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ITALIAN HORROR WEEK - Who's Hot and Bloody?: The 10 Hottest Women in Italian Horror

Guest Contributor Master Gio gets the digits of finest women in Italian Horror. He's going to need a bigger address book, and you're going to need to take a cold shower.

Italian horror movies are known for their wild plots and graphic violence. But, to me, and many other red-blooded male, and probably some female, fans, they are also known for their stunning and gorgeous women. Many of them die in horrible ways, and a bunch of them get naked. These are the very best of the best, the ten most beautiful women to ever grace Italian horror!

10. Ania Pieroni- With her stunning light-blue eyes, Ania is a sight to behold. Argento must really love to see her play the bad girl, because she plays the killer’s tormenter in red high heels in Inferno and the Mother of Tears in Inferno. She was also in Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery.

9. Laura Gemser- One of the very best softcore stars ever, this Indonesian beauty starred in many of Joe D’Amato’s and other Italian exploitation masters films. She is best known for playing Emanuelle in movies such as Emanuelle around the World, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, Women’s Prison Massacre, and Violence in a Women’s Prison. Frequently fully nude and in sex scenes with guys, and even better, other girls (!!!), Gemser is one of the genre’s hottest stars of all time.

8. Alexandra Delli Colli- This gorgeous blonde beauty is featured in two of the most memorable moments in Italian horror. In Fulci’s nasty gorefest The New York Ripper, she gets naked, tied up, and then sliced up by a razor in a truly harrowing scene. Meanwhile, as the lead in the gloriously cheesy Zombie Holocaust, she gets naked and is seen as some sort of the goddess by the natives! Can you blame them?

7. Mirella Di’Angelo- This gorgeous beauty played a lesbian in Argento’s classic Tenebrae. Her death is truly memorable, as she gets slashed while putting on a shirt. It is one of the movie’s most stylish and cool kills.

6. Christina Marsillach- This breathtaking beauty from Argento’s Opera is so beautiful a wacko kills for her, and in front of her while is she forced to watch, in his obsession with her.

5. Catorina Maccoll- Fulci’s muse this gorgeous blonde beauty was in City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and House by the Cemetery. She has long been one of my favorite horror actresses, European or otherwise!

4. Cinzia Monreale - She played the blind beauty in Fulci’s best movie¸ The Beyond. Having met her in person, a few years ago at Chiller in New Jersey, I can tell you she is still gorgeous!!

3. Me Me Lai- Gorgeous Asian beauty who gets naked  and has sex in Jungle Holocaust, and gets, well, I don’t wanna spoil it for you. But, I will say that’s memorable, too!

2. Olga Karlatos- A stunning beauty who has one of the most memorable moments in horror history, when her beautiful eye meets a huge splinter in Zombie. Her nudity in that film is pretty memorable, too!!

1. Asia Argento- The daughter of horror master Dario Argento, Asia is not only THE hottest women in Italian horror, but she is one of the hottest women in ALL of horror. With her exceptional body, sexy tattoos, and fierce intelligence, she is a sexual force to be reckoned with, with talent to spare. And, she’s bared her skin for many of her dad’s movies, including The Stendhal Syndrome, Trauma, and The Phantom of the Opera. Sh e still continues to work for dad, but has proven to be just as amazing behind the camera on the sexy and fucked-up semi-auto-biography, Scarlet Diva.


Giovanni Deldio is a freelance writer who has worked for many sites including, where he currently resides, been published in Fangoria and runs his own film/erotic/horror blog WORDS FROM THE MASTER. He has interviewed Tera Patrick, The Soska Twins, Rob Zombie, Asa Akira, Adrianne Curry and Andy San Dimas among others. Please support the master at his blog HERE and stop by his Facebook page to support him there.

Note from Doc Terror: If anyone would like to devote some time to a 10 Hottest Men in Italian Horror I would love to post it. Please email private message me on Facebook or email me with your piece at I'd have written it myself but I'm afraid I can't list Hugo Stiglitz 10 frickin' times. Also, who do you think should have made the list? Comment below or on the Dr. TERROR Facebook page. My personal favorite? Edwige Fenech. 


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    1. I think I'm going to do my own top 10 as well... maybe 20. Lists are hard. :)

  2. Son of Celluloid, Daniela Doria was a consideration. In fact had this been a top 20 she most definitely would have been on it. She is hot as hell!!

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