Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gonna Watch All the Horror Movies from 1980 Vol. 1

We went through my personal favorites thus far in our preamble to this challenge. Now it's time to get it under way. Here's our first update. Note that there have been a couple crossovers with the Video Nasty Challenge which I have noted below. Take the time to enjoy those challenge updates as well.

If this week has taught me anything it's that Humanoids from the Deep was good, gory fun and that I may still like the films of Jean Rollin (though there's not guarantee).


Talk about a movie that just bounces around from one good idea to another but at such a strange, random pace that it’s difficult to follow and even more difficult to become comfortable with. Nightmares (not Nightmare aka Nightmare in a Damaged Brain) is an Austrailian film during the period of classic Ozploitation brilliance. I can tell you that despite the precarious timeline and flashback conglomerate, Nightmares is great for the nudity lover. It’s great for the slasher fan. It’s got some excellent kills. It might even be said that one of the best things about this movie is that you can watch it for five minutes, miss the next ten minutes, come back to it feeling as though you have missed nothing and maybe understand it better than the guy who watched the entire thing.

Humanoids from the Deep

The first 45 minutes to an hour were tedious, regurgitated, Horror at Party Beach/Creature from the Black Lagoon plot points. One might think that this would make me a happy horror fan, but alas, I was bored. So bored that I questioned why anyone would put stock in it. I was begging for something big to happen. Anything. Vic Morrow can only carry a film so far... THEN THE GORE FEST STARTED. By the time the humanoids decide to make their way to the carnival I had changed my tune and may even consider this better than Island of the Fismen aka Screamers. It’s great fun once you get past the “back story”. Who needs it anyway!?

Night of the Hunted

It’s a Jean Rollin movie that I actually love! Damn that took quite some time. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen enough to say that I despise Jean Rollin but the pacing in his movies combined with his use of lesbianism, vampires and toxic waste/enviro horror seems to permeate all his cinematic efforts. In Night of the Hunted, it works well. The twist is brilliant. The women are beautiful. The kills are entertaining and the Rollin-ness is enjoyable. These sets/filming locations are truly fun to look at. Don’t expect to leave this one feeling warm and cuddly in love.

Night of the Demon

This one also showed up on the Video Nasty challenge. I truly don’t have much else to say about it, but make sure to check out that short review HERE.

Toxic Zombies

Reviewed for the Video Nasty Challenge. Check it out HERE.

Patrick (segue to Patrick Still Lives)

I love this guy's eyes. Just terrifying. True Ozploitation goodness and this isn't a movie for the 1980 challenge. This is a movie that was a stepping stone to its sequel which is on the 1980 challenge list . Great music. Great acting (despite its ploitation label). I highly recommend it and haven't found a single person who has seen it who wouldn't do the same. You'll never be more scared by inaction in all your life. True suspense.


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