Friday, July 26, 2013

House Party 5 on DVD... Win it now!

I had this great idea. Why not giveaway a copy of House Party 5? This is a movie that I've never had the pleasure of watching (but soon will). I was a fan of the first two. Then, well, the series changed hands a few times, and maybe it's ready for a reboot. How does that equate to a giveaway? House Party 5 is coming out ever so soon. As a result, you can win a copy of House Party 5 on DVD.

Totally out of our typically realm? Yes, but I assure you that we can make this work. I play a Doctor on the goddamn internet! Check out this crazy fucking game.

How do you enter? Simple. Comment in the comments section below with the most outrageous haunted house/Halloween party you've ever thrown. I mean balls out crazy, gold fish in the punch bowl, upper deckers in every bathroom scare party. Describe it below and leave me your email address. We'll contact you if you win. We'll run this for a couple days and then announce a winner (contact via email). If you wanna send pictures of said party feel free to email me at

The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please.

The next installment of the legendary House Party movie series drops July 23 on DVD.



    The craziest Halloween party I've ever been to included people passed out and zombie-makeup-ified by the other party goers. The people who were passed out also had their picture taken, posing as if they were making out with blow-up dolls. At one point some of the crazier people were even snorting pixie stix dust. The spiked punch was actually in several real gutted pumpkins as the containers. The cake was my favorite part of the party, and it looked like a life sized chainsaw with edible body parts around it.