Friday, March 22, 2013

Gonna Watch All the Movies From 1980 Vol 3: What the Hell Am I Watching?

When you must complete something, when you are at your most compulsive... you can do some pretty awful things. Movies that you would normally skip on the video store shelf get a special screening. You lose yourself in the task and forget the big bad why. I'm still not sure why I went with 1980 other than it's the year of my birth. Sure there are an especially good number of horror films to come out in 1980, but 1981 might have been better eh? 

Here's the most recent update which is slightly old now (written mid-February). This challenge and the Giallo Challenge will be updated weekly over the next few months leading up to Italian Horror Week 2. 

Beyond Evil

Between John Saxon continuing to dominate my recent splurge of horror movie viewing and an actor who I mistook more than once for Tom Jones this is a great cheese ball movie with plenty of 80’s hallmarks. Green demonic lasers shooting out of a woman’s eyes, a steel beam crushing someone, the worst dialogue since the last movie I said had the worst dialogue and a classic possessed devil dummy/figure that seems to be in full control of all the raging horror. From Troma or at least distributed by them... is a schlock fest alright. Also, reminded me of a poor man’s Beyond the Door II aka Shock or Demons 3: Ogre.

Spooky Encounters

I’ll be honest that I’m not entirely sure what was going on in this movie. I couldn’t seem to get the subtitles to work and it wasn’t dubbed. I’m pretty sure it’s just your average ghost story/possession story/evil fighting with Kung Fu from a different part of the world with a chicken getting its head removed and occasionally some creepy scenes that were quite good. So in between what I couldn’t possibly understand save for what was on the Netflix rapper I’d say this is worth a watch. Definite comedic elements that suit its age.


Somewhat disjointed movie about making an effects driven horror movie. Only problem seems to be that the effects that are being used in the movie are completely lackluster and the only thing that I have found redeeming about the entire movie is the opening sequence in which we get a close up of a fine ass. How many asses might be called “fine”? This one for certain. It’s got typical 1980’s charm with hammed up dialogue and even an appearance by the great Tom Savini. I’ll stick to watching Savini in From Dusk Till Dawn and Knightriders any day. At least he’s got some dialogue and wicked facial hair in this one. Also, John Harrison, famous for composing the score to Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside the movie makes an appearance as an actor. Bad movie. Interesting cast. Probably worth it just for people who like to put their favorite effects guys into perspective.

The Other Hell

This movie is truly a product of the decade that preceeded it. Everything from a little Exorcist to Beyond the Door to nunsploitation to Mexican nun horror. It’s got something for the whole family. The music is pulled from other Italian horror movies or especially designed to imitate prog rock horror scores. Not that that’s a bad thing. It even has a hint of The Devils in it without being nearly as shocking. Directed by Bruno Mattei which makes it a must watch in my book.

Alien Dead

Camp classic horror about zombie aliens who are created after a meteor hits close to home. The kills are laughable and yet amazing. Dialogue tragic but totally riffable. Some nice boobs. A nice accent or two and despite just how bad it is, Alien Dead is entertaining. This is the kind of beautiful movie we expect from Fred Olen Ray. Hints of John Waters crossed with Herschell Gordon Lewis, Alien Dead should be a wake up call to indie filmmakers. What to do and what not to do and then what breaking both rules. The music... rules!


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