the middle of a love triangle and his attempt to get out of it has disastrous results!”

Artistically this is my favorite effort. Some truly horrifying images with classic horror comic sensibilities and some chilling lettering. Not sure if it was intentional, but readers may find this to be an homage to The Thing... well... in appearance anyway.

Love Never Dies - "Things seem to be going well after an ongoing experiment finally succeed, but one nights events change all of that!"

Again, some classic horror anthology artwork that truly embodies what I love about this genre. It's an original story line with a funny twist. I dare say this one is a bit lighthearted.

Episode 666 - “A TV horror host make an unpopular decision to try and boost the ratings, and it’s not too long before the sees the error of his ways!”

A truly horrifying story especially for a wannabe horror host like myself. Wanna play with Satan little girl? You’re gonna get burned or at least end up smelling like Sulfur au du toilet. A truly funny and fun and camp classic story about having your cake, eating it too and then watching the cake eat you.

Follow the Leader - “On a cold, London night, two muggers commit murder and the events that follow show them that crime certainly does not pay!”

Follow the Leader is a classic moral tale with roots in traditional horror comics with positive message. Good for the kids and kids, if you’re parents find you with a copy of the Bloke’s mag and are ready to throw it on the cinder pile ala EC circa the 1950’s, quickly flip to this story and explain to your parents that it’s teaching you good Christian values. (and maybe don’t flip to Episode 666).

Creatures of the Night - “A wounded werewolf finds sanctuary in a house, deep in the woods, but gets far more than he bargained for when he meets the owners!”

Vamp and werewolves. There’s nothing better. Throw em in the middle of the woods and enjoy classic, Hammer style comicbookery with a sure to love twist.

As always make sure to follow the Bloke on FaceBook HERE. You can purchase Issue #6 and the rest of the back issues straight from the Bloke HERE.

Enjoy the pin ups, the stunning cover art and the brilliant artistic prowess of artists who are giving the horror comic fan something to be cherished. Highly collectible and stunning representations of old fashioned horror awesome.


Last Note: Who wins... Bloke or Cthulhu?


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