Sunday, July 14, 2013

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK - Curious About Where to Find Italian Horror Figures? Try CURIOUS GOODS

Hey there, first off I want to thank Jimmy for having me back for another helping of Italian Horror Week! Last year I posted a recap on The Colonial Theatre 1st Annual "Italian Splatterfest", they are doing that event again this August, so since that is some time from now, I had to think of something else to cover for my post this year. The idea I came up with was covering the Custom Figures that my friend Mike has created that are Italian related, so anyway here goes . . .

Depending on how brave of a soul you are, next time you are at a mall stop by the Spencer's or Hot Topic, inside your bound to find a section of the usual suspects of Horror Icons taking up retail space on the wall . . . Toys and Dolls of Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Chucky, etc.

Those guys are all awesome, but what if you are looking for something a little less mainstream . . . perhaps Italian influenced?

That's where my good buddy Mike Smash of Curious Goods ( got you covered!

Mike is an artist out of Philadelphia who's made it his mission to make figures for all kinds of Horror Flicks, it doesn't matter if you favorite films are extremely popular or supper obscure . . . more then likely Mike has made a figure of it!

Smash transforms simple Barbies, G.I. Joes, and other Dolls into Macabre Masterpieces! Below you will find customs figures for the following Italian Horror Classics; Opera, Demons, Cannibal Holocaust, Suspiria, and Fulci's Zombie!

Since Mike has been traveling to Horror Cons and Comic Book Shows all over the States, there's a good chance you will run into him some time in the near future, like these two guys did . . .

Mike with "The Walk Dead's" Dixon Brothers (Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus)


 "You Can follow me and SMF on it's Facebook Page Right Here." Not only is Tom Bryce's writing a pleasure to read, it's current. Tom has the uncanny ability to show up at nearly every major horror happening on the eastern seaboard. It's completely impressive. His poster collection must be exceptional as he's always finding the new up and coming artist prints and posting them. I imagine his home to be a gallery of horror unparalleled by any in the western hemisphere.

NOTE FROM THE DOC: Later today, stop back over to enter a Curious Goods Giveaway that is truly unique. This item should be in my own bathroom, but I'm absolutely certain you'll love to have it in yours while your shaving... trying not to disfigure yourself or others.

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