Sunday, June 16, 2013

This is the End: Beginning of Date Night Horror Cycle Resurgence?

I've been  thinking about This is the End. I loved the trailer and have been excited to see it since I found out it was coming out this weekend. I think I was so focused on V/H/S/2 and Hatchet 3 that somehow it completely escaped me that I would actually have to step into a theater this weekend. That meant that perhaps I didn't have the adequate amount of gusto built up to go see it until the internet grabbed my head and said in a resounding voice, "LOOK AT ME, TEACHER". Then the Dead Air guys started talking and we decided that a podcast was in order because guess what... it actually has really real horror content! It's late, and I really don't wanna formally review this, but I wanna dish out some thoughts. So... uh... see below. (Just being honest)

The opening scene to this movie is so funny and perhaps more relevant to my life than any other in the film. It made a promise to me. That promise was that the rest of the movie was going to be as funny or funnier than the opening sequence, and it delivered on many occasions. You don't need to have done drugs in your youth or even before the movie to enjoy it, but the humor will be even more intense if you did. You don't need to like horror flicks to enjoy this movie or laugh at it, but you'll understand the jokes better (I'm looking at you Mr. Polanski).

About half way through the movie you're going to think, "Wow, this is getting fucking long"... or maybe you won't but I did. I said those words in my head. Then it keeps going. That may be my Red Bull wearing off, or it simply could be that the first half of the movie before the major transitional/conflict events happen are significantly funnier than those events during the conflict/post transition. So the first half is a rock solid comedic battle of amazing jokes and gags and humor of every sort that works perfectly. Actors are spot on, and the chemistry is near the Heisenberg making the blue stuff. The second half falls into an identity crisis. Half humor. Half action using themes you will be very familiar with and I tuned out... until I jumped out of my seat and was forced to pay attention again.. then I zoned again.. then I laughed... zoned... laughed... laughed... zoned... fin.

There's gore. It's good. It's Greg Nicotero which I didn't know at first but actually guessed it was him. I'm getting good at this new wave effects guy shit (I used to be able to spot Savini). The gore is fun. The audience clapped and laughed and "got it". That's good. That continues the 2013 theme that this is a gore year. The year of gore. I am most pleased. There's a whole half of a year left with nothing but ghost stories and home invasion flicks so we could be let down. There are effects/creations/CGI that are a bit video gamey, but I actually enjoyed it for a change. It felt like I was on the cover of a Dio album or maybe Mercyful Fate (say nothing of the multiple uses of Black Sabbath songs to rock the panties off this bitch).

Seth Rogan is great. James Franco is great... everyone's just fucking great. I can barely remember everyone's names. Michael Cera... may now be one of my favorite funny men in the biz. I mean, I've enjoyed him, but now I think that I need to go back and rewatch most of his pictures to see if I missed any good bits.

So despite the whole second half of the film being inconsistent or at least not as consistent as the first half, I enjoyed this movie, would recommend it and think that horror fans will enjoy it the most. You don't have to be a horror fan to dig it, but it can help at times. I do not believe this to be the next Shaun of the Dead. I do think it is a very clever comedy that has horror elements. Some kind of strange coming of age flick... with a post-apocalypse (as Shaun of the Dead was a Love story... with zombies).

Final thoughts: This movie made me want to smoke weed and do drugs. I'm pretty sure I have THC in my system after watching it. Lots. Frights Rags stands to make a lot of money selling that awesome Zombie vs. Shark T-shirt and it's still as genius as when Zornow created it many moons ago. That's a good thing. This could be... the return of the date night horror cycle. Definitely hard enough to get the guys in the seat, but laughable enough to get the bra off and maybe a hand in the jean line. Again, this is really a horror picture, but it has enough horror in it that I'll get confused and put the cover box back on the shelf in the wrong section while working in the  mom and pop video store in my mind.


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