Friday, June 21, 2013

THERE GOES YOUR WALLET! Fund the Black Devil Doll Sitcom

Do you know what Black Devil Doll is? Have you seen the crazy? The outlandish? The complete debauch? The fun and the games? Well Black Devil Doll ain't dead yet. The makers of Black Devil Doll are trying to put together a new six episode series to offend you in the best way possible. There Goes the Neighborhood - The Black Devil Doll Sitcom of Outrageous Proportions needs funding and have turned to IndieGoGo to pick your pocket (and it ain't even Christmas, sucka). Maybe it's time you considered giving back to the folks that brought you a cult classic that cripples your good senses and turns your morals inside out. These are people who love the horror community, support the horror community and now want the horror community to return a little love to the coffers of creativity.

Stop by the IndieGoGo site and fund them if you have the means. If you do not have any spare chump change then make sure you at least spread the site around. Somebody's gonna get this thing made. $75,000 ain't a whole lotta money when you're talking about an over the top, politically incorrect doll movie. 
Smoke some ganja, drink some Cobra then go by the site and blow some dough. It's better than half the shit you'll spend your money on drunk and high on Amazon. 

This is an easy decision once you see the trailer.


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