Friday, February 22, 2013

Sinful Dwarf: Yes, It's What You Think It Is. No, We Can't Watch Together.

I'm here to tell you about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. No, wait... I'm hear to talk to you about a perverse dwarf who likes to sexually abuses, murders, tortures, injects naked women with drugs and listens to his haggard mama. I'm talking about Olaf (not Grumpy or Doc or Bashful... there's nothing bashful about The Sinful Dwarf). First off, what you have heard is about this movie is absolutely true. It's debauched and funny and kinda creepy and yes, Severin is in fact correct, Olaf (Torben Bille) does look like trash compacted Jack Black. But is it any good? No. It's really not. Well it's not good unless you like Danish porn with loads of naked Danish women not limited to but Anne Sparrow who is one hot future prostitute.

I had to wait until late at night until the wife and kids were in bed and then hope and pray that the moaning and evil dwarf sounds didn't echo up the stares to sleeping ears. Most of the movie is smut. If you're not ready for dirty sex with lots of ass grabbing then keep your remote handy to fast forward nearly 45 minutes of the movie into your porn banks. If you need a quick spank movie, The Sinful Dwarf will nearly do if you can get around or find dwarfs sexually arousing though there are plenty of full frontals without the Bille.

You know when I was a kid my buddy stole a bunch of his dad's porn mags and this awesome, high quality magazine featured a woman and dwarf fucking using a champagne bottle. Totally hardcore and absolutely sexy. That's really not what you have in this movie, but I thought it was worth noting that at least I was able to find a dwarf and attractive woman sexually arousing at some point in my strange formative years. Insatiable Women... what a great fucking mag! Can't find it anywhere.

From Severin Films:

The Sinful Dwarf
Vidal Raski, 1974


Over The Top With Nudity, Sex & Disturbing Images.
It Just Doesn’t Get Any Sleazier, Folks!”

“A young bride,” promised the ads, “left alone to the lewd passions of an evil dwarf!” Severin Films is officially going to Hell – and taking you with them – with the first time ever in America DVD release of what may be the sleaziest film in EuroCult history: Diminutive former kiddie-show host Torben Bille – who looks disturbingly like Jack Black in a trash compactor – stars as the pint-sized pervert who imprisons drugged teenage sex slaves in the attic of his drunken mother’s decrepit rooming house…and that’s just the first ten minutes! The delicious Anne Sparrow – in her first and understandably only screen role – co-stars in this towering achievement in graphic depravity, now fully restored from a 35mm print discovered hidden in a janitor’s closet at the Danish Film Institute!

• The Severin Controversy – Featurette on the lasting effects of The Sinful Dwarf
• Theatrical Trailer
• Radio Spots

So if you have a list of shocking movies that you want to watch to say that you've seen all the good and fucked up movies that need be watched on this great big globe than The Sinful Dwarf will be on that list and you have a 60% chance of getting shocked. I urge you to try and masturbate while watching it if you can find your no-no parts just to see if you can take it. Can you stand your hand on your junk while Olaf's beaty little eyes stare through your jerk sock? It's like watching Traces of Death whilst eating a roast beef sandwich (yes, I have done this and enjoyed every bite). 

Severin is still alive and well and distributed through CAV Distributing so there's plenty to go around. You can pick it up at the link below or over at the Severin site HERE.  and become one of the strangely initiated.

Though the Amazon link doesn't go to the uncut version

Is it any surprise that it's Vidal Raski's only movie? You'd think he'd get a sequel. 


Note: I love Danish porn and Danish porn mags. If I ever get a lock box at the post office you can send them to me in lieu of hate mail or love letters.

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