Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Win NECA's SDCC Video Game Jason Voorhees! ENTER NOW!

Let's get this out of the way. You wanna win a Video Game Jason Voorhees? The one that NECA put out for San Diego Comic Con, teased us all with for months, made it an exclusive item and then released a few hundred at time until apparently there were none left? Well you have a chance. You can win it here, and it will barely take up your time.

To win this beautiful figure, sealed in the package you have to do a couple simple things.  Comment in the comment section below this blog with the following:

1. Your Email Address - that's how I'm going to let you know that you won. You're going to want to know you won.

2. What horror movie (of any variety) you'd like to see turned into a video game. Get creative and include anything from story line to game play to mock levels to how you would market it.

3. Which is your favorite Friday the 13th movie, mask or death scene? Tell me about it. You can also include Friday the 13th the Series.

4. Go like my Facebook Page HERE. I love seeing you guys over there. I've made amazing friends on Facebook, and I think we all make a nice community. 

When we reach 1300 likes on the Facebook page (FRIDAY THE 1300th) we will give it away (the giveaway not to run less than a week to give people time to find this contest). I'll select a winner from the entrants in the comment section below including all requested info. That's all. I'll notify you via email. You'll send me the shipping address and your name, and hopefully you'll be a happier horror fan for it. When you get it, send me a pic of you with it. Yes, it can be as naughty as you want it to be. 

You know anyone can win, right? I'd truly like to see it be someone who didn't get one of these. Someone who was either scammed on a random Facebook group just trying to figure a way to get a friggin limited edition item that clearly the masses want badly. We all know someone at this point. It happened to way too many this time. I hope it goes to someone who maybe didn't get paid when the random sales were announced and couldn't  fork over the money for one. Someone who was too late to the table when the random 300 went on sale each time. Anyone can enter, but I'd really like it if we reserve this giveaway for fans who didn't get one and want it for their private collection. Let's not flip this one, okay? 

Let's love our Video Game Jason Voorhees.



  1. I'm first. (heh)

    I'd like to see Suspiria as a video game. "you must harness your ballet moves and detective skills to stop the evil Helena Marcus from taking over the world."
    One level would be just matching moves with button mashes.
    Another level would be Maggot Stomp where you;d have to crush a ton of maggots.
    Another level would be Punch Albert in the face because, that little dude was creepy.
    then you'd have to figure our how many steps to take to find the Secret Iris.
    Final level would be throwing knives at the head of a hopping helena.

    Fave Friday Death would have to be Jason's "double penetration" with the spear in part 2. Classic slasher kill.

    PICK ME!


    I'd love to see Slither as a video game. It wouldn't even have to be that complicated, just destroy destroy destroy!

    Favorite death? Cut in half when walking on hands. Fun!


    I'd love to see Suspiria (or moreso the 3 Mothers Trilogy) turned into video games... they'd start out as more of a slow burning mystery with intense horror elements. It'd play a bit like Hard Rain or D for Sega Saturn and as you get deeper into it and closer to the end there would be more fighting of demons and such, following the 3 movies storylines. The underwater zombie scene would be awesome.

    Favorite F13 movie is part 2, favorite mask is the sack, favorite hockey mask is from part 4, favorite kill is a tie between the wheel chair kid going down the stairs in part 2 or the party noise maker to the eye in part 6.

    I'd like to see Dead Alive/Brain Dead,Imagine the Final scene,ya get to go crazy w/the lawnmower,haa,nothing but Gore/Craziness.My fave Friday was part 4 especially the end w/Young Tommy.


    I want to see a video game based on the 1970s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It would be more stealth with horror elements. The further along you get in the game, the less human allies you have. You have to supress emotion in order to blend in among the enemy. The last level would be the factory at the end of the film.

    My favorite Friday is part 7. It feels like the perfect blend of horror, humor & sex. And KANE HODDER!


    I'd like to see Nightmare On Elm Street 4: Dream Warriors turn into a fighting game where you get to choose your own Dream Warrior and go fight freddy in different dreamscapes. This will be a downloadable content straight to your favorite Console cause everybody be downloadin!!!

    Favorite FT13 would be Jason Goes to Manhattan. Favorite Mask is the Jason Goes To Hell mask where it's so small but his mutated face makes up for it giving it a fucking awesome look. Favorite death is in Manhattan when he's getting punch by that boxer guy and after the dude's done because of fatigue, Jason just looks at the sorry fool and punches his head clean off, hahahhahahah!!!!

  7. Jennifer De La Paz:

    I'd love to see Trick r Treat made into a video game. I'd love to see Sam running around trying to save traditional Halloween customs and slaying the Halloween 'hum bug' people! He could collect candy and decapitated heads! Game could have great cut scenes!! :)

    My favorite Friday the 13th movie is one of the hardest questions to ever answer...If I had to choose I would say part 8, Jason Takes Manhattan. I just love the late 80's nature of the film and Jason is more of a movie monster. I always loved them all with parts 5, 6 and 8 being my top 3 but I guess part 8 wins my heart and always will. Plus, Jason melts into a child in a sewer...what's better than that??? :) And my favorite death scene in a Friday the 13th has to be from part 5 where the chick in the woods gets the branch clippers to the face, right in the eyes.

    I would actually like to see a Freddy vs Jason fighting game, and hopefully with lots of other guest characters. Being able to beat on each other endlessly without ever dying could be very interesting -- dismemberments and all. Friday VIII - Manhattan has a spot in my heart; it was the first time my younger self really started to "get" the joke and campiness inherent in the series.


    Back When Resident Evil 3 First Came Out I Said It Would Have Made A Kick Ass Engine For A Friday The 13th Game... Every Time Nemesis Evolved That Could Have Been A Dif Jason All The Way Up To Uber Jason...

    My Fav Friday Is Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood...
    Kane Hodder Is Jason And The Mask Was Epic With The Motor Boat Blade Damage....

    I would like to see Halloween made into a video game.
    You could escape from Smith Grove, Stalk Babysitters, drive or walk around Haddonfield, and evade Dr. Loomis.
    My favorite Friday the 13th death scene is in Part 3, when Richard Brooker shoots the girl with the harpoon gun and walks away like a gangster.
    It's also my favorite Hock because Shelly made it.
    Thank you!!


    I'd like to see a Sleepaway Camp II video game where you have to weed out the bad campers who share food and fornicate.

    My Fave Friday - Jason X - Cronenberg cameo and a liquid nitrogen face shattering. Probably the most ridiculous movie in the franchise, but that makes it the best in my book.

  12. Smurfwreck (at)

    I'd kill for an old Serria adventure game wrapped around The Monster Squad. Seriously, finding Twinkies in the swamp, gathering garlic and pizza slices to make weapns to ward of Dracula. Reciting the passeges from the book to open limbo. That movie is destined to be an adventure game. Also, 8-Bit Rudy making weapons montage set to a chiptunes Rock Until You Drop? Yes please.

    My favorite Friday flick is a battle between part 2 and part 4. Love Corey Feldman, but I also love redneck sackhead Jason. There's something so cool about a kid taking on Jason, especially a kid who is a horror effects fan. Felt like that was written for me...


    Damn.. good question!,

    John Carpenters, THEY LIVE
    As a 3D Third Person, Like Grand theft Auto 4 etc..

    You could walk around using your special glasses
    to see whos not really human.. and the plot of the game could
    be revolved around a new world order type scenario..
    You could market the game with some sweet as They Live Shades..

    My favorite scene from the Friday the 13th movies has to be the scene at the end of one of the movies.. where they are
    sitting out on crystal lake in the boat.. and a young jason jumps out to pull them overboard.. remember my hair standing on end as a 12yr old, Having to rewind the tape a bunch of times to try and get a scope of that deformed face! haha right before the credits roll... Wooohooo another sequel for sure!

    1. Your game idea is genius.


    I would have to see a Nightmare on Elm Street game. Once you're dreaming, you will have a free roam environment. But here's the kicker--once in the dream world, you'll be able to do whatever you want. Be a superhero, a villain, a cowboy, a slick assassin--all with fully playable levels. This is all well and good until your world will start shifting under Freddy's control until you come face to face with the man of your nightmares.

