Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Faces of Dr. TERROR's LATE HALLOWEEN: True Death. 100 Horsepower of Maxiumum Performance!!!


I wanted to make the Dr. Terror’s 3-D Halloween a regular thing. I even promoted the damn thing during our Italian Horror Week that featured 3-D graphics. Due to an emergency tree branch removal I have been left without the funds to properly create the 3-D glasses that I personally demand be a part of this holiday celebration. It’s as simple as no funds for glasses and promotion. It actually breaks my heart just a little. Fangoria has been taking up the 3-D cause this year and putting up movies in 3-D and even did a 3-D issue featuring their own glasses. It wasn’t quite Dr. Terror’s 3-D Halloween, but it still had some merit (especially being sponsored by Synapse who has one of the best logos in the biz). So no 3-D Halloween. Next year. We’ll be planning early and getting the supplies together well in advance with some of the tricks we were planning for this year and countless others. Maybe we’ll even extend it. You might even see a new three dimensional offering for IHW2 that should be coming this July… maybe 4-D… who knows. Plenty of time to fuck that one up as well.

This year we have decided to go from playful to completely bat shit awful, mean spirited, Ebeneezer Scrooge got his dick caught in the door fucked! This year we want to convey our disappoint with not being able to offer our regularly scheduled with DEATH. The Faces of Death and the Traces of Death  and the Many Faces of Death and every other reality death movie, mondo flick you can imagine all wrapped up into a sick stupid blog that isn’t fun at all and pretty much will appeal to only the most debauched of you. Man ain’t that depressing? 

What you’ll see this year is a series of clips and pictures that somehow involve a horror movie death or dismemberment and the corresponding, real life injury in either still or moving pictures. It’s a tribute to the gross out. It’s a “vomit bag on deck” kind of a display. It isn’t happy unless you can realize that the only way to truly deal with death is to laugh it straight in the face and eat all your veggies.

I’ve been a fan of all the real death movies since I was a kid and most likely way too young to rent them. I think my favorite was Traces of Death 2. Best music. Best surgery. Lots of fucked up gore and real death. I mean, I could be confusing one and two. I used to watch those in tandem quite often. Three came along slightly later, and I picked it up and appreciated with the same fervor. My only criticism was that it needed more creepy, voice-modded narration. Least favorite was always the Many Faces of Death. Just a cheap knock off of the Gorgon classic. Yes, I know that there are plenty of faked scenes in Faces, but does that almost make it more fun? Laugh a little  here people. It’s only death! What about Mondo Cane? What about Mondo Cane 2?  Shocking Africa? They’re really a different animal altogether just showing the great big wide world from a wholly real perspective; the focus isn’t necessarily on a morib fascination with watching folks bite the big one.  With the Mondo flicks you better get ready to readjust your conception of reality.

So we’re gonna bring it right back down to earth. To the world of the real that ain’t reality TV or found footage. Doesn’t this make Snookie look like a glamour mag pin up chick? It’s my answer to not being able to bring you the visual fantasy/novelty of three spooktacular dimensions. Wambulance anyone? Well the people in the clips below definitely can use a little attention. Medical. Funeral. Comical. Enjoy if you can.


End scene from Motel Hell (still):

Real Life Chainsaw Chops:

BURNING ALIVE (From The Burning)

Scene from The Burning:

Real Life Burning Alive:

STABBED BY PITCHFORK (From Friday the 13th pt. 3)

Scenes from Friday the 13th Part 3:

Real Pitchfork Accident:

INFECTED BY PLAGUE (From 28 Weeks Later)

Real Life Plague Death (Ebola to be specific):

BURIED ALIVE (From Buried)

Real Life Live Burial:

DECAPITATED (From Friday the 13th)

Scene from Friday the 13th:

Real Decapitation: 

IMPALED (From Cannibal Holocaust)

Scene from Cannibal Holocaust:

Real Impalement:

HANGED BY THE NECK (From Suspiria)

Clips from Suspiria (Daemonia Mix):

Real Life Hanging:

BURNED BY ACID (From House on Haunted Hill)

Scene from House on Haunted Hill:

Real Acid Attack:


Scene from Hostel:

Real Eyeball Popping Out:


-Dr. Terror (not Dr. Gross as some of you may have speculated). 

And now, as John Stewart would say, you're moment of Zen:

Mike Patton performing his entire Mondo Cane album live. This should calm your jangled nerves.

Also note that I'm posting this late. It is now 2013 and I simply dropped the ball. Since writing this one up I've also watched Orozco the Embalmer to be discussed at a later date.

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