Monday, May 27, 2013

Australia After Dark: Mond-Oz-Ploitation

I believe the first place I heard about Australia After Dark as released most recently by Intervision was on Not Quite Hollywood, a full length documentary detailing the fertile history of Ozploitation cinema (the exploitation of the Australians). Yes nudies. Yes cuties. Yes to women who have more jungle between their legs than most men ever experience on safari. It's a fetish of mine so please excuse if it didn't jump right out of the panty liner at me. In fact since watching Not Quite Hollywood I've pretty much tried to bathe myself at least once a month a horror/exploitation/cult classic from a land down under or parts surrounding. It's been a good run so far however I must say that Australia After Dark despite being an absolute amazing release for the super profundo mondo crowd, was not for me.

I love mondo movies; movies that show me how things "really are" even though everyone knows that half the shit inside is fake or at least exaggerated. Lie to me, baby. I don't watch reality TV. I watch reality cock on balls on your chin even if there's a camera crew surrounding the faux exterior of the local Santeria shop on some desolate corner with paid extras doing the Watusi. I suppose where this lost me was the focus on sex. you'd think with a title like Australia After Dark I'd know exactly what I was getting. There's nonchalance about it. A "now it can be told" feel. I guess I've seen plenty of H.G. Lewis dramatizations to care about what's REALLY happening in Australia. It's a fine expose and lives up to all it's reputation including beautiful, au natural women and the strange surroundings and happenings they find themselves in. It's just not for me, and it's most likely not for horror fans.

Here are my quick bullet points on Australia After Dark:

The Players: Australians. Lots of them. Naked.

The Scare: Not scary unless you enjoy shaving.

The B(lood) & G(ore): None.

The Ta’s:: This is where the movie shines. If you're a fan of exploitation cinema or mondo cinema of the 1970's Australia After Dark has some of the "finer qualities" of those two genres. You get the boobs. The bush. The whole nude thing. Plan on a pretty hefty masturbation routine if you find this sort of thing insatiable.

The Family Plot: It's a mondo film that exposes the seedy underbelly and strange alternative lifestyles of the Australians. Documentary.

The Finish: I encourage you to think about Austrailia. Meditate on it. Do you wanna go there? Do you need some more AC/DC in your life? Crocs. Fosters. Mad Max.

The Art: Classic Intervision preservation of original artwork from the films release. It's a collage of sorts. Very tantalizing and tickles your banana (see cover to get the reference).

The Tech and Extras:Not really. Intervision isn't known for their extras. They simply bring you the off beat. They've successfully done that here.

The Scope: This is a release for the people of Oz. The Ozploitation heads. There are plenty of you and I would consider myself a virgin member who enjoys most of what he sees but hasn't delved in enough to know if what I'm watching is the top of the line or the shit end of the pit toilet.

Info from DiabolikDVD:

Five years before he turned the world on with his schoolgirl sexploitation classic FELICITY, producer/director John Lamond made his indelible debut with this mondo-style look at the depraved underbelly of a land down-under. It's an ultra-sleazy, full-frontal journey through "the weird and the pathetic, the ugly, the obscene and the beautiful", featuring strippers, swingers, murderers, devil worshippers, nutty gurus, drunken aborigines, and much more. From the back alleys of the big cities to the savage cruelty of the outback, discover a continent of pleasure, pain, erotic art, wriggling cuisine, tiny bikinis, alien landings, record-breaking beer consumption and insane amounts of '70s nudity, now fully restored from a print recently discovered in the cellar of the Lower Wonga Drive-In and presented uncut & uncensored for the first time ever in America.

NTSC All Region
Audio Commentary With Director John D. Lamond and "Not Quite Hollywood" Director Mark Hartley, John D. Lamond
Trailer Reel.

Support DiabolikDVD on this one cool kids. Also stop by Intervision's website to see what else is floating to the service. 

Remember that this is more than just a bunch of titties on screen. I'm simplifying it to what I found interesting about the picture, but really there's some crazy shit happening down under or at least there was many moons ago. We'll be reviewing the ABC's of Love and Sex soon which I would gamble will have a similar review given that it has that mondo appeal from Australia released by Intervision. That's probably every reason to pick it up though.


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