    My favorite Friday flick? That's easy. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives. It might seem a little campy now, but it's got a soft spot in my heart. It was the first Friday the 13th flick that I got to sneak, and I loved it.

  15. 1. StuartSWard [at] kc [dor] rr [dot] com
    2. I’d love to see a videogame based on the movie Trollhunter. Make it a 3rd-person, squad-based shooter. Trolls are getting restless inside their preserve area, and your team is sent in to deal with them. You upgrade weapons and gear as you go. You get points (to spend toward better gear) for collecting evidence as you. Mix in survival elements similar to the latest Tomb Raider game. Could be really fun, and Nordic folklore is a source seldom mined for story potential.
    3. My favorite Friday the 13th movie is Part 3. I think the first three got progressively better, scarier, more exciting, and by the time they got to part 3 they had the tone and execution just right. The 3D gimmick made for some fun scares. The chase through the barn at the end is one of my all-time favorites. And, of course, it’s the first appearance of Jason in his iconic hockey mask. Some of the later sequels were enjoyable, but I don’t think they ever quite got it as right as they did in Part 3. It set the standard.

    1. Awesome game idea.


    A great idea for a game would be the movie Night of the Creeps. Walking around the college town, fighting against the infected college kids. Using weapons found in the tool shed, lawn mowers and such..."Thrill Me"

    Best Friday the 13th would have to be Part 6: Jason Lives. Its the final show down between Jason and his Ahab, Tommy Jarvis. 100% right to the top of the list of best Friday the 13th's.


    I'd like to see the Final Destination franchise get the video game treatment. It would be fun trying to escape death, but in a perfect would you could play as death with the objective of finding creative ways to kill the characters using their surroundings.

    My favorite Friday the 13th films are Parts 1, 2, 4 and 6 - but my favorite death scene is from one of the most maligned entries, Jason X. There's certainly a lot about that movie that's questionable at best, but the frozen face smash is undeniably awesome.

  18. Hahaha! Your videogame idea is hilarious! Love that movie.


    I'd LOVE to see a video game based on "The Monster Squad." Basically, you'd play as Sean, Rudy, or Horace (aka "Fat Kid") and have to play through different levels in order to find Van Helsing's (Van Halen's?) diary, the amulet, and save Phoebe in order to defeat Dracula and send even back to limbo. All of the monsters in the film would be bosses, and it would end with the player having to get an assist from the Frankenstein's monster to win (just like in the film)!!!!

    While I think the "best" Friday the 13th is a toss up between The Final Chapter and New Blood, I'm a big fan of the sleazefest that is A New Beginning. It's terrible and sort of stupid, but it's also pretty great... and the only thing that beats Crispin Glover's dance moves from part 4 is probably the outhouse duet from part 5.

  20. 1.
    2. I'd like to see a 'proper' video game treatment of either NOES or Friday The 13th.With the way all these zombie video games sell like hot cakes,it wouldn't be hard to see Freddy Or Jason in a similar style of game.
    3. My favorite F13 film is Pt.VI:Jason Lives,kick ass Frankenstein-esque revival scene,a killer song "Man Behind The Mask" by Alice Cooper,a great change from the plodding slowness of V and it never was the same after this as 7-X just were unsipid,though Freddy vs Jason was everyone's DREAM come true (pun intended).

  21. My email address is

    I have like 3 ideas because I love that you asked the question!

    I would love to see The Descent turned into a survival horror game. Alot of survival horror games deal with claustrophobic atmospheres much like the movie. It can be a more melee based survival game utilizing a lot Metal Gear Solid esque stealth aspects and a sort of pick your battle moments, not to mention it can harness elements of 3rd person action/adventures that deal in platform use like Uncharted.

    I would also like to see a Phantasm game that is equal parts action/horror and puzzle mystery. You could utilize the dimensional fork gateways to get to new levels, or unlock the mysteries of the Tall Man in the mausoleum in a puzzle game fashion. The story and gameplay could alternate between two characters, Mike and Reggie. Reggie's tale would be the more action oriented aspect battling the flying sentinels, the dwarf sized Lurkers, demon nurses/cops, gas mask clad Gravers and even various manifestations of the Tall Man himself. Mike's half of the game would be spent solving various puzzles utilizing the dimension forks or secret passages within the sanctuary of the tall man. His tale would also be more survival based rather than combat like. It could also have moments like in the Slenderman computer game, where you're dodging the Tall Man. I think that would be so badass!

    The last thing I'd love to see is a decision making game using a similar engine to TellTale's The Walking Dead game, and it could be for any slasher franchise. I think that would be fantastic.

    Sorry, but I apparently work in threes haha.
    3 favorite films are 3,4 and 6 in no particular order.
    3 favorite masks are part 3's, because it started it all. I love part 7's because its the most battle damaged we've seen the mask, plus Kane Hodder's first portrayal. And lastly I really truly love the mask in Freddy v.s. Jason. Once those razor fingers slash across the it such a neat feature.
    3 favorite kills...liquid-nitrogen face smash, Sherrif Garris complete back break in part 6 and of course the hand stand walk groin slash in part 3.

    Also the title slips my mind, but I'm very fond of the Scarecrow episode from the television series.

    And thanks to Freddy in Space for always mentioning you, I've liked you on FB!

    1. The Descent could make an awesome game. They could get really creative visibility and availablity of light source (as both an agent to help you see and a weapon). Good idea.

  22. Email is :

    I think The Funhouse would be a really cool survival horror/Puzzle game. Kinda like Amnesia. Actually, a lot of movies could be made into a game like that.

    Final Chapter is definitely the best.


    As for video game I think it would be a absolute blast for us horror fans to have a game that was similar to Mortal Kombat but ALL of it's characters were horror icons. Each with their own unique move sets, powers, weapons and "fatalities" We all got a taste of Freddy vs. Jason so it would be amazing and so much fun to pit say Chucky vs. Michael Myers. Pumpkin Head vs. Ash. I could go on and on. And the level idea's would be so damn cool.

    I am gonna throw in my favorite LAUGH from the Friday the 13th movies and it comes from Jason X when Jason is caught in the Crystal Lake simulator and is basically bashing one computer generated woman in a sleeping back against another and instead of dying they are giggling inside of the bags. I laugh every damn time I see it. But my favorite movie has got to be part two. When you first finally get a glimpse of Jason popping up it's terrifying!


    Personally, I've always wanted to see a Horror fighting game featuring some of Horror's most well known characters. For example: Chucky Vs. Leprechaun, Freddy Vs. Pinhead, Freddy Vs. Jason, etc. I know it's not one movie, but I feel as if it'd be a great game.

    My favorite Friday the 13th movie has always been Jason Takes Manhattan. That movie has some sentimental value to me, I remember watching it with my parents when I was a kid and It's the whole reason I love horror movies as much as I do today.

    2.A game based off of the Evil Dead. But not make it just a run around and cut up deadites kind of game. Make it kind of like Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem with the sanity effects and play up the feeling of being alone. Just imagine the imagery that would occur when combing the sanity effects with the Evil Dead:Getting attacked by the trees, blood floods, things just springing to life, the rushing "force" shots, the mirrors turning to water or getting attacked by mirror versions of yourself. And then you would also have to fight the evil for control of Ash.

    3.Either Part 4 or the underrated Part 9. Part 4 has a great "John Hughes" like cast, and Corey Feldman. You actually care about these characters. From the great dance of Jimmy to Rob's poorly executed hunt of Jason. Add Tom Savini effects and a what would have been a satisfying conclusion to the series. Part 9 did change the backstory but it tried to do something different and I feel succeeded in that respect. It again has great characters. Steven is likable along with his cop buddy, and Creighton Duke is so fun to watch. The film also has some great imagery (the sleazy TV host's eyes when possesed and killing the waitress.).


