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Another Italian Horror Week has passed. We had some truly touching, personal stories come out this year, and quite frankly I’m more than a little mushy about the whole thing. Aside from wearing a pair of leather gloves around and pretending to chug apple juice filled bottles of J andB, I really do take the whole week emotionally. To all those that contributed, I appreciate every one of you. Whether you donated your time or a giveaway, a review, list or personal anecdote, this doesn’t happen without you.I hope you join us next year for whatever it is we perpetrate on the internet. It should be grand. For those who read and faithfully shared us around the internet, we offer our sincerest thanks. I can assure you that we do this for you. There were close to 40 posts on the site alone. More on the various social network outlets, sister and brother sites as well as on the movie watching competition group, The Halloween Horror Movie Marathon MADNESS. This is the community that you are looking for and that some pretend does not exist.

This is the link that will take you to all the Italian Horror Week posts from this year and last year. This link will remain active all year round so you can look back on the entire week. We post a lot during that short time so now you can go back and read at your leisure.


Now that I’ve gone all sentimental and totally out of character, let’s get back to what you really want to know. What were the answers to those motherfuckin’ scavenger hunt questions for the DiabolikDVD and House of Mysterious Secrets giveaways. The answers are listed below, however I want to point out that if I thought a response fit the question/clue completely, you were given the point. I’m not stingy and this is supposed to be fun. If you justified it to me, I was lenient, but I didn’t agree with all justifications. I suppose it’s the one time I get to walk around with a big red pen and play teacher, and teacher’s with red pens are never to be trusted. It’s like being a bad guy wrestler. I digress.

Here are your answers


1. If you like your movies naughty this one will strike a chord. F/X man turned Director. Talk about re-purposing an iconic movie cover.

and later modified to:

1. If you like your movies naughty this one will strike a chord. F/X man turned Director. Talk about re-purposing an iconic movie cover but this isn't a parody. You might enjoy some Camper Van Beethoven with your purchase.

ANSWER:  Gutterballs DVD (XXX Pin-etration Edition) (PAL Region 2)

2. Welcome to the trailers of your Mylar fetish. Get your bikini’s on. The fur ones of course. You don’t have to be tech savvy to enjoy this one.
ANSWER: VHSHOLE 3: Barbarians (DiabolikDVD Special Edition) (VHS)

3. From the company that restores films and prevents the spoilage of great vino with their name comes this tale of gang warfare.
ANSWER: Punk Vacation (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)

4. If the Devil is 666 and God is 777, then this one must be Shot On Video in man’s image. Make sure to wear your raincoat for this gore fest.
ANSWER: 555 DVD (NTSC All Region)

5. Who needs a plastic surgeon when you’re just taking a woman’s skin? This is a B.L. release. Before Lina. What’s a Tonfilm?
ANSWER: Awful Dr. Orlof DVD (Tonfilm Amaray Case) (PAL Region 2)

6. Means 9 months of trouble, for the first time on DVD. Accompanied by one Animal Hembra.
ANSWER: Female Animal / Teenage Mother Double Feature (NTSC Region 1)

7. If you’re waiting for the rain, you might not get to see this movie unless you have a Pee Herman Bag with a plastic rubber thumb inside. Scored by the legend. Starring Krug.
ANSWER: Hitchhike DVD (NTSC All Region)

8. The director has a four letter first name and a four letter last name. This is a Blu-ray. One of my favorite Italian film and has a couple names that will have you thinking sequel to an iconic American exploitation film from the man who nailed Bill Pullman’s balls to a chair.
ANSWER: . Night Train Murders (Blu-Ray All Region)

9. Lost classic film. Gonzo film with a gonzo name. You don’t have to go to the Gaza Strip to find free love.
ANSWER: American Hippie In Israel (Grindhouse Releasing) (3 Disc LE DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)

10. Well known Italian Director made this animal picture. I assure you that Robert Forster ISN’T in it.
ANSWER: Alligator DVD (Big Alligator River / Sergio Martino) (NTSC All Region)


Bonus Hint: This isn’t Lou Reed.
ANSWER: Abel Ferrara - Moral Visions (BOOK)

ANSWER: Re-Penetrator DVD (Burning Angel) (NTSC Region 1 


ANSWER: Black Emmanuelle White Emmanuelle DVD (NTSC Region 1)

ANSWER: Don't Torture A Duckling DVD (Fulci) (NTSC All Region)


1. Your name is Angela Baker. When you drop your pants, your a t-shirt.
ANSWER: Sleepaway Camp Angela's Revenge Shirt

2. Billy won’t be forcing you to wear your balls for earrings, but you might consider these a stylish alternative. 
ANSWER: Earings: Creepshow

3. This isn’t the 3-D one, but this poster sure looks like it was intended to be 3-D. Done in the style of movie theaters from the 70’s on 42nd Street. 
ANSWER: Grindhouse Prints: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter (other Friday the 13th's accepted)

4. I wrote my first Italian Week post about this popular movie. Think Big Box, Mr. Fuller. It’s magnetic.
ANSWER: Magnets: 7 Doors of Death

5. This is one of the most iconic masks ever created. It also happens to be the one that started it all so named for the man who originally wore it.
ANSWER: Hockety Masks: "Shelly"

Here are a couple of the episodes of Friday the 13th the Series (featuring the store Curious Goods) that people enjoyed:
I truly appreciated everyone sharing their favorite episodes from Friday the 13th the Series. Some include … (fill in). Curious Goods run by Mike Smash is a tremendous company who gave us a great gift to give a fan of Argento and a fan of truly amazing home d├ęcor.


-I love the Friday series, but if I have to pick a fave it would probably be Scarlet Cinema bc of the classic clips included in that episode.

-Favorite episode is S1E16 "Tattoo". I saw it when I was very young and it creeped me out big time about tattoos. I wasn't allowed to watch that stuff so when i got a chance whatever horror I saw affected me big time. Now I have tons of tattoos but when I was a kid I was always wary because of seeing that!

-Favorite Friday the 13th Episode: Symphony in B#, because I'm a sucker for Phantom of the Opera-esque stories.

-My fav episode of Friday the 13th the Series is FAITH HEALER. Its a powerful episode, smartly written, well acted, and directed by David fuckin Cronenberg!!!


For those of you who got extra creative with the Ahhh! Art! We wanted to share your amazing prop ideas. I loved these and this was an extremely close call. Now let’s find someone who can make these nightmares come true.  These guys have already started to commission artwork after IHW2013 based on someone finding them. I hope it works out, and I hope we see them back next year for something equally as impressive.

Here are some of  the entries:

-I think it would be killer to have a tall lamp with a really tall and wide cloth shade. The shade would have images from The Beyond or Suspiria themed. You could have colored areas that could resemble the colors in the film. Maybe the light bulbs would get dimmer and brighter for ambiance.

-Official Opera Sunglasses designed to look like needles. Your friends won't be able to take their eyes off of them! 

-I would like to see a life-sized bust molded and painted of the zombie which graces the cover of Zombie. Also, a model of Catriona Macoll.

-I've always thought that the maggot storm scene in The Gates of Hell ( would make a fantastic snowglobe. The people stand there next to the broken window screaming, and a good shake sends the maggots flying all around them.

-An action figure set from NECA based on the first murder from Suspiria! Both dead bodies, the girl hanging and the one who gets the falling glass! That would rule!!! 

The Demons Wobbler giveaway was especially rewarding for me. I adore Cult Collectibles and their amazing product. I hope everyone shops there and picks up as many as they can. They need your support. The winner was a true fan of the company and had always wanted one of these though never had won one from Grindhouse Theater in WA. I’m not giving out names of people who won because I didn’t ask for permission to use his name, but he’s a great guy. Glad he won. His response was that this was the best way to wake up from a hangover. I agree.

Our Exploitation Retrospect winner is a friend, blogger and amazing fella. I think he won’t mind if I announce that the Son of Celluloid received issue #51. I know for a fact he is a Barbara Steele fanatic, a true romancer of Italian Horror and a fan and friend to the genre. Go check out his blog HERE.

His favorite expoloitation flick of all time was Ilsa:She Wolf of the SS ( This is the best choice. I missed this at Ex-Fest a year ago on 35mm and my penis hates me for it.

What was the highlight of the week for you? Favorite moment or article? Share on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it.  If you loved an article and you thought, “hey I can do that”, you can and you should and you should contact me now to get on the list for next year. We’re not signing away your soul, but we are going to reach out to you next March.

Now make sure you stay tuned for an EXTREME WEEK over at Guts and Grog next week. I’ll be making an appearance along with several other contributors to IHW. Tromeric puts on a damn fine theme week. This will be no exception.

Tip the J and B or the Limoncello  or the Peroni  and we’ll see you next year.


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