Friday, July 12, 2013


Welcome to Italian Horror Week Part 2 (II, TWO): The Bava Count Continues!!! We started this whole splattery mess of a week based on the premise that we love Italian Horror movies, films influenced by the “masters” and all share the same sick fetish for blood, gore and naked people covered in blood and gore. That’s why we’re writing our brains out.  We simply have no other choice. Whether you’re an Italian Horror virgin or a well-spread professional author writing about the lesser known works of Claudio Fragasso, we’ll try to give you something to sink your knife into. None of us claims to be an expert on the subject of  Italian Horror. That’s not what this is about. This isn’t a scholarly retreat into the inner workings of Italian cinema although some of our authors are well-versed in Italo-horror and could be considered scholars of film in their own right. This is a celebration; A chance to re-watch favorites or be exposed to films that may have been kept inside the J&B bottle.

Please contribute to the dialogue about your favorite films on your favorite social network or in the comments below each article. Share articles often and support the folks who were kind enough to donate items for our soon-to-be-announced giveaways. Make sure to let the contributors/writers know that you love their work (if you feel so inclined). Like their Facebook pages. Follow them on Twitter. View their websites. We’ll include as much contact info as we can and as many outlets for you to enjoy the rest of their bodies of work.  

A little history before we get on with the festivities and start the massive post fury that will ensue (expect about four separate updates per day including giveaways and feature articles). The first time I wrote for a blog or a website was during Italian Week over at the Blood Sprayer. I went on to write for them for about a year and then we parted ways, but one of the things that I took from that experience was that I really love Italian Horror, perhaps more than even I realized at the time. I’m not expert on the subject, but I love the culture surrounding the movies, the fans of the genre and the films themselves. I’m a movie watcher. I’m a book reader.  I had started my own blog (that’s the one you’re currently reading), and eventually realized that I too could do a theme week, and since the Sprayer was no longer running an Italian Week, it seemed natural to pick up the whip and get cracking. This will be my second time running an Italian Horror Week, but my fourth time writing for one. I love doing it. I love making new friends during the week and the months leading up to the week. I love creating with friends and collaborating. When I say that this a labor of love for everyone involved, it’s this kind of week that defines that very term. 

Thank you to all my contributors. I appreciate your dedication and hard work. I absolutely enjoyed all of your writing, and I hope you join us for Italian Horror Week III (3, Three): Subtitle to be determined).

For ease, here’s a link to our Italian Horror Week page that gives links to all our Italian Horror related features from last July and will be updated daily with links to articles for this year (also available in the tabs under our main logo). Also, here’s a link to our giveaways page. As we post giveaways this week, you can locate them here for ease of entry. Enter them all.  Please visit the sponsor sites. Immerse yourself. If you read one article this week, I’ll be a happy horror fiend. If you watch your first Italian Horror movie this week, then we did our job here.

One last note before we get this veritable shit show going. You may notice some Friday the 13th imagery throughout the week and that our subtitle seems to be taken from Friday the 13th Part II. While we recognize that Friday the 13th is not Italian, there’s a very sound argument for referencing it during an Italian Horror related event. Mario Bava created a little movie called Twitch of the Death Nerve aka Bay of Blood from which Friday the 13th and its sequel have “borrowed” some scenes, sequences and kills. We celebrate this “homage”. Italian Horror Week started on Friday the 13th last year, Nathan Hamlton, the Son of Celluloid wrote about the connection between Bava’s work and Friday the 13th and it’s just friggin’ fun. We’re just going to keep that going as an underlying theme.

Let the Bava Count Continue!
 (Note: Friday the 13th Part II’s subtitle was The Body Count Continues… tee hee hee).


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