    The horror movie I would like to see to be turned into a video game would be Phantasm. The whole game would be set in the Mansion of the Tall Man. You would collect items that can be used to save your brother from the netherworld. Every now and then you would battle with Tall Man or the sphere; minions would be in every level trying to knock your health down. The final boss in the Netherworld would be Tall Man's head that regurgitates tiny spheres.
    Favorite Friday the 13th would be Part II which has my favorite death scene which is the machete to the face of the guy in the wheelchair; I enjoy him rolling down the stairs as the transition of white light blinding my eyes, awesome!


    2. I'd like to play a Friday the 13th game where you play as Jason's mother and then Jason. 3rd person action style. Take a sandbox environment (like GTA) and have each game's "level" be another film in the series, you start off as Jason's mother, then obviously, in later levels, you're Jason. The game ends with a climactic fight against Freddy (or in outer space). You'll get to play in Crystal Lake, NYC, Outer Space and the Suburbs...

    3. I think my favorite Friday is either 3 or Final Chapter. 3 brings us the mask for the first time and some unintentionally hilarious camera angles (because of the 3D factor) and Final Chapter's got Feldman shaving his head.

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  30. 1)

    2) The Shining, but only if it was released in the early 90s on the Sega Genesis. Play would alternate between Danny an Wendy.

    Level 1: After a few cut scenes from the movie, the first level would be a driving round. Danny on his tricycle riding through the halls of the Overlook, dodging ghost twins in blue dresses, guys in bear suits, rotten, naked, old ladies, and of course some bats since every horror game had those. If you reach Wendy back at their room then you advance to the next level.

    Level 2: After some more cut scenes showing Jack going crazy, we would change over to Wendy making her way from Jack's type writer back to her bedroom. She would use her knife to repel attacks from dead party guests, skeletons, and baloons as she made her way to the bank of elevators. Once she reached them there would be a cut scene of them opening and releasing the river of blood.

    Level 3. Still playing as Wendy, she will be now running down a long hallway, needing to jump over dead Hallorans, as she was chased by the river of blood (a la the carpet ride level in Aladdin). If you reach the stairs before the blood reaches you, then you advance to the next level.

    Level 4: Still playing as Wendy, you make your way up the stairs of the Overlook as you try getting back to your room. Jack would be following you and you would again need to throw your knife to repel his attacks. The level would end in your room's bathroom. You would need to throw knives to stop Jack before he completely broke down the door.

    Level 5: For the final level you would play as Danny again. This level would be timed. Start with a cut scene of Jack chasing Danny out of the Overlook and into the hedge maze. As Danny runs through the maze, he would use snowballs to stop Jack's attacks. Every time Jack is hit with snowballs, his cold meter would go up. You have a maximum of 10 minutes to freeze Jack with your snowballs before he kills you.

    If you win, Danny and Wendy reunite and leave the Overlook in the snowcat. If you lose at any point, an image of your dead body will appear with a message saying: YOU HAVE FAILED TO SURVIVE. THE OVERLOOK IS YOUR NEW HOME. GAME OVER.

    3) My favorite Friday movie is either The Final Chapter or Jason Lives. It's always been a tough call for me. I love the darkness and menace, and almost Giallo feel of 4, but then I love the self aware style of 6, along with the nods to Gothic horror. I go back and forth, but right now I'm feeling The Final Chapter. The tip of the scale would be because of Ted White. He's my favorite Jason. Completely brutal.

    My favorite mask would be Jason Takes Manhattan's. Love the dirty yellow look, and the updated straps.

    Lastly, my favorite kill is Mark from Part II. That was nasty. Machete right to the face, then the force of the impact pushes him down a flight of stairs backwards.

    4) I already like your Facebook page.


    There are quite a few movies I would love to see as video games, one being the movie Demons (Bava, Argento). You would be able to switch between 1st and 3rd person viewing, and you would play through a few cities and maybe even rural areas battling demons. Finding guns and weapons along the way, doing your best to survive and not get infected yourself. Your character would sometimes team up with other survivors, but who knows how long before they turn, maybe they got infected too? I love the idea of making your way around a dark run-down city, and those glowing eyes alerting you when a horde of demons was showing up. Do you stand and fight, or do you run? Imagine some of the cut-scenes when people close to you turn into demons. Another cool feature would be online multiplayer mode, where you can choose to be a survivor, or play as a demon.

    Favorite Friday the 13th movie would have to be part 3. The 3d was great when I was a kid, it has my favorite mask, and one of my favorite death scenes. Vera is trying to get Shelly's wallet out of the water, and Jason shoots a spear in her left eye. The 3d effect of the spear coming at the screen was great.


    I tell my girlfriend this every time we sit down with our daughter and play Lego Harry Potter/Batman/LOTR, etc... It would freaking rule to have a Lego Friday the 13th game. With all the similar elements of other lego games, building cabins with legos, starting campfires.... You could switch from a select number of different counselors who all have different abilities to get jobs done. Of course you could unlock vital characters like Tommy Jarvis (from different eras), Jason (from every movie), Mrs. Voorhees. This could be amazing. Previous Lego games, like Harry Potter, goes through the stories of all the books/movies, it would kill to have that kind of awesomeness for a Friday the 13th game, telling it from the beginning, going all the way to Manhattan, all the way to Hell, all the way to Elm Street, and so on. I WANT IT.

    As far as favorite Friday movie, juggle a lot between 2,4 and 5. I definitely watch 5 the most, it has my favorite mask, my favorite boobs, my favorite Tommy, and it's so super sleazy. Favorite death out of the entire franchise is cleaver to face wheelchair death from part 2.

    Thanks for this opportunity. SO awesome buddy!

    1. I forgot to add that of course, in the Lego Friday video game, if you decide to have lego sex in the game or drink lego hooch, that lego Jason comes a slashin'. And Crazy Ralph as an unlockable playable character would be WIN

  33. 1.

    2. I always wanted to see a video game adaptation of The Lost Boys where you get to be Edgar and/or Alan Frog and have to kill vampires who are preying on victims walking along the Santa Carla boardwalk. If a vamp bites someone, they immediately "turn" and come after you. There would also be a level where you have to search caves to find vampire lairs and put down as many as you can before they wake up and come after you as a pack. Weapons would of course include stakes, crossbows, and water guns filled with holy water. It would be marketed with the cheesy tagline "First Come, First Staked"

    3. My favorite F13 movie is Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter because it has the perfect blend of action & suspense and also manages to deliver some great little moments of comic relief without becoming silly or over the top. The supporting cast is terrific and you become invested in the characters and actually care about who is going to survive and who isn't. It also features my favorite Jason in the entire series, Ted White, who is able to play the part more convincingly and menacing than anyone else has before or since. What F13 moment is scarier than when he chases Trish up the stairs running at her with full speed? That is much more frightening than a slow-moving, Frankenstein-like zombie.


    2. the horror movie I would love to see turned into a video game would be the deadly spawn. how cool would it be to get to play as the alien that crashes on earth and destroys the town of your choice! It would definitely have the rampage game feel to it, you could search for human flesh to gain health and you could search for your alien brothers to help get the job done!!

    3. My favorite Friday the 13th movie would have to be part 2. how can you go wrong with Jason having a potato sack on head. my favorite scene would have to be at the beginning where mrs. Voorhees head is in the fridge. the scene always stuck with me


    I think that dawn of the dead would make a great video game for classic consoles, like the sega genesis or the snes, it would be great if the gameplay was like Zombies ate my neighbors and you could play as Peter and Roger. There would be lots of weapons and the mall would be huge, you have to do lots of tasks, from killing zombies, to find gas, or a special object.
    The final level would be great, havin to fight a shitloads of zombies and bikers at the mall

    Favorite Friday the 13th: Part 6 Jason Lives
    Favorite death: Axel's death from part 4


    2. the ABCs of Death would make for a cool game, I think, with lots of dark humor.
    3. Friday the 13th Part 2 - nobody expected Jason to actually be alive, he starts off the killings by scrubbing out Alice and the kills were brutal(even the ones lifted from Twitch of the Death Nerve) and let's face it, the sack was scarier than the mask, there, I said it.


