Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Fury from Twilight Time (2013 Blu-ray Release) Review

You know what happened after Brian De Palma made Carrie and set the whole damn country on fire with telekinet-o-mania? He made a little movie starring Kirk Douglass, John Cassavetes and Amy Irving (who also starred in Carrie). It's a whole lot more of the same psychic horror/thriller you have come to adore. The same things that made Carrie a great film, but packaged in a game of espionage rather than teenage angst and coming of age. It's a work that could easily have played sister to Stephen King's Firestarter if it had been released several years later. It's a film that is well acted, thought out, shot with all the De Palma camera tricks and at all the right angles. As a movie, The Fury is something you might want to prepare your brain to enjoy because if you haven't heard of it it can be a real face bleeder.

Twilight Time, the small batch movie distro company that has been wowing movie fans as of late, has taken a new step into our collective horror past by bringing on the De Palma gold. The Fury is a movie that is much talked about and yet never talked about... at least not at the same length as some of his other features. You'll hear the crowd chat up Dressed to Kill and Carrie and Phantom of the Paradise and Sisters and that will be before you step outside of the horror genre to discuss Scarface and the Untouchables. What we all miss is that The Fury is in a way a nice follow up companion to Carrie and shot with the same care and attention and well deserving of a proper release.

The movie looks like it was painted on your television. Beautiful blues and yellows cascade across the screen as the camera twirls you into deep ocean blues right before a machine gun destroys a human life. Blood rushing from under finger nails and out of eyeballs and mouths might as well be streaked down your damn plasma screen (pun fully intended). The Twilight Time features some new artwork for the cover that while it may not appeal to the horror-nostalgic purists, it does keep tasteful. Once again you'll be treated to liner notes that tell the story of The Fury though I do wish we would get a full exta features on all the Twilight Time releases. You have a brilliant transfer to keep you happy.

You can still pick up The Fury at Screen Archives HERE. Make sure you pick it up sooner rather than later these releases tend to movie quickly, are limited and will leave a hole in your collection if you miss you. DePalma fans need apply and then make sure you get the interview and the job. Remember how fast the Twilight Time releases of Night of the Living Dead and Christine moved out the door. Isn't it interesting that Twilight Time's two most recent hit releases involved a fury of one kind or another?


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