Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wild Eye Wednesday: Night of the Living Dead REANIMATED

How many ways have you watched Night of the Living Dead? I’m not just talking about watching the remake of the remake of the remake. I’m talking about the good ol’ fashion George Romero classic from 1968 that changed horror movie history and redefined how an independent movie might have success; it’s a movie that gave indie directors and monster kids alike a little thing called hope for something more than the Universal Monsters of yesterday (no matter how much we love them). I watch it every year as part of my Halloween festivities whether on October 31st or not it’s the perfect scare all movie with everything from zombies to humans ready to kill, be killed or be eaten, in some cases. 

For the month of April we’ll be taking a look at a movie put out by Wild Eye Releasing, a company whose logo is near as cool as their name and the titles they distribute.  Wild Eye has been putting out movies that challenge the horror genre and we would like to highlight them for you. For our first Wild Eye Wednesday we’re featuring a new look at Night of the Living Dead as created by over 100 artists and not just Romero, at least in a sense. We’re looking at Night of the Living Dead Reanimated. I imagine that this edition of the classic zombie picture that started it all will be something you are not entirely used to and may even find difficult to watch… at first. This ain’t your mommy and daddy’s colorized VHS tape. This Wild Eye and this is REANIMATED!

Night of the Living Dead Reanimated is a project that took some 150 artists of varying styles and themes and combined their efforts into a sort of art house tribute to the classic midnight movie. The style spans from Muppet to puppet, from computer graphic to photographic, from illustration to illusion. There’s a lot going on in each frame and every frame or scene seems to be pressed in its own novel package, creative and expressive beyond what even Romero could have imagined. This sounds like some Sonic Youth shit right here, right? Avant Garde. “Let’s place some condoms filled with jelly on a projector and watch the pretty colors”, right? Well it is and it’s more than that. At times you’ll find the images emotive and scary brining out the darkness is certain sequences and hiding some of the low budget filmmaking of the original feature. In other scenes you’ll laugh. Yes, actually laugh. The use of comedy in the artistic interpretation of certain scenes in Night of the Living Dead especially with the use of puppets or computer animation is disturbing in a way that can only make you laugh.

I must admit that not everyone will enjoy the artistic animation (reanimation) treatment through which this film has undergone. It’s not for purist or folks without a sense of wonder or sense of humor. For those of you who stick around you’ll may be inspired to create your own horror art which must surely be one of the motivations for creating this artwork. Horror has many faces. Night of the Living Dead Reanimated shows them all or at least all of the faces of Night of the Living Dead. Remember that the audio is the track from the original movie so no matter what, you’ll be familiar with at least part of the film you’re watching. It’s still Night of the Living Dead at its core.

There are plenty of extra features on the disc to allow  you to get in touch with the project including a “making of “ feature, artist commentary and, my favorite, an introduction to the whole shebang by none other than horror host extraordinaire, Gore De Vol. It’s fitting and I didn’t expect it when I popped in the disc to review; a real treat for a horror host lover like me.  Add in some short horror, comics and a pile of other videos and creation specials and you can safely say that Wild Eye Releasing has put out a product tailor made for fans.

Enjoy the artwork and the interpretation. Enjoy seeing Night of the Living Dead in a completely unique way. This reminds me of the Stick Figure Theater presentation of Night of the Living Dead that used to air on MTV back when MTV was just starting to veer away from its music television only dedication. I believe it was a feature on Liquid Television

You can follow Wild Eye Releasing HERE on FaceBook and order their movies at their website HERE. Make sure to support this unique underground company giving it their absolute all to make horror fans happy fiends.


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