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The Deuce Goes To Germany: Ultra Trash T-Shirts Are Grindy Good

"Too big, too small
Size does matter after all"


First off, we all know size matters, but it's absolutely paramount when we're discussion t-shirt and other apparel. So Why open this post with a Rammstein quote when we're talking about a t-shirt company? Because that t-shirt company is out of Germany and their product is absolutely dear to my heart. They are make... wait for it... fake grindhouse shirts. That would be shirts that are inspired by artwork, advertising and subject matter straight out the Deuce. While I have only recently become familiar with their product line, I can assure you that as fans of the same gritty, grimy, spill the gore and ask for a mop later these shirts will be work of art

ULTRA TRASH puts out high quality shirts with movie titles like OBSESSED NUNS IN BLOOD LUST, LET THEM SUFFER, IN THE MOOD FOR KILLING, BLACK BETTY, THE SEVEN DEADLY SEX CRIMES OF DR. FREAKENSTEIN, FAREWELL AND A GO-GO TO HELL, TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE OF HORROR AND more... While the names of these fake movies alone could get you to shell out the dough to buy one of these T's most likely you're going to need some visual stimulation. Preview some of the images throughout this article, but above all make your way over to their store HERE.

Ultra Trash in their own words:

Inspired by the Grindhouse cinema, Ultra Trash creates strictly limited t-shirts based on fake exploitation films. The packages include the shirt (printed inside and outside), a poster of the movie and other features.

The "Grindhouse“ is an american term for a theater that mainly shows exploitation films. These films characteristically contain large amount of sex, violence or other bizarre subject matter.

You'll find a complete FAQ with specifics about ordering, a truly amazing poster gallery that displays the concept art for their t-shirts and unique retrospective detailing Ultra Trash's perspective on the Grindhouse resurgence and movement from the 50's to the 70's. Designs are silk screened on a high quality T's S-XXL.

Here are my personal favorite designs:

 (Hoody Fetish? Take Notice)

The long-awaited second Double-Feature Zipper with two mind-blowing films. A dozen of sea-monsters attack a group vacationer on a relaxing day on the Cannon Beach. They are giants, they are hungry, they are the “Monsters Of The Deep” and they don’t like seafood. Calm down, take a box of popcorn at the bar and a bottle of beer before it continue with the merciless “Bleached-Blonde She-Wolves”, an human experiment of the Nazis which spin out of control. The scum of the earth is back, in high heels. You should put something warm on for this movie event in your local grindhouse cinema. Printed on a high quality charcoal grey Hoodie it comes with the DIN A1 Poster of this event you won’t forget.

High Quality High Neck Zipper
Double Feature Print on the front
Ultra Trash Motive on the back
Ultra Trash Thunderbolt Logo on the arm
Handprinted silk print on high quality 100% cotton.
Designed and printed in Germany, manufactured in Europe

(This one's for the ladies)

An american suburb, frustrated house wifes and a particular passion: human flesh. This flick is not for the faint-hearted. Brutal violent scenes meet excitingly torture scenes with an award-winning last supper. A bloody dimension as the main dish on 100% pure cotton. As desert we serve you the movie poster.

printed inside & outside.
Handprinted silk print on high quality 100% cotton.
including a movieposter.
Designed in Germany. Manufactured in Europe.

(Combination Pieces and Every Awesome Car Chase Movie)

California Death Trip, the smash hit from Ultra Trash, now as a limited Tote Bag. White Print on dark blue Cotton. With a stiched off woven Label.

Strictly limited.
White print on dark blue cotton

I don't want to ruin the experience of examine this catalog yourself. There's plenty to check out. You'll fall in love with at least one. Hell, there's a shirt that mimics Don't Go In The House and one that looks a whole lot like Death Proof only they're works of beautiful fantasy. 

I'm hoping to have a better grasp of this company soon including full details on quality and future designs. For the casual t-shirt fiend the price tag may be prohibitive, but I'd save your pennies and find the shirt that speaks to you the most. Then share the page around. Get them business. Make them a regular name in Grindhouse T-shirting. 

Here's how you can keep in touch with and full stalk the ULTRA TRASH LINE UP:

ULTRA TRASH WEBSITE (Where you can buy their Deuced up Designs)
ULTRA TRASH YOUTUBE SITE (Wait till you get a load of how bad fucking ass this is)

More ways to keep in touch on their website.

To finish a thought... 

"Life’s too short so I can’t wait
Take me now, oh, don’t you see
I can’t get laid in Germany"

These won't have any trouble getting laid with apparel like this. I'm sure they fit just right.


Not convinced that these fellas are giving it their all? Think it's just another bunch o' folks capitalizing on a trend?  Get ready to bite your tongue in 3... 2... 1...

That's your daily dose of a-fucking-mazing right there. Make sure to share them around and make sure you spread the word even if you can't ante up right now.

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