Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hudson Horror Show VII: Get Your She-Bitches to the Silver Cinemas!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's 35mm season! That means that we have a new Hudson Horror Show to look forward to. I've posted a review or two about their line up and have been absolutely thrilled with their film selection. On June 8th, in Poughkeepsie, NY, there's gonna be a tremendous show. A show that will take you from E-X-I-T to Groovy in five films flat. 

Let's go through the itinerary. 

First off, there's a MYSTERY MOVIE! The 5th Secret Film is a secret to everybody to quote the Legend of Zelda. Let's hope it's grindy and grimy and boobie filled. That would be optimal.

INFRA-MAN - Now I haven't seen this one, but I want to. I have wanted to get into Kaiju and similar large monster movies for some time. The only way to see these features is on the big screen. I had the pleasure of watching Rodan, Godzilla on Monster Island and the Mighty Peking Man on the big screen as well as Q The Winged Serpent this past year at Exhumed Films' Horror-thon. Infra-Man will be as epic as all of these. Hopefully eye opening for me as well.

GONE WITH THE POPE - This is another feature that I haven't seen. I have heard that I will love it. They said the same thing about Massacre Mafia Style which I missed (yes I missed that Hudson Horror Show!). My expectations are high and by high I mean in the grade B-est way possible. What more fitting a title could you want for this iconic year when a living pope removes himself from the throne?

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 - My favorite Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's utterly quotable. Hilarious. The crowd response to this film should be worth the price of admission and besides, I missed the screening in Philly earlier this year where Bill Moseley himself was present. Now I got to meet Bill at Monster-Mania later that week, but I didn't get to experience, nay... GORGE on the glory of TCM2 on the big screen. Did somebody say chili cook off in the lobby? Somebody get some air freshener and some cornbread! Peppercorns not included.

ARMY OF DARKNESS - I feel especially honored to be able to see this movie on the big screen this year given the hoopla surrounding the Evil Dead remake release. This film is sure to generate a tremendous response. On a personal note, my mother wouldn't let me see this in theater when it originally came out. Something about the R rating. What a load of horse shit! Vendetta to be settled in Poughkeepsie. 

So there you have. Saturday, June 8th make your way to the Silver Cinemas in South Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie, NY (birthplace of Edward D. Wood Jr.) $26 in advance and you can pick the tickets up HERE. You can follow Hudson Horror Show on FaceBook HERE. $30 the day of the show so maybe you want to plan ahead. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel to keep updated when they post their latest trailer HERE.

Spread the word and this post. Attendance should always be high when supporting the beauty of 35mm. Always. 

Thanks Hudson Horror Show for giving us a schedule to admimre, enjoy and fawn over like a red head fresh out of Game of Thrones. 


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