Saturday, March 9, 2013


The cover for the Scream Factory release of Death Valley is stunning, traditional and really nothing overwhelmingly different from what you might have found on the shelves of your local video store growing up. The devil is in the details and you can count us a Satan Worshipers for the time being because this thing looks purty. The cover is a bright rendition of the original poster. The movie looks fantastic though one might argue that Death Valley would benefit from a more adulterated viewing experience. It has that grimy Grindhouse appeal on which many of the early 80’s flicks tried to capitalize either by necessity or by design.

What differentiates this typical “can’t kill the killer because the killer don’t die” movie is the quality of performers. Paul Le Mat, Peter Billingsly and Wilfred Brimley all offer star power to this otherwise repetitive knock off. It even has the mommy from Child's Play. Take away these excellent performances and you’re left with every other knock off movie trying to make a dime from the teenage make out crowd circa 1980-whenver. Sure there’s a creative kill or two and the slight twist ending doesn’t completely fail, but you have to ask yourself why you didn’t rewatch a Carpenter classic or Cunningham based murder fest.

While there isn’t much in the way of special features I’m not sure that this film would benefit from much more than a few trailers and TV spot. Are we gonna get “Ralphie” talking about he didn’t shoot his eye out but he got to watch a couple of actors get naked and murdered, perky boobies flying around? Maybe Wilfred Brimley can work this into his Quaker Oat or Diabeetus advertising campaigns. We love movies like Death Valley because they involve an unknown killer in a sexy car and plenty of bodies to go around. Nuff said.

Death Valley will appeal to those in love with the slasher genre but may have missed this one. If you’ve seen it all already. If you’re a well versed cut ‘em up fan, Death Valley may bore you if you don’t enjoy some choice mammary glands and see Billingsley in a role that doesn’t put him on Santa’s lap. 

 You can pick it up at DiabolkDVD HERE (supporting the little guy is important). Also make sure to "like" Scream Factory over on FaceBook and follow their releases. You can also stop by their website HERE to peruse more titles and get acquainted with their product line and upcoming releases of which there are many. Save your pennies. Start a swear jar. Start a masturbation jar.

I'm afraid I don't have as much to pontificate with this one. Not a bad movie by any means, but it's nothing going to be included in my next horror-thon either. 


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