Wednesday, July 17, 2013


For my next trick I will turn all of the most gruesome scenes in Italian horror history into an anaglyphic 3-D assault on your eyeballs so filled with gore and carnage and blood lust that you will find yourself shivering in your vary seat. … Perhaps I’m embellishing this year’s Italian Horror 3-D offering, but what we have created a nice cross section of some of the most famous and brutal scenes to ever leave “the boot”. Now we’ve also offered up quite a few still images for the faint of heart. View with care. Not for young eyes (or squeamish eyes). This is your chance to see some of the greats pop off the screen as never produced by any other company (to my knowledge).  These images are just the ones I could grab from YouTube, posted by other individuals and “doctored” by me. A few of my favorite classic, gory awesomes were age restricted and prevented me from grabbing them (for some unfuckable reason). Others were of a low quality and would not look proper in 3-D. These are just about as big as I could blow them up so I hope that under the proper viewing conditions (see below) you have the chance to enjoy these moments jump off the screen and straight into your toilet bowl via your uneasy stomach.

Here are some tips for viewing:

Here are your instructions for optimal viewing:
Some tips for viewing before you peruse this gallery:
1. Viewing distance is best from just around two feet from your computer screen.
2. The room you are in should be dark.
3. Double click the image to enlarge it. This might take you out of the browser or into a new tab, but, for the most part, the larger the image the better the 3D effect will work.
4. If you are getting some doubling effects try to adjust your eyes. It's also possible that we have different size heads and different facial measurements. Everyone's a unique snowflake.Also try moving closer and farther away from the screen to simulate motion. Some 3D effects are more subtle than others.
5. Have fun. Show your friends. Get grossed out. Vomit frequently to avoid fainting.

Remember to use anaglyphic 3-D glasses... Blue/Cyan over the right eye. Red over the left eye.
Here are the links to our previous efforts in three horrifying dimensions:

If you don’t have 3-D glasses at your disposal and wish to purchase a pair cheap, hop on the internet and go HERE (hint, if you’re viewing this you are already on the internet… oh sweet rapture). You could also wait for Dr. TERROR’s 3-D Halloween in October where we will be offering a free pair of red and cyan anaglyphic, Docterror branded 3-D spectacles by request to anyone who wants them. That assumes we don’t fuck it all up like we did last year and wait too long to place our goddamn order. I love creating these images and love that we get the chance to throw you an actual promotional item at no charge to you.

We’ve been planning 3-D video, animated gifs and new hi-res images for some time, but figured we’d wait until IHW (Italian Horror Week) to pull down your zippers and stroke your novelty button.

Happy viewing. Leave feedback or send feedback to me at if you don’t feel comfortable writing me hate mail in the comment section below.

Enjoy the TERROR… in 3-fucking-D!!!




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