Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Drink Your Blood from Grindhouse Releasing: How to Start Your Own Blood Cult at Home

I Drink Your Blood from 1972 is a campy little picture that probably can't ask much more of a modern horror audience than to watch it, laugh at it and try not to take it too seriously. There have been movies with more blood, gore and sex. It will not topple your sense or leave you reeling unless you're in the mood for a few laughs. Isn't that what entertainment is all about? It's why Vaudeville worked. It's not just about being scared or enjoying gore or laughing or feeling sexually aroused (watch your flies ladies and germs). I Drink Your Blood has a little bit of everything wrapped in a camp package straight out of the drive-in era (a better time for all of us if you ask me).

The best thing to do with I Drink Your Blood is to pair it with I Eat Your Skin. That's the double bill that I remember seeing advertised most often. That doesn't mean that either movie will complement each other well. The names just work, ya know? If you're gonna pair these movies in a double feature and get your 70's chic, cult classic B fest on, then you might as well serve some food to go with it (and plenty of alcohol). So I'm thinking that you should probably go the dinner and a movie route. Maybe whip up some tomato soup and make some grilled cheese. You can make the cheese uber melty and make it look like skin or dripping flesh. Think The Devil's Rain but don't picture Ernest Borgnine while eating. You'll get a cramp. Blood (tomato soup) Flesh (grilled cheese). Now you've planned a cult classic Martha Stewart evening to be proud of.

Oh and of course remember to watch the movies, but in the background... while you're making out with the young lady or gent you've chosen to bed that evening. That's what the drive-in is all about. That's what couches were made for.

Tech specs courtesy of DiabolikDVD:

New Digital/Audio restoration of the original
Four never before seen deleted scenes including the original blood drenched ending deemed too disturbing for '70's audiences
Commentary from director David Durston and star Bhaskar
On-camera interviews with stars Lynn Laury, Tyde Kierney and Jack Damon
Original theatrical trailer and radio spot
Extensive gallery of stills and poster art
Rare film of Bhaskar performing "The Evil Cobra Dance."

Before we do the quick run down of the flick, you can pick it up either at DiabolikDVD HERE or at the link below (Diabolik first unless they're out of stock!)

Sloppy Review for the MTV Kids

The Players: Cannot act in that way that B flicks of the 70's cannot act. This is typically seen as a comedic and desired trait in movies of this type from this period having titles like I Drink Your Blood.

The Scare: Is. Not. There. But thats not why you bought this movie. You bought it because the title promised a gross out.

The B(lood) & G(ore)::70's crayola blood never gets old, but the gore isn't there. I suppose they didn't call the movie I Drink Your Guts for a reason.

The Ta’s: Yes. Have some. (in Rick Moranis' voice ala Ghostbusters)

The Family Plot: Satanic Cult commits human sacrifices and turns all the locals into followers of the great horned god. It's like setting your washing machine on Normal and expecting new clothes.

The Finish: Finishes. No surprises. It's like watching the Chiefs play football in 2012... who the fuck cares.

The Art: is iconic. It may not be the best movie, but the comicy, blood and gore art lives.

The Tech and Extra: see above from DiabolikDVD. Plenty to look at for the newbie fan but I'm certain that there's not a lot to add to the list of special features out there these days for this cult classic from 72. It's the kind of transfer you'd expect of a movie called I Drink Your Blood (notice a theme here).

The Scope: It's considered one of the horror drive-in greats whih means that you can watch it, say you watched it and feel damn good about having seen it. It'll entertain you if you don't expect a scary movie. It'll make you laugh if you like cheese.

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