Thursday, March 14, 2013

Christine from Twilight Time (Limited Edition 2013 Release) Review

I've been a great big ol' fan of Christine for many a year now. It's the story of the teenage dork who finds a way to be cool, falls in love and ends up causing the death of many individuals though I hardly find their deaths unwarranted. Did I mention that the whole thing happens at the grill of a killer Plymouth Fury? That's high school in a nut shell right? Hating everyone. Wanting a car. Getting your yogurt pierced by a switchblade in shop class by a giant bully with log, luscious locks. Your parents saying NO a whole bunch of times despite YOU knowing better. Watching girls suck on pencil erasers. You know what I want back from my high school experience? Deleted scenes, excellent commentary and a pile of documentaries that illustrate just how great the sum total of events in my life really were during that "best time of my life". I don't think I'm going to find out that some fledgling doc filmmaker has been following me around giving me the Truman Show routine, so I guess I will have to live vicariously through the truly empowered release of John Carpenter's Christine as put out by Twilight Time. Let's talk more about this release because if you don't know how great the Christine is either by book or by film frame, you better go back and do an oil change on your brain.

We all know the story about Twilight Time by now. These are the guys who manage to put out some superior limited releases of some of favorite titles. Most recently the remake of Night of the Living Dead, The Fury (to be reviewed shortly) and EnemyMine to name a few. They specialize in small batch releasing. 5000 or less copies. Christine was released with a 3000 copy run and sold out in about 5 hours (as has been related to me by many a tissue wielding fan). There has been a question or two about quality of their releases which I can answer right now... you're wrong. Get over it. The releases are exactly what their supposed to be featuring a nice insert, traditional packaging and excellent transfers both audio and video. Christine is a testament to everything working for Twilight Time.

Twilight Time's Christine and HorrorHound's Killer Car Issue

From the deleted scene reel which you may be familiar with to the absolute crystal clear rendering of the film itself, Twilight Time has brought the fans something new, something old and something special at a premium, limited edition, collectible level. If you have this Blu-ray disc then you might consider yourself quite lucky. If you bought this movie to flip it on eBay, burn in Hell. Making money like that may seem like a great idea, but I can assure you that their will be a gnashing of the teeth.  Back to the features and the release itself. There's a smorgasbord of deleted material to enjoy. While these were available on a previous DVD incarnation their inclusion completes the package nicely as does the handsome insert. Make sure you flesh out the movie properly by watching them all and reading the liner notes (remember when albums had liner notes? Now you're Blu-ray has liner notes. Now add in a couple of documentaries... Ignition is a full bore assault of all the info you'd want to know about how Christine was created told by the people you'd want to hear it from.

You can't purchase Twilight Time's Christine save for on the black markets of eBay and trading circles on FaceBook. Hopefully you find a stray disc here or there that someone hasn't marked up ad infinitum. What I can tell is that that the only way to stay abreast of Twilight Time's new releases is to follow them on FaceBook and make sure you get the Screen Archives email update. Keep watching their page. You'll want to know when the next limited release is upon you. The Blob remake is coming soon. It's gonna be a peach. Also, make sure to read our review of Brian DePalma's The Fury released by Twilight Time and still available.


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