Sunday, July 14, 2013

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK - A Very Curious Giveaway - Italian Horror Staring Right Back at You From Curious Goods

In a first, Dr. Terror and Shit Movie Fest will be teaming up for a giveaway this week. Shit Movie Fest’s Thomas Bryce aka the Cool Kid with the Groovy Toys Down the Street aka The Man from NECA did a fantastic and informative write up on toy guru, MIKE SMASH, procurer of many fascinating oddities at Curious Goods and celebrator of Italian Horror cinema. To celebrate this article and Curious Goods, we are giving away this Italian Horror mirror (oooo… unique). As Nietzsche said, “when you look into the darkness of the abyss, the abyss also look into you”. The same holds true of one of the founding fathers of Italian Horror and his works of maniacs and monsters. When you stare into this specialty mirror, you can feel the eyes of  Dario and the gang look straight into your soul. Terrifying eh? We think so.

So how do you get your hands on this puppy? Simple simple simple. You’re going to send me an email at You’re going to like Curious Goods’ Facebook page and stop by Shit Movie Fest and Dr. Terror’s Facebook page as well (that's just a good idea, so if you don't it's probably okay but you may miss out on cool shit from all of us). Give everyone a like. Likes are free. You might think of this as shopping for likes, but we like to think of it as, keeping you informed of the bad ass events to come this week. The caption on your email should read Curious Goodies from Italy. In this email you should include your name, address and your favorite episode of Friday the 13th the Series. Tell us why you dig it. We’ll pick a winner and let you know via email at the end of Italian Horror Week running until July 19th.

If you need a refresher for the titles of the Friday the 13th The Series episodes, check em out HERE.

I know many of you may be asking what Friday the 13th The Series has to do with Italian Horror. The answer is not a whole Hell of a lot, but Curious Goods was the name of the curio shop that stock piled the cursed artifacts featured in said TV show. Further more, Friday the 13th as a franchise was created in the image of and stood on the shoulders of the Mario Bava classic Twitch of the Death Nerve aka Bay of Blood (see Nathan Hamilton’s multi-part article from IHW 2012). Let’s celebrate this great giveaway, a great distributor and good friends.

Feel free to leave comments below or spread this around letting everyone know about the positive experiences you’ve had with Curious Goods, Shit Movie Fest or Italian Horror Week from this or last year. Make sure you check out the complete article on Mike Smash's Work HERE from Shit Movie Fest's Thomas Bryce. 


Tell ‘em Uncle Vendredi sent you… which sounds Italian (but it’s French).

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