Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: The Lonesome Death of Italian Horror Mags

I’ve been a magazine junkie since the first time I went to Walden books and grabbed a Penthouse subscription card off the floor that happened to feature a naked lady (no?... YES!). I can safely tell you that I began to ogle the magazine rack with some scrutiny after my first taste of stock card perversity which lead me to two new discoveries; one would be comics books, most specifically the West Coast Avengers and Green Lantern. The second was Gorezone. The original Gorezone and not the publication that seems to focus on a combo horror/scantily clad women market. Not that I’m opposed to that sort of thing, but there is only ONE Gorezone. Magazines became a fetish for several years. I’d go to the rack quite frequently, picking up Fangoria and various other publications. My father and I would pick up old Famous Monsters of Filmland at comic conventions as well as reprints of Tales from the Crypt.

The printed word is simply not dead. Yes, the internet is a fantastic magical place that is over-abund with any picture, article, reference you want to enjoy, but there’s still something magical about holding a new mag in your hands. You can bend it. Take it to the bath with you. Read it on the beach without fear of having it zonked by a stray waive and costing you $200 plus dollars (like your damn e-readers). That brings us to the topic of the day. Let’s talk about a subgenre of somewhat difficult to locate magazines that focus on our week’s topic of Italian Horror.

This is a brief rundown of the few I could find on the web, but contact info is given so you can locate them at your leisure and support them if they’re still in publication. Every now and again I’ll throw in one that simply offers some Italian Horror content, but could be more Euro focused or even simply exploitation or general horror. I’ll try to note those clearly. If you know of any magazines, zines, publications that you want to share, please comment below or share on the Dr. Terror Facebook page.


Now… they’re everywhere! Or maybe they’re just in Italy trying to fill in the gaps. Fango goes to Italy only lasted three issues during the early 90’s. The three issues focused on a fairly good period in horror though we all know that the early 90’s would begin the temporary downfall for Fango and American horror in general. Italian Horror however saw a tremendous resurgence during this period though not necessarily covered in good old Fango.


Subscriptions still available. I should probably start reading Italian and go buy the back issues. Check out their website and awesome logo HERE.
This appears to be the only horror magazine still running in Italy at the present time. It has been going since 1994, fed atured everything from retrospective series to modern day horror and mirrors many popular magazines of our day. The covers start to look like gamer mags really. That’s just fine. Whatever gets the Italian people their horror is fine with us. The most recent issue looked at Jess Franco and Pacific Rim. The first issue in 1994 is a smorgasbord of your favorite cult Italian horror from Dellamorte dellamore to Killer Crocadile 2, Joe D’amato, Lamberto Bava … the very reasons we do this week each year. It was considered a Fanzine, but is a whole hell of a lot more today.
I strongly urge you to go through the issue guide here and check out what they’ve covered, the amazing cover art for the early issues and see the transition from fanzine focused on Italy to worldly magazine with generic, American covers ie without boobies. Go here. Do it now.


According to the Movie Magazine database this is the first of the Italian magazines dedicated to horror movies. Ten issues only and then it was gone starting in 1990. While Fango was needling in, Nosferatu tried and failed, but it looked pretty cool doing it.


Tenebre is a general, all purpose horror magazine featuring modern content with some retrospectives but focusing on horror from around the globe. It’s not exactly easy to track down more on this particular magazine. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2012 (go check ‘er out HERE).  Seems like these were damn near identical to the covered movies during the same period as issued by the US and Canadian major horror publications Fangoria and Rue Morgue.
In searching Tenebre I did locate a French periodical and website for Tenebres. Looks like mostly retrospective horror and the focus on Italian Horror is linked right here in web format.  You’ll have to translate it using Google Chrome.

Horror Mania

Though the info on the internet is somewhat sparse (you thought the goddamn internet had EVERYTHING didn’t you!?) This is a primo, four year run of a magazine with 42 issues. Unfortunately, it’s time has passed in in 2008 it went into the great Beyond. Back issues pop up now and again on various auction sites though I would recommend sticking to the Euro versions of eBay. I’ve included a few sample covers due to the popularity of this magazine and its longevity. As you’ll soon see it is an outlier in that regard.
For as many back issue pics as you find and details check out this all purpose general site
Sample article featuring Wendy Kremer of 2001 Maniacs from her blog (she states she can’t read Italian so she couldn’t read it… bummer).

Horror Show

In 2007 a modern horror magazine called Horror Show was released in Italy. Only 8 issues later the mag was canned but this magazine seemed to embrace both old and new horror paying tribute to Italy’s horrific roots while covering the new movie on the blog. The covers are straight out of the 80’s even though they are covering modern movies. This magazine might have been the one that go away. One minute they’re covering Saw IV and Diary of the Dead the next their doing a retrospective series on EC Comics and discussing Claudio Fragasso.

I’m afraid there is no longer a website.

Latarina: Fantastique International

“Devoted to International Horror & Mystery” – Spanish Horror, Italian Gothic Classics, Cooling Krimis and more…

I stumbled across this magazine via a Google search and as of now only appears to have one issue out with few if any back issues remaining (and those appear to be damaged). I’ll try to get a copy for further review and hopefully promotion. Articles for issue one are as follows:

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism –The Start of a Horror Series That Never Was
Naschy Returns in a Dual Role – The Wolf Man Howls Again
Spirit Mountain by Becquer – The Story Source for The Blind Dead Films
Night Walker – We are the Night Walkers
The Many Faces of Barbara Steele – What’s in a Face
The Andres Resino Interview – The Man From Werewolf Shadow Speaks

The magazine is going for about $8 plus shipping costs and including full color, 80 pound paper with semi-matte finish. First pressing was 250 copies. 24 pages. The website also has it’s own content including a piece on The Golden Age of Italian Horror.


Here’s a link to the online flyer which details their product. You’ll need to translate it unless you read German.  Check it out HERE.  

First off, I wish you the best of luck in even contacting this publications. The flyer does not seem to contain the normal critical contact info make a purchase though the flyer lists prices and various purchase options ranging from issues 1 and 2 focusing on Cannibal Holocaust and Zombie Holocaust respectively to shorter editions focusing on the promotion of Zomie Holocaust, Cannibal Holocaust, Eaten Alive and The Beyond. Full length editions are about 90 pages. The shorter promo pic books are around 8 pages with a special edition for The Beyond at a whopping 32 pages.  There appear to be photo sets of some kind as well.  Prices are in Euros. Varies.
Buyer beware.

Maman Brigitte

“The Web Magazine of the Black Spot”

Available HERE though you’ll have to translate the site (use Google Chrome) and the edition is FREE (though you can’t seem to download it anymore)!

This is a short Italian Horror Fiction publication. We never said this was Italian Horror MOVIE Week. While we can’t actually read the free edition since it appears to be taken down I simply wanted to note it’s existence. A variety of authors with some creepy cover art. The page was last updated in 2011 so we’re pretty sure this is gone for good (for now).  The online magazine il Posto Nero is still around and posting interviews and news on art and culture. Check ‘em out HERE.


(No Picture Available)

This magazine appeared somewhere in the 60’s. It featured a Luigi Cozzi interview, Bava, Freda and Argento piece.

If I had more, you’d have more. Listed as a fanzine on Movie Magazines.

Horror La Rivista Dell Insolito

Published in 2003 for three issues, this fanzine featured horror from around the globe though stuck to classic Italian cinema and a few big names worldwide. Check out these bad ass, nudie cutie covers.


''al cinema piu estremo e gore.''

Oh what’s that you say? You like gore movies? Well fuck all I have one for you. Published between 1998 and 2002, Xelluloid featured some exceptionally splatterful covers that put American mags to absolute shame. Great logo. Content ranged from the obsure to main stream cult (main stream cult would be standard fare for the Italian Horror lover).
Of course the website no longer exists for this bold magazine, but damn is it pretty.

1987 Giallo Guide

A document from 1987 detailing the Giallo subgenre just post its prime? Yeah, we’ll take that! While not much is known, it certainly looks as fan created as you would want it to be, especially 1987.
Not much more to go on.


Published in the early 60’s this wasn’t so much of a magazine as it was a horror photo novel series. Many different fictional tales that remind me a whole lot of those little yellow books with comic art that would give Giallo it’s namesake and inspire a  entire generation of horror moviemakers in Italian and around the world. Did Lamberto Bava read these while hanging around his dad’s movie sets?

Is it any wonder that the subject of these novels looks familiar? Say Hello to Vincent Price.

That’s where we’ll leave you today dear readers. Hope you enjoyed the pictorial perspective and sorry we couldn’t give you more about the content within. Again, leave comments below with any magazines or fanzines you may know about or send pictures of your Italian Horror magazines to .




  1. Well done!!
    many titles i've never seen b4. gotta track some of these down.

    though not Italian, people should check out is it UNCUT magazine from the UK. they cover SO many great, obscure films, in very well written reviews

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Uncut sounds fantastic though I've never read it. Only heard about in passing. I'm a novice magazine junkie.