    2. I would like to see "The Crazies" (1973) made into a video game. It would fall along the survivalist horror idea, with you trying to dodge crazies and army patrols, whilst picking up survivors. If you were placed as the Sheriff of the town, then that would open up a desire to help those in the town survive, along with firearm ability and the like. Much as with "The Thing" game, you could work in ways of working out whether they were infected too or not. If you incorporated the same level of facial recognition as in "LA Noir", this could be achieved in a realistic way, in which you had to use your own assumptions to make a decision. Mix into this a third person perspective and combat system, and micro-management survivalist style as seen in "State of Decay", it would be a pretty interesting combination. Either that or make an 8-bit side scrolling shooter of "Big Trouble in Little China", as that would be awesome however you looked at it.

    3. My favourite Friday the 13th is Part 8: Jason takes Manhattan. It was the first Friday I'd seen when I was younger, and after watching the (very good) original, I realised that you can still the crappier horror movies, just in a different fashion. Since then I have got deep into B-movies, and have this movie amongst those to thank. It also had an awesome poster, with the classic "I heart New York", but with Jason's face tearing through the heart. Still got that on my wall.

  38. 1.

    2. I think a video game where you are Chucky would be the ultimate experience. It could be more like a role-playing game where you experience your death and have to find the right doll to possess. Then you would have to find the right person to tell your secret to (with endless possibilities for each character's story arc). During all of this, you have to hide from the average person or you'll be tracked by authorities or supernatural personnel. Finally, you'll need to transport your soul into the body of the person you told before it's too late. So many possibilities are in this game and I'm shocked it hasn't been made yet. For marking, sell the game inside of a small Chucky doll. Everyone knows the doll and will be intrigued.

    3. My favorite Friday the 13th movie is The Final Chapter. It has all of the elements necessary for a classic Friday the 13th film, but also adds to the story by showing Jason's longing for his childhood in Tommy Jarvis. The kills are the most brutal out of any of the movies, there is some nice nudity, and the characters are fleshed out (no pun intended). The introduction of a child protagonist made the film more accessible to me as a child and, thus, more haunting and realistic. I enjoyed the comedic elements from the Ted and Jimbo characters and felt like they could very well be my friends as a teenager. The overall atmosphere of the film with the thunderstorm and darkness provided a chilling experience that continues to feel creepy to this day. Had this been the actual final chapter, it would have been a fitting end.

    4. Done!


    OK, I thought about this for quite a while. I the film that would make a great game is 'The Monster Squad' for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Choose between four playable characters: Sean (with stake and diary), Patrick (with dynamite and skateboard), Rudy (with bow and pistol), and Fat Kid/Horace (with shotgun and garlic pizza). The objective would be to collect all the pieces of the amulet while also saving townspeople from Dracula and his evil forces(Phoebe from Dracula, Eugene from the Creature, etc.). Specials would include finding Scraps to call an invincible Frankenstein monster to defeat any enemies or reviving health through collecting Twinkies.

    Uh...I think I thought about this too much.

    Anyway, my favorite 'Friday the 13th' has always been Jason Lives. It has this real 80's sensibility, which I love, while also being very meta in a lot of ways. Also it was the only Friday the 13th to actually have kids at Camp Chrystal Lake (and, you know, zombie Jason).

    Thanks for the contest.
    P.S. Really thought too much about it:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Why not a Pumpkinhead game. At the beginning a tragedy told via cut scene would happen to your character, you seek the old witch to seek revenge. Only to unleash Pumpkinhead then you realize its not the right thing to do. So you fight through levels trying to keep members of the group that wronged you alive, while trying to find a way to destroy Pumpkinhead without killing yourself.

    My favorite FT13 film is Jason takes Manhattan. I know it gets a ton of crap but I loved it. He looked awesome and it had some classic kills. Saw it as a kid and it was amazing to see Jason killing anywhere but Crystal Lake, made me feel as if I wasn't safe anywhere. ;)


    I would love to see a game from the movie Mutant hunt!
    It could be a 2d sidescroller and you fight your way through the city overrun With mutant cyborgs!
    The last level is the sewers where you meet the final boss "z".

    Favorite f13 fim and mask is Jason takes Manhattan.
    Favorite kill is the sleepingbag kill from New blood.

  42. 1.

    2. It's a tad of a stretch on the term movie, but Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout. Why? because it's LINNEA QUIGLEY! What more reason do you want.
    But ok, I kinda vision as a updated version of 'Night Trap' for the SEGA CD. Going around trying to save the girls from the killer, like in the final act of the film. Also, it's half a work out game. You learn to do the same dance moves of Linnea's cheap zombies. Plus, it's a video game with nudity. Nuff said.

    3. Fav. Friday the 13th? I'll go with Part 6: Jason Lives. Had some great kills (the triple decapitation), some good humor, and it's the final chapter of Tommy Jarvis. Also, one could argue that C.J. Graham is the second best person to play Jason.


    A Critters 2 NES Light Gun "on-the-rails" shooter game, like House of the Dead, where each level is a different part of the apartment complex.

    Favorite F13... Aside from the first, would honestly be Jason Takes Manhattan. What most of us love about those movies, is the nostalgia it creates, and none of those movies make me miss the eighties quite like Manhattan. It is eighties incarnate.

    Jimmy Terror has the worlds largest boner!!!

    1. Holy lord, I would buy the hell out of this!


    So many choices for great games based on horror movies, but I've always thought a game based on The Thing would be great. I imagine it as something in the style of Heavy Rain, where it's more story and emotion driven. You could really play up the tension and paranoia with the creature moving from body to body and never knowing who you can trust. Having your decisions really effect the outcome of the game and the game world around you. Plus if you die you can come back as the creature with a whole new set of gameplay and story options as you switch from body to body to attempt to kill everyone.

    My favorite Friday has to be Jason Takes Manhattan. I know it's not the best movie, but I have a soft spot for ridiculous movies and all the better when I can watch Jason punch some dudes head off on the top of a roof, plus the poster is one of my favorites of all time. When you can take a movie series like Friday the 13th and still make it feel like they "jumped the shark" eight movies in then you're doing something right in my book.


    I'm not much of a gamer anymore but I would like to see a Trollhunter game. I think this could be a fun multi player strategy adventure game.

    My favorite Friday film has always been New Blood for the simple fact that it was the first one that I saw in a theater.


    I think Hellraiser would make an awesome game for sure, lots of puzzle solving ;)and Cenobites how could you go wrong, they could even explore hell Labyrinth, all while trying to keep the Lament configuration out of the reaches of Pinhead,having Clive Barkers seal of approval would be the key in marketing such a game and having the original voice actors would be of most importance as well I mean a horror game with Doug Bradley and the original cast would be golden!

    As for my fave scene Death scene in Friday the 13th it would have to be the Final Chapter where Feldman (Tommy)shaves his head and then that machete to the face was ace! and watching slide down the blade was amazing for it's time and still stands up today, and then if that wasn't enough he goes completely bat shit crazy hacking away at Jason's body looking like a maniac! love that scene so brutal he had snapped like the engine was running but no one was behind the wheel anymore!

    Well those are my thoughts :) Thanks for the contest entry fingers crossed lol

    Let's make a SKINNED DEEP video game!: Riding on motorcycles with Brian the Brain/running from & dodging FLYING PLATES from the albino dwarf played by Warwick Davis/finding your way out of the crazy home of MOM/car chases/avoiding the Surgeon General who only wants to decapitate you....holy cow I'm getting aroused just typing this!
    My favorite Friday the 13th is The Final Chapter...can not beat that cast especially Crispin Glover's "Dead F@#k" dialogue. It's comical feel & continuity screw ups make it endearing & one that demands to be watched over & over & over...
    Keep up the amazing work!


    The game: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 8-Bit Revenge

    You play Janet or Brad (or both as two player!) waking up on the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. You are armed with nothing more than your boa, heels and panties. You have to work your way through several insane 8-bit levels of hungry transexuals trying to kidnap you so they can use your human body as an incubator to grow their transexual offspring because they are no longer able to breed fast enough! Along the way you bring back Dr. Frank N. Furter from the dead and he helps you find Riff Raff and Magenta's secret lair of wild and untamed things.

    Oh, and in 20+ years, NECA can start producing video game Rocky Horror figures. :)

    My favorite Jason movie is definitely Jason X because what is better than sending slashers into outer space missions?

    I'd love to see a TrickRTreat game but I'm sure a game with only 3 levels or maybe 6 if you split them somehow wouldn't work too great lol. But a Jeepers Creepers game might be cool half driving half walking around. and split it so you can either escape the truck or drive it!

    I really like The New Beginning having a crush on Violet helps. As far as death I'll pick that movie as well with Eddie getting the strap around the eyes....slow and painful.


    I think it would be great to have a Poltergeist video game based on the first two films. You play as Craig T Nelson's character Steven Freeling. You discover that your daughter Carol Anne has been taken by the Evil Spirit of Kane. So of course being the bad-ass that you are, you travel through the locations of the film in true Double Dragon/Final Fight style. Punching your way through the dead and finding secret passages to the "Otherside". With power-ups including tennis balls, pizza, and marijuana that can be collected by punching Tv's with static on them. For two player action, The Magical Indian Taylor from Poltergeist II joins in on the Ghost Punching Fun. Until they finally beat the crap out of Kane and win back your daughter.

    My favorite Friday the 13th film is most definitely part III. When Jason first donned the Hockey Mask, it was like King Arthur holding Excalibur. Some how this plastic mask was the last bit of formula needed to create one of the most iconic Movie Monsters and successful horror franchises ever. The films works on so many levels. As soon as that disco-ish music starts up, I am sucked in and ready to eat some popcorn!


    Honestly, someone needs to give the Pumpkinhead franchise a good swift kick in the gourd. I would love to see a good Pumpkinhead game made. Not that crummy PC game they made for Pumpkinhead II back in the day:
    I think that it would be fun to play as Pumpkinhead and seek vengeance on teens across different decades. Each chapter a different decade and a different tale. You would have to learn to battle against different technologies. With each new decade, you would face new technologies that you would have to adapt to and learn how to overcome.

    My favorite F13: F13 V. Three words: Debi Sue Voorhees. Daaaaayumn. ;)


    If I had the money and the license, it would be no question to get Halloween 3: Season of The Witch turned into a platformer.

    "You don't really know much about Halloween." Conal Cochran has a big trick up his sleeve; a trick on the children! As Dr. Dan Challis, it's up to you to jump and punch your way through 8 levels of 16-bit mayhem: battle Cochran's androids in the streets of Santa Mira until you reach the Silver Shamrock factory to stop the evil warlock from unleashing his terrible surprise. The fate of the children lies in your hands. Happy Halloween."

    Featuring digitized dialogue from the film and a reproduction of the score, each level would begin with the date/time and contain end-bosses such as "Lead Android", "Grandmother Robot" and giant floating mechanical versions of the three Shamrock masks. Power-ups include beer cans and liquor bottles (when collected, you hear a sound sample of Tom Atkins saying "It's getting late; I could use a drink."
    I could go on but I think LJN has taken notice already..

    I have an odd liking for Jason Goes To Hell: it was the first F13 film I had seen entirely and it felt like Terminator 2: Judgement Day at times. Specifically, I liked how they'd fill Jason's possessed cadavers full of lead like a T-1000. Plus it has Jason Burgers.


    I'd like to see Phantasm done like an old school Sega Genesis game in the vain of Splatterhouse. First half of the game you play as Mike going through basically the first movie in levels, then halfway he would be captured by the Tall Man in which gameplay continues as Reggie equipped with his 4 barreled shotgun. Enemies would be of course the dwarfs, zombie type people, probably spheres of different types. Different incarnations of the Tall Man for boss fights. Would also have to include a vehicle chase scene driving the Cuda against a hearse. Not really sure on how the ending would go though.

    As for favorite Friday the 13th death scene wow that's a tough one. I think I may have to go with Mark's death from Friday the 13th pt.2. Something about that whole scene I love from the machete to the face, wheelchair going down the stairs backwards then fade to white. Just love it! By the way, the Jason figure would look great along side from copy of the NES Friday the 13th game ;)


    I'd love to see John Carpenter's "They Live" movie turned into a videogame. It would be a third person, open world type of game where you search the city above and below ground, using your alien-vision sunglasses to find out which humans are posing as aliens, and then blow them away. You would play as Roddy Piper, and Keith David would help you at at certain points along the way, teaming up with you do take down the alien hoards.

    My favorite Friday The 13th movie is Part VIII "Jason Takes Manhattan", and my favorite death scene is where Jason punches the dude's head off during the fight on top of the Manhattan building.

  55. 1)
    2) Although there is almost nothing redeeming about the movie Halloween Resurrection, the thought occurred to me as Linderman was helping the girl out from the computer, watching all the cameras in the house and telling her where Mikey was that it would've made a pretty badass video game on the Sega CD. Like Night Trap or Double Switch, only a Halloween game. I'd have played the hell out of that.
    3) My favorite mask is the one from my favorite movie of all time, Jason Lives. My favorite kill is probably the freeze dry/fase smash from Jason X, either that or the sleeping bag from Part 7.
    4) Done so long ago, I can't even remember doing it lol.

    Thanks a million for the contest man. Super bummed that I missed out on one of these, no worries about flipping on my part.

  56. 1.

    2. I'd LOVE to have Mortal Kombat style fighting games of both the classic Universal Monsters and the "Modern" bogeymen! Imagine having games where you could pit Dracula against The Gill-Man! Jason against Michael Myers! The possibilities are endless! While the latter probably would never happen, due to all those characters being at different studios, I can see the Universal Monster game as a distinct possibility...if someone in the position to develop it would make it happen! Oh, and on each of these, you'd NEED to have unlockable characters like Abraham Van Helsing or Tommy Jarvis! Bonus rounds could consist of you racking up victims as quickly as possible!

    3. My favorite Friday the 13th, hands-down, is Jason Lives! It has the perfect blend of horror and humor.It's big, it's insane, it's over-the-top! I mean, how many movies have Jason killing Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter by PUNCHING HIS HEART OUT???!!!

    4. I've liked the Facebook page, and look forward to checking it out regularly! Thanks for the contest to help out all us unfortunates who missed out on this incredible figure!

  57. 1.

    2. I would love to have a GTA style Friday the 13th game, where the player would have the choice to play as either Jason, Camp Counselors, or Campers. It would have free roam around the camp grounds, the woods, the lakes, unlock special characters such as Mrs. Voorhees & Jason from Part 2,X .... that would be awesome

    3. My favorite Friday the 13th is Part 2, and my favorite death was Alice at the beginning

  58. 1.

    2. I would love to see a Hellraiser video game with an level from Hellraiser two with the maze in all. You be able to play as Kristy or Pinhead. bonus characters would be Frank or the doctor.

    3. I think my favorite mask is the one he gets from shelly in part 3. My favorite kill is from Jason takes Manhattan when he kills the kid and the head falls down into the dumpster.

    4. liked your facebook page


    I'd like to see NOES 4-Dream Warriors as a game.
    Favorite Friday movie is the original.
    Favorite kill Debi Sue Vorhees in pt 5- hedge clippers to the eyes.

  60. 1.

    2. Dawn of the Dead 78. I know there has been a zombie game set in a mall, but it had a totally different vibe. You would run around the mall, maybe searching for certain items. There would be biker attacks and you would finally get to play as Ken Foree in a video game. Or, even a side game where you play as Tom Savini and friends. He sees you, chocolate man.

    3. I'm a sucker, all around, for Jason Lives. It was the first I saw at the theater, the first I had recorded, and the first I really liked Jason. Maybe him all Zombiefied was awesome and really hit home with me. And I liked all his extra looking weapons like the throwing knives. Best death though, I really liked in the 4th one when the hot naked girl from Weird Science was killed. Mainly, cause I like the hot naked girl.

    4. Done! Hellbilly Hollywood added.

  61. 1.

    2. I would want to make a REAL slasher game, something either along the lines of a Leslie Vernon-esque TBS where you play as a killer that has to orchestrate the creative deaths of your victims, OR, a first person game where you play as a survivor and are chased through claustrophobic levels by a single unstoppable hunter constantly breathing down your neck.

    3. I think part 6 has to be my favorite Friday movie overall, but my favorite death scene comes from part 5 where Vic axes Joey after getting that candy bar. "Well if that's the way you're gonna be, forget it Vic, just forget it! But I think you're really out of line!"


    Id love to see Shaun of the Dead as a video game, it could work as a dead rising style game, slightly sandbox but on a timeline. You could switch control to other characters (lego games style) and everyone is unique eg weapons or skills etc. And when you complete Shauns groups mission it unlocks his friends groups mission and you get to see what they went through. And it could be comic style animation done by Simon Pegg! Im really bummed now that isn't going to be a real game :(

    Has to be part 8 just for the scene where he kicks the stereo, absolutely killed me first time i watched it

    I liked the page, Richard Bond <-- thats me! I really hope i win, i have about 3 of the sideshow ft13th figures this would look so nice sitting with them on my shelf


    I'd love to see a 8-bit version of Braindead. Mini games, Vera eating Paquita's dog. Fighting the two greaser zombies with the priest....etc

    Favorite of mine has always been Part IV. Tom Savini's a magician when it comes to gore, especially with Jimmy's death.


    Hatchet would be an awesome video game concept. Have two different story lines to choose from. You could either be Victor Crowley and go on a gory path of destruction against anyone who enters the swamp or Mary Beth trying to stop Victor from his reign of swamp terror. The game could be released to coincide with Mardi Gras with a special edition including a hatchet wielding Victor Crowley figurine.

    Favorite Jason kill scene would have to be from Jason X when he slays the two hot Crystal Lake campers inside of their sleeping bags. One of the most memorable kills of the whole series in one of the worst installments of the franchise.


    I'd love to see a Child's Play video game, but only for the Atari 2600, and it should be modeled after their Hide & Seek game.

    My favorite Friday the 13th movie is Part 3, for two reasons. First, it was the first one with the hockey mask, and second, it was in, old school 3D, not Avatar 3D.

  66. 1)

    2) I've read through all the answers above mine, and let me just say that I would love to see quite a few of them as video games. I don't want to be repetitive, so for my answer I'd have to say Stephen King's 'It'. I'd like the game to somewhat be an extremely in depth life simulation game, where you begin by customizing a group of 5 or 6 characters, each personalized by their own fears. All characters would be children growing up in Derry, Maine. The relationship between the children could be customized as well, and throughout the game you would be able to switch between them and explore the vast map of Derry. Throughout the game, each child will come across something terrorizing; Something specific to their own fear, as that is how 'It' personifies itself. These encounters can occur at literally any time, and the struggle will be survival for each character. Once a certain amount of time elapses, we will see how each character has developed as an adult, and in turn how they will all react to one another when they reunite to destroy 'It'. The game would be lengthy, but no less enjoyable. Several endings would also be a necessity, due to the amount of customization available in the game.

    3) My favourite Friday The 13th film would have to be Part 3. It is the first film where Jason's hockey mask is introduced, and it is filled with excellent, memorable scenes, including the wobbly walk of Jason with the axe in his head, the 3D eye ball execution, and the crazy van dodge. It was a film that shaped me as a child, and it definitely is a huge part of supporting the whole series.

    4) Your page is all liked up, and I'm probably going to explore your blog of horrors thoroughly for the next few hours! Thanks for this opportunity.


    I'd like to see Nightmare on Elm Street made into a video game (focus on Dream Warriors but various settings from other movies in the series could come into play). It would be a story mode where you are a teen and you have a dream power (there could be like 4 or 6 templates you pick at the beginning) and you gather some from other victims (like the Alice, the Dream Master did). There would also be the option to be "normal" but it would be very difficult. There would also be an option to play as Freddy and hunt victims. And of course there would be multiplayer similar to Call of Duty and other games.

    My favorite Friday the 13th movie is the 3rd one. It is the only one that scared me. The best death was either the use of the harpoon or when the guy is killed while doing a hand stand. Scariest part in it, for me, was when the girl sees Jason looking at her from a window. They have a good bit of distance between them and you know he has to get out of the house and catch up to her, but when he rushes out of sight . . . it is creepy.


    I want an American Werewolf in London game for the Super Nintendo where you spend the day time parts in a Zelda style RPG exploring London with a timer constantly ticking away the point where the moon comes out. When the full moon appears the game suddenly triggers a random minigame where you might have to escape demon Nazis attacking your family while you watch the Muppets, or any number of nightmare fantasies. How well you do in the random minigame determines how powerful you are in the next part of the game, where you finally become a werewolf. Now that you're a werewolf, the game switches into a classic sidescroller where your goal is to maul as many innocent bystanders as possible. If you kill a the right amount of people for that level, a day passes and you wake up naked in a random location and wander around until the next random minigame. If you don't kill enough people, you get sent back to another minigame to power up again.

    My favorite Jason movie is Jason Goes to Hell. I know it's probably not the best of the series, but it was the first one I ever saw and as far as I'm concerned it's the most fun because of how insane it is. Three things that always stuck with me for whatever reason:

    The hockey mask hamburger patties

    The bitchin' VHS box art

    And of course the Freddy Krueger glove at the end.


    I have to say my fav Fri the 13 was Jason X. I loved the liquid nitrogen death. And the hologram camp girls getting banged on the tree in the sleeping bags.

    I wanna see the waxwork or cabin in the woods made into a game. Just cause of all the creatures you might run into.


    Motel Hell would be a great game,Farmer Vincent could build a helluva garden!
    Favorite Friday movie-The original
    Favorite Kill-Mrs Vorhees being decapitated.

    Thanks for the awesome contest!


    Jeepers Creepers would be a great game. Would be interesting who he picks as a victim.
    Favorite Friday the 13th-Pt3 in 3D
    Favorite Kill-Ricks eyeballs being popped out in Pt 3


    I'd love to see a game modeled after the original Dawn of the Dead. Maybe get the opportunity to play as Roger and Peter, fighting off all those loveable, weird zombies in the Monroeville Mall. Each level you are rewarded with a weapon, food and/or '70s type thing found in the mall. A victorious end would either be defeating the bikers and keeping the mall or escaping the zombie-infested mall via helicopter. We all know and love the movie but to be able to play it would be so much fun. I'm all about old school games so the NES or even Sega Genesis platform would be great and such a fun way to hear the Gonk. :D

    My personal favorite Friday the 13th is either the third (I have a soft spot for Shelly) where Jason gets his mask. The "awesome" 3D effects give it charm too. OR it would be part six because the movie has actual campers and counselors in there. This one screams of '80s fun for me.

    In terms of death scene and mask...Kevin Bacon's death scene always comes to mind. That arrow coming through his throat has always struck out in my mind. As for the mask, the one with blue in part five is a fave because it's different. That one and the first mask from part three are my two faves.

    I most definitely liked your Facebook page and thanks so much for holding this contest!



    Horror film to video game:

    Stephen King/Frank Darabont's The Mist! So much going can run missions for supplies, fight giant bugs, knock Mrs. Carmody's block off, keep running to avoid the mist, sacrifice your son and have a good old fashioned man cry.

    Favorite Friday the 13th:

    Part 3¡ Jason at his most unstoppable prior to zombie Jason. The original mask, spear gun kill, Shelly's soggy wallet, an incredible disco theme and bad 3-D. Also, the creepiest Jason behind the mask.


    I want to see Halloween made into a video game. You could choose between being Michael, escaping Smiths Grove looking for Laurie and killing people along the way, as Dr. Loomis looking for Michael and keeping Laurie safe or you could be Laurie, attempting to rescue your friends while dodging Michael. As Michael, you would have powers of resurrection. As Dr. Loomis, youre fireproof. As Laurie, you level up to be able to hide, run faster and fight against Michael, eventually gaining Dr. Loomis as a partner. The chapters would move like the films (minus part 3). Laurie would be in parts 4,5 and 6 (despite the films not having her in them) but there would be Jamie and Tommy as well.

    My favorite Friday the 13th is actually the original. I loved Mrs. Voorhees as the killer. My favorite with Jason would be part 3, mask included. However, my favorite death scenes are in part 2 when Mark takes the hatchet to the face and his wheelchair gets pushed down the stairs and part 7 when Jason slams Judy against the tree in her sleeping bag.

  75. Email is Halloween would make a good game my favorite Friday is part 3 in 3d. The frist time you see the mask good times


    I think the shinning video game would be good. But instead this time you're a group of paranormal investigators locked down in the hotel for the weekend to try and debunk that there is something wrong with the hotel. whatever character you choose will be the one that goes mad with a different story progression and a completely different ending.

    Favourite Friday The 13th: Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6
    Favourite Mask: Friday the 13th part 7 because it actually shows the most damage that has happened to it unlike the others
    Favourite death: Frozen head smash from the awful Jason x


    The horror game that was never made that I would love to play would be for Maniac (the original William Lustig one). You would play as the character, Frank Zito - the maniac with multiple personalities bent on killing. The goal is to find the perfect girls and mannequins who replicate his mother. You prowl at night, trying to find these girls, their habits and where the best place to strike would be... All the while trying to avoid being detected and avoiding alarming the police. But you must accomplish your goal before Frank's inner demons come out and he becomes the one hunted from the haunting memories from within his mind. The climax would be at the grave of Frank's mother where he must dig her up and replace her with his mannequin clone. I warned you not to go out tonight!

    My favorite kill scene from the Friday the 13th films would be from John Carl Buechler's part 7. When Jason kills the girl in the sleeping bag by bashing her up against a tree. The uncut and unedited version, preferably!

    Long live Dr.Terror's Blog of Horrors!!!!


    I've said for years that I want a Freddy Vs. Jason game (even before the movie was out) I want it to have the option to play as Freddy or Jason, running around killing people in the real world and dream world, facing eachother at the end. And also you could play as "yourself" trying to save everyone from being killed and fighting Both Freddy and Jason at the end. With the advancements of todays games, I think it could be great.

    Favorite Friday: 3 and 7
    mask: 7 (love Jason's whole look in this one)
    Favorite Death: Eyeball popping head crush from part 3


    In the Mouth of Madness. This movie would be the starting point of the game. Your character learns of the existence of other dimensions/beings. Lots of fighting with zealots and exploring temples first, and dimensional hopping. You get exposed to weird energies, you acquire abilities and even change physically. Bossfights abound. Dagon, Nyarlathotep, you get the idea, eventually culminating in a battle with Chthulhu himself.

    Best kill and mask: Friday the 13th, part VII: The New Blood. The sleeping bag death, and his mask looks really cool.


    I think Clive Barkers Hellraiser would be a great game! The start of the game would be your character, in a dark empty room with the box. And depending how you open it would determine the levels you go through in the game. Each level would get darker and more sinister, fighting all sorts of hellbound characters and cenobites, all leading up to your final battle with Pinhead himself!

    My favorite Friday film is part 4, although my favorite death is in Part 7, that entire RV scene was awesome and dispite a burning, tipped RV, Jason still manages to climb out of the wreck and stand on it like a total bad ass, and my favorite mask is part 7 also :)


    Phantasm IV: Oblivion> One of my favorite horror/sci-fi series! I'd effin love to see this series come to life in a video game that picks up right after Reggie enters the portal gate following after the Tall Man. The game can open with an intro explaining everything about Mike, Jody, & Reggie's journey with the fight against the Tall Man. In the video game you would play as the main protagonist Reggie Bannister who has just arrived at Death Valley draped in his Ice Cream Vendor attire & fully equipped with his bad ass 4-barrel shotgun. In the very first level Reggie will have to fight off all of the zombie dwarves controlled by the Tall Man. Once you (Reggie) defeat all of the zombie dwarves you will see the Tall Man run off into the inter-dimensional gate. That's when the game will take off into a series of levels where you will encounter Jody & Mike to aide you in the battle against the evil Tall Man & his wicked spheres of death! There will also be bonus stages where you get to cruise around in the '71 Black Barracuda Hard top fighting off evil minions. Also, it would be deadly if there were scenes where Reggie's health bar can lower if he comes across a damsel in distress and he starts thinking with his pecker instead of his head. I really think this would be an amazing video game especially with developing the use of the inter-dimensional portals where there could be room to eventually have a cross over with the Evil Dead realm later down the road...wink wink. lol

    My favorite Friday the 13th film > Bloody hands down Friday the 13th Four: The Final Chapter. How can you go wrong with the dead f*ck Crispin Glover & a super young Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis? The Final Chapter has some of my favorite death scenes, ex// > Ted Knifed in back of head through movie screen, Axel Burke - Throat slashed with surgical hacksaw, head twisted etc. Lastly, some other highlights for me included the revealing of Jason's deformed face & the pure comedy of Crispin Glover "dancing" to the totally bodacious tune Love Is A Lie by the 80's band Lion!


    I'm not big into films being turned into video games, but if i had to pick id pick a fighting game with all iconic horror killers.

    Favorite death would have to be from Jason X with the frozen face smash.


    Fright Night (the original of course) could make a great game.
    It could give you many types of game experiences. You can have your true survival horror experience in the early levels, much like games as Clock Tower and similar where you are not a hero who can use any weapon and has access to an arsenal and you actually have to survive and investigate. Then you have to convince Peter Vincent while dodging Vampire minions while trying to save your girl.
    My favorite Friday the 13th , hard to say I love most except for Jason X and was not really a fan of the reboot to be honest. I will have to say 3 would be my favorite just because it gave us the iconic mask. I was a huge fan of Friday the 13th the series, especially the first two seasons.


    I've always wanted to produce a Universal Monsters style fighting game ala Mortal Kombat but with the Universal Monsters and some modern horror villians/heroes as well!

    My favorite death scene in the Friday the 13th series comes from Friday the 13th: Part II - the wheelchair death! I know I'm going to hell for loving this scene but the dude in the wheelchair getting the machete to the face and then just rolling lifelessly backwards down the stairs is just priceless!


    Would love to see Full Moons Puppet Master as a game! Its could be a great 3rd person game. Think Manhunt but with killer puppets having to sneak around the house/outside strategically to be able to kill humans in crazy ways!

    Favorite death scene in the movies is 1 the Keven Bacon arrow through the neck and 2 in the remake when he cooks the girls in the sleeping bag above the fire.

    Favorite mask is the sack from the first few movies.

  86. 1.

    2. I decided to tackle this question last so that I could really give it some thought. As tough of a question as it may be for a horror geek, like myself, I finally came to the conclusion that I would love to see a video game based on (but not necessarily titled after) "Cabin in the Woods".

    Don't stop reading just yet! Hold back the eye-rolling for just a few moments longer and hear me out! Spoilers are ahead!

    Half of the fun of "Cabin in the Woods" stemmed from the filmmakers uniquely deconstructing the done-to-death, "teens-in-the-woods-about-to-die" sub-genre of horror. We observed both the inner-workings & end result of a group of underpaid/overworked "puppeteers" (..or scientists. Movie didn't specify what type of organization they were..) orchestrating a modern-day horror film with a group of college kids smack in the middle of it. Every single occurrence, staged. Every piece, placed. All bases were covered and the "puppeteers" were in control of the game. The fate of these unsuspecting 20-somethings were now in the hands of those who pulled the strings.

    Now, imagine if you, as the gamer, could fill that very role. What if you could "pull the strings"? Your canvas is an environment of your choosing and you can paint as gruesome of a picture as you'd like in a Sim City/The Sims/Tycoon type of game. Now, I'm not thinking an exact re-skin of one of those games, but instead a true "create your own horror" type of experience.

    Mix-and-match multiple environments, settings, scenarios, back-stories, victims/survivors, antagonists and kills to create the ultimate horror "theme park" game. Customization is key. Essentially, you are building your very own horror movie, from the ground up.

    Let's be honest here.. Every one of us, who experienced playing The Sims over the years, at one point or another, decided to see what would happen if you built a wall around one of the more annoying NPCs or characters just to watch & see what happened. Now you can do just that in a game that was built specifically around the concept.

    Demented? Sure! ..but a goddamn blast of a game I'd bet! lol

    3. I'm going to answer all three of those!

    Favorite F13 Movie: Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Part V, despite Jason being an imposter. Always thought it was an interesting/ballsy move with the popularity of the character at stake. Sad to say, most disagree with me, but it caught me off guard when I first seen it and I ended up really digging it.

    Favorite F13 Mask : Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood. Loved how the mask keeps most of it's battle damage over the years (until Manhattan, of course). Plus his look was simply badass in this flick!

    Favorite F13 Kill : Jack's (Kevin Bacon) death in the first film. Seems a bit tame when you compare how brutal the rest of the kills are (not to mention unique) throughout the series but something always scared the shit out of me about that one, in particular. Forget Freddy or the Boogeyman when you have a psychopathic Mrs. Voorhees lurking under your bed, waiting to stab you!

    4. Facebook Page has been liked. Glad I came across this contest. Your site is right up my alley.

  87. Anthony

    How interesting would a Scream video game be? I think it could work. The killer is always a mystery, so they would very possibly create all different types of scenerios for the way the game would end once the "motive" is revealed. The way the game ends would be based on what "moves" you make in the game. For example, if you're playing a character named Sidney, you have the option to visit Tatum or stay home and call Billy. Let's say the first time you play, you decide to visit Tatum, you save her, but in the end, she's the killer (for one reason or another). Now let's say you play the game again, but this time, you stay home, she get s killed and the game would go in a different direction all together and end differently as well.

    I think a game like that would leave people in anticipation because, just like in the Scream movies, people will want to know who the killer(s) are and what the motive is. And even if they beat the game once, they can play multiple times and end up with multiple situations/endings.

    My favorite Friday The 13th -
    Movie: Part 3 (The reason I got into these films was watching part 3 every weekend at my dad's when I was growing up.)

    Mask: The Final Chapter (This was tied with part 3's mask, but I like how the mask has some damage, but not a lot.)

    Death: Part 2 - Mark. His death was always my favorite, I probably ruined a few VHS copies of part 2 from replaying that scene over and over again. Even to this day it's stil my favorite and I'd probably give my own arm just to see the unedited version!


    I'd love to see a Hellraiser video game. There'd be seven "levels" to correspond with the rings of hell, and it would be on a console = PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U. The sensors - PS Move, Kinect, sensor bar - are linked to a Lament Configuration that you'd get with the game. You put it in front of you (or near you) as you play, and when you reach a certain point in the game where you don't quite know where to go, and you've found the box in the level, it glows, and you're able to change it around like in the films, and it summons the Cenobites, and in exchange you need to give up an item and health. However, items for the next level are hidden in previous levels. So, if you're on level two and need help from the Cenobites, and get through to level three and find out the item you sacrificed to the Cenobites is necessary to progress - that kind of crazy puzzle solving. Ideally it would have Clive Barker's involvement as well as Doug Bradley's.

    Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan is my favourite film out of the franchise, but I love Jason's outfit from part 2 - VIII is heaps of fun, especially when they finally get to Manhattan, but nothing's as creepy as Jason's potato sack mask and overalls from part 2.

    Liked you on Facebook, but was 1304 :-( Thanks!

  89. Tremendous so far! I'm awed by the creativity here. Keep em coming!

  90. Tremendous so far! I'm awed by the creativity here. Keep em coming!

  91. Ryan

    I'd love to see The Funhouse as a video game!! You could choose to be either Amy, Buzz, Liz or Richie. The character that you choose has to enter the Funhouse and fight off the creepy fortune teller Madame Zena and all the freaks from the freaks of nature exhibit!! In order to make it out alive you have to fight off skeletons and dodge booby traps. The final boss it the hideously deformed monster (Gunther) who try's to kill you and drips slime all over you. He constantly screams out and goes at you. When you first see him he is wearing his Frankenstein mask and then rips it off to show you his horrific face. Oh and another boss would be Conrad and the animatronic fat lady who try's to sit on you and squash you!!

    My all time favorite death scene is in Friday the 13th part 1 where Kevin Bacon's character is sleeping on the top bunk and gets stabbed under the bed through the neck!! That scene is just so well done AWESOME GORE!!!!!! I would have to say that Jason's potato sack mask is the creepiest of them all!!!!


    This is an awesome question! When I was a kid back in the old N.E.S days.... I was a dreamer and I always thought it would be cool to see my favorite child hood movie turned into a video game. C.H.U.D.
    Beneath the streets of New York there are hundreds of miles of subterranean tunnels and the city's homeless are disappearing it's your job to find out why.... One lonely soup kitchen Volunteer set out in the endless mazes of subway and sewers to find his underground friends when he soon discovers the homeless population has begun to mutate and they are headed for the streets... but that is just the beginning soon he finds out he is fighting something more hideous... the government! It's a race against time and only one man can save New York from the C.H.U.D.s and bring government corruption to its knees! I would market this with bringing back the old school N.E.S 8 bit gaming console in limited edition radioactive C.H.U.D. green!!! . And would be packaged in a C.H.U.D V.H.S. clam shell case!!!Also I would do follow up releases of all the other Horror games mentioned above in an awesome 8 bit format all in limited edition V.H.S. clam shell cases.... Any way A dreamer can dream right!

    As far as Friday the 13th goes the best kill is hands down when little Corey Feldman decides to Shave his head and pretends to be Jason as a child then proceeds to go nuts hacking Jason to bits!!! Brutal!!!

  93. Andrew

    The Movie I would like to see as a game? Puppet Master! It HAS to be done in the old 8 bit style. The game would be based on Puppet Master 3 with the puppets taking on Nazis! On each level, you get to control a different puppet.

    My favorite Friday the 13th movie is part six. You just gotta love the Frankenstein style resurrection of ol' Puckface and the paintball scene!


    I'd like to see Final Destination as a game - could be a series of rooms/houses/businesses - and you have to complete a task in each one, while Death tries to use the common items found there to kill you.

    My favorite Friday the 13th is the original because Adrienne King rocks this world. My favorite mask is Part 3, because it was pulled from Shelly's rapidly cooling fingers and sent its new owner into the stratosphere of slasher fame. My favorite death in the series? Well, you paraphrase Stand by Me - "Sleeping bag,part 7. No question."

    Thanks for the contest!


    The Game
    Dead Alive, Peter Jackson’s blood-soaked zom-com, deserves its own video game.

    As Lionel, a feeble, long-suffering mama’s boy, the player must try and rid New Zealand of flesh-hungry monsters and win the heart of the beautiful maiden, Paquita.

    In Level One, a Sumatran Rat Monkey escapes from the zoo, biting and infecting nearly everyone in town (including Lionel’s mother). Once our hero has defeated the simian raticus, he must find and collect tranquilizers to subdue the undead masses. Along the way, he encounters drunken party-goers, Uncle Les, Baby Selwyn and uptight members of the W.L.W.L.

    Bonus rounds between levels allow the player to “kick ass for the Lord” as Father McGruder. Points are awarded for each leather-clad, zombified greaser that is beheaded.

    The number of points a player racks up determines the kind of weapon they’ll receive during the Final Showdown with mommy dearest. The 8-bit arsenal ranges from a gnome to a lawnmower. If Lionel can defeat his mum before she eats Paquita’s dog, he’ll live happily ