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Wild Eye Wednesdays: I Spill Your Guts (2012)

I Eat Your Flesh. I Drink Your Blood. I Spit On Your Grave. ... The first person naming scheme has excellent results from a fan of exploitation cinema. As soon as "you're" responsible for the action on screen in some way the whole film seems to become part of your own legacy. At least that's what the great movie namers would have you believe. Movies with names of this type have always suited my personal taste because the folks that come up with them know that I expect NOTHING from movies. Well I suppose that nothing is a strong thing to not expect from a movie. If a movie tells me that "I Eat Your Flesh", I better see flesh... or grave spitting or blood drinking... If what is in the movie does not follow the naming convention, the movie has failed. Simple as that. That brings us to today's Wild Eye Wednesday review. I SPILL YOUR GUTS as directed by the infamous James Balsamo put out by Wild Eye Releasing.

I Spill Your Guts has a simple revenge story at the root of its mayhem. You join the military looking for fortune and fucking glory (or maybe just a G.I. Bill and some blow jobs) and what do you get? A soldier in arms who steals all the fame and leaves you wounded in a hospital bed to take what is rightfully yours. Fuck that. You know what you do when someone steals your fortune and glory (or the reasonable equivalent there of). You spill their motherfuckin' guts. Simple as that (just like what we expect from the naming convention as previously stated).

Does I Spill Your Guts deliver on the promise of its title? It most certainly does spill some guts. I would say that the gore leaves a bit to be desired, but that might be a product of budgetary restraint and not intent of the director. When you see a filmmaker trying to spill the guts, you extend your hand and be happy that someone's out there trying to cut a body open. That being said, if they guts fail to deliver sufficient gross out, calling the movie I Spill Your Guts pretty much guarantees that I'm going to have to take a step back and find something else in the film to enjoy before I immediately thrust my finger at the remote and watch Dead Alive again.

I Spill Your Guts is filled with cameos and B movie star power. Everyone from Joel M. Reed from Blood Sucking Freaks directorial fame to Lloyd Kaufman to Andrew W.K. to Jeff Zornow. How does one guy get so many icons on one disc? It certainly helps the production to be giving a nod to horror history at every turn. It lightens the mood and you begin to realize that Balsamo is just having fun. He's making a movie that he wants to make and while he's on a  budget he's going to squeeze this opportunity to get everything he wants out of his horror film making career. Not being overly familiar with Balsamo's previous work sans the gorgeous cover art in each picture, I"m pretty sure this is modus operandi. I'm pretty sure this fella's a horror fan who wanted to make movies and is making movies.

There's an abundance of nudie cuties that fill the screen from stem to stern and keep your eyes and hands entertained. That may not be all I'm supposed to watch a movie for, but damnit, it works for me. The music is a perfect amalgamation of indie death metal acts. There are more than a few bands I'll need to check out after watching I Spill Your Guts. There's a friggin theme song for the movie that directly quotes the title... good fun. The performance by the band Ghoul... made me a fan.

The premise of the veteran returned home to kill violently is nothing new. The Prowler was goring it up in the early 80's and more effectively. Maybe it's best not to compare it to iconic slasher films of the early 80's. Maybe it's best to say that the mask worn by the killer reminds me of the head/helmet of the robot in Hardware. That I love the naming convention. That I truly enjoyed the outside shots of the hospital and laughed at the obvious stab at 70's grindhouse cinema. How about I love the cover art (all Balsamo's features have the best cover art).

I'm not going to tell you that this is a good movie or that you'll enjoy it, but you might find something to love in it. You might find your favorite horror guru, hottie or rock star. Again... horror and rock stars abound... I'm looking at you Dave Brockie and Lynn Lowry. If you can't love the stars, love the naked people. Probably best to leave the guts where they belong, have a few beers and watch it for what it is.

I'm going to leave you with one last thing. The soundtrack list from IMDB. I want you to check 'er out. Maybe you'll enjoy Jimmy Psycho Experiment's "I Spill Your Guts Theme" as much as I did. Maybe "Destructor" by Ghoul.

Bands/songs from I Spill Your Guts:

"The Witch"
Performed by Thee Flanders

"Dead Walkers"
Performed by Mausoleum

"Failure To Perform"
Performed by Tinsel Teeth

"I Alone"
Performed by Tenpoint

Performed by Loch Vostok

"Ich Sehe Dieh"
Performed by Tom Toxic and Die Holstein Rockets

"We Eat Gauche Caviar"
Performed by All Leather

"Silver Bullets'
Performed by In Strict Confidence

"Vampires Don't Exist"
Performed by Calabrese

"I Cut Out Your Name"
Performed by Six Ft. Ditch

"Blunt Forced Trauma"
Performed by Forced Asphyxiation

Performed by Ghoul

Performed by God in a Machine

"Death Row"
Performed by The Hitchcocks

"The Persistence of Vermin"
Performed by Order of the Fly

"King of Nothing"
Performed by New Dieabolic

"We Came from the Shadows"
Performed by Teenage Bottlerocket

Performed by Bloody Crackdown

"Phantom Killer Attack"
Performed by F.K.U.

"Sweet Hell"
Performed by The Hellfreaks

Performed by Ninety Minute Reflex

"Cannibal Family"
Performed by The Wolfgangs

"There's No Regret"
Performed by Hordak

"Gamma Tomb"
Performed by Occultist

"Slaughterhouse Recollections"
Performed by Blood Freak

Performed by Gnawed

"Wizard of Gore"
Performed by Impetigo

"Hack Job Theme"
Performed by Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space

"Nymphomatic Zombie Rapist"
Performed by Fondelcorpse

"Death Crush"
Performed by Spider Mittens

"Horror Prevails"
Performed by Decrepitaph

"Shape of Putrid Abomination"
Performed by Necrocurse

"Toast of the Town"
Performed by Tombstones

"Vi Molte Verden I Sort'
Performed by Djevel

"Blame It on Bud"
Performed by Cannabis Corpse

"War All the Time"
Performed by Direct Control

"Pine's Perdition"
Performed by A.N.S.

"Hash Smoking Grind Freaks"
Performed by Population Reduction

Performed by Tanen

"Sous L'Enterprise"
Performed by Ite Missa Est

"Ghost Sex"
Performed by Dave Stein

"I Spill Your Guts Theme"
Performed by The Jimmy Psycho Experiment

"Endtrails of You"
Performed by Suffocation

"Abbu, God, and Me"
Performed by The Meatmen

You can check out the website for the movie HERE and go pick it up at Wild Eye Releasing's website as well HERE.


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