Sunday, February 3, 2013

Video Nasty Update 5: Where Did Human Experiments Come From?

Just a strange and varied week for the Video Nasty Challenge. I can tell you that it was mostly good and what wasn't good at least helped me a more complete horror fan. Toxic Zombies was a waste of time but I'll be damned if Human Experiments wasn't absolutely creepy. Evilspeak was a huge surprise.

Toxic Zombies

Usually a low budget zombie movie is right up my ally. Not so with Toxic Zombies. I feel like I’ve been cheated. The low budget-ness of the low budget “zombies” is uninspired. While it may have a somewhat comedic plot, it’s too boring to realize it. Great poster art. Somewhat entertaining score. The kills are blah. The blood is ordinary if not Halloween makeup-esque. The only thing I enjoyed was the strange fashion sense.


I like to think of this as a tribute to Paul Naschy made by folks who were discovering all the joys of technology and computers while dabbling in a bit of Devil worship on numerous Mountain Dew binges. Read that as this was an incredibly fun watch with Clint Howard... with hair... role. The effects are fun. I love the fact the computer keeps asking for blood and human blood and can translate ancient demon spells. The end is a total 360 from the lighthearted lead up. Once the bad guys outta the bag, all Hell breaks loose... quite literally. While I can’t say for certain this is an honest to goodness Naschy tribute, the feeling of Horror Rises from the Tomb was unmistakable.

The Cannibal Man 

This is a pure Euro-trash psycho thriller with an appetite. I love the lead and the demented jump from run of the mill butcher employee to stark raving lunatic with a penchant for human flesh and a completely eccentric next door neighbor who is more the leads conscience than a real person. Definitely worth a watch though, again, fans of Euro-trash need apply.

Human Experiments

Talk about a movie that absolutely mind-fucked me an a truly great way. Human Experiments starts off feeling like its going to be just another rape-revenge flick and then jump into women in prison movie before ending up as a mad scientist’s wet dream. There’s a scene where our crazy “heroine” is trying to make a jailbreak and has to crawl through piles of insects on drugs. It’s creepy and icky and gave me the heebie motherfuckin’ jeebies. I highly recommend this one. Also note that Geoffrey Lewis of Salem’s Lot and Devil’s Rejects fame is the “mad scientist”. I fucking love that guy!

The Ghastly Ones

In the battle for the exploitation Godfather All Stars, I think the Herschell Gordon Lewis takes this one over Andy Milligan. I was simply unimpressed with everything about this film save the few gory bits that were almost too dark too see. Nothing made me like this more than the H.G. Lewis equivalents done several years earlier. The movie is wobbly. The close ups are WAY too close.You know what I loved about this movie? The scratches on the film. I eat that shit up.


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