Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Italian Horror fans love toys. We love bobble heads or wobblers or things to put on our desk that allow us to waive our freak flag at the office or in our bed rooms so that our non-horror loving significant others or coworkers remember just how messed up we can be when no one is looking. Most of the time, horror fans are forced to put on a mask of shame; a mask that hides the inner creepy waiting to be unleashed when the clock strikes midnight. We ask today that you allow Cult Collectibles to help remove that mask and perhaps offer a more stylish alternative.

Cult Collectibles, your favorite wobbler novelty creator, has donated one Demon Doll aka Geretta Geretta from the Lamberto Bava classic Demons. This is a big year for Demons all around getting a special Synapse steel box release and featured prominently in this years 8-Bit from Hell Pt 2. What more could you ask for from a wobbler that features green vomit, the likeness of a horror icon and a stylish silver demon mask as featured in the motion picture?

To win this giveaway we simply ask that you like the Cult Collectibles Facebook page and like the Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors Facebook page. The giveaway will be a random drawing of those people who like these two pages. We will give you until the end of the week to give the page a like and then choose our winner and notify him or her at the end of Italian Horror Week, July 19th. We will contact you via your Facebook page and will either try private messaging you or random wall post. If we do not hear back from you by July 26th, we will select another winner in your place (we will need to collect your name and address to ship your prize).

Make sure to check out the entire line of Cult Collectibles HERE. I will tell you that Cult Collectibles donates to more giveaways than I have seen of most companies. They love to promote horror and fun and they make a lasting impression.

Next time you go into the office or wherever you plan to prominently display your Demon Doll from Cult Collectibles, maybe put on a different mask. A silver demon mask. Then wait for the screams to start, the vomit to spew and the wretched filthy creatures to spawn forth from your ever-loving spine.


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