Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bad Milo (2013) - The Cute Things That Come Out Your Butt

After watching Hell Baby recently I was reminded that I do in fact enjoy watching horror comedies. I'm not always going to laugh when the Director wants me to, but at least Hell Baby was a valid attempt at a legitimate comedy, and not some hour and half long Saturday Night Live episode based around a variety of horror movies with a plot thrown in to keep you from jerking off in your popcorn (AGAIN). Wouldn't you know it, the very next day I sat down to watch Bad Milo and low and behold... ANOTHER HORROR COMEDY. How do they compare and which one should you check out (or both)?

Basic premise of Bad Milo aka Milo (and not the Milo from the 90's)... Stressed out motherfucker a shit load of problems... or rather an ass load of one Mogwai looking, butt demon that is also incredibly adorable, vicious and will rip your neck out with or without Preparation H. Where this little guy came from is the thing of mystery and how to prevent him from fulfilling his homicidal urges will take you one of the strangest journeys this side of the rectal thermometer.

I really enjoyed Bad Milo, and it wasn't entirely because it was humorous, though it was plenty funny at times. Funnier than Hell Baby to be certain. The creature design of Milo is superb. Fake enough to be funny. Real enough to be somewhat scary and cute enough to make you fall in love with him. E.T. with TEETH and beady big eyes. Now that's saying something about a creature that comes out of a guys ass. Throw in Ken Marino from The State (one of my favorite cast members) and the deal is sealed. He can play the straight man and the out of control, over emotive husband with a sperm problem.  Well acted. This is funny people being funny, physically and using their heart.

This is my first experience with a Jacob Vaughn movie, but I won't hesitate to check out the rest of his work. He's able to make us love some rather obtuse characters and help direct our hearts in the right direction. By the time this thing climaxes you just might need a tissue box (which gives away nothing by the by). I was talking to friend and editor of The Liberal Dead, Shawn Savage, and we agree that this movie jerks those tears like a 12 year old figuring out what Penthouse is good for.

He's cute... right?
If you like The State, potty humor, touching stories of strange emotional significance or are trying to conceive a child... watch this movie (and feel good). This comes in contrast to my recommendation for Hell Baby. You may want to stick to Hell Baby if you can't stand ass humor/potty humor or if you prefer more boob in your movie. Both are funny, Bad Milo is more funny though Hell Baby does have the funniest scene of both pictures. Maybe it comes down to which State regular cast members you prefer Ben Gurant/Lennon/Black or Marino?

It's coming out this fall. Check out that poster. Check out that trailer. Enjoy this movie.


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