Monday, July 15, 2013


So this guy named Dan Taylor goes to all these cool events that I go to in Philly sponsored by Exhumed Films. He’s friends with all the people I’m friendly with. He’s a damn nice guy, a friend and to top it all off, he sends me this copy of Exploitation Retrospect #51 to review. I love it. It’s chock full of exploitable goodness, and every time he posts that the thing has gone through ANOTHER printing I’m ecstatic for him. ER is a long running fanzine style mag. It is full of fan stories and written by some of the most talented people flying under the radar or just below the depths. 
We want YOU to get into Exploitation Retrospect as well, and we want to help by sending you a copy of issue #51 featuring the ever lovely Barbara Steele on the cover and in between the flaps, star of Italian Horror classics. How are you going to get your hands on this publication and hopefully begin your love affair with ER? Simple: I want you send me a YouTube clip in an email to of your favorite Exploitation scene/trailer/bumper/advertisement etc. It doesn’t have to be Italian Horror to win. Include your name and address, dirty pictures and exploitation fantasies to me with the subject line Exploit Me Retroactively. I’ll pick a winner based on the quality of submission and we’ll let you know at the end of Italian Horror Week, July 19th.

 Make sure to go like the Exploitation Retrospect and Dr. Terror Facebook pages to follow along with the excitement and let Dan know what a fine job he’s doing.


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