Saturday, July 13, 2013

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK - AHHH! ART! GIVEAWAY: Would You Like Some Bava with Your Coffee?

Italian Horror Week has brought me some of the strangest experiences I’ve had as a writer, promoter, host… whatever it is I do here on this little blog. Well enter Ahhh! Art!. Ahhh! Art! is a group of artists from Syracuse, a collective if you will, who are creating and printing some hot shit. One of the artistic triumvirate reached out to me and mentioned they’d love to participate in Italian Horror Week. He mentioned that they did some poster printing and various other works of horror art.  Case in point, Ahhh! Art! has made us a  print and TO-GO COFFEE MUG of some amazing prints from the father of modern Italian Horror, Mario Bava. These include a Black Sunday print and a Black Sabbath mug. The Black Sunday print is classic and powerful and everything you’d want on your wall Italian fiends. The cup… well… that is something wholly other.

You wake up. Throw in the Keurig. Brew some Nantucket Green Mountain coffee and you throw it in your Black Sabbath mug (not the band mind you, the movie from which the band draws its name). Hop in the car, throw on the Shock soundtrack that you bought from House of Mysterious Secrets (because you can buy it there motherfuckers). Suddenly you realize that there are flashing blue and red lights behind you. Your heart races. You begin to feel dread. Discomfort. Nausea. You take a sip of coffee from your Black Sabbath mug and roll down your window after collecting the proper paperwork from your glove box. You look to you right. There stands a lumbering, ghastly Wurdalak. The Wurdalak places its hand on your shoulder. You ask yourself if this is really happening or… if you simply need to increase your morning caffeine intake.
Now that’s the benefit of a rather exclusive item produce by the artists from Syracuse. Wake up. Shake up, and you can win it here.

I’d like you to check out their site HERE and  go like their Facebook page HERE  and especially make sure to enjoy their creative process. Support them with your dollars or support them by passing the site around. The next step is a bit more creative. Send me an email with subject like SATAN IS COMING, THE WURDALAK IS HERE to . Include your name and mailing address. Then tell me your dream Italian Horror novelty. What item would you like to see produced. Could be anything. That means ANYTHING! Use your imagination and have fun and dream. Include as many as you want and the best one wins the poster and the mug. I can’t wait to see what you creep kids put together. Who knows… if there’s a way, maybe we’ll get it made for reals.

Thanks to Ahhh! Art! for donating these wonderful prizes. Your work is appreciated. For those of us who can’t create our own flyers. We have a friend in Ahhh! Art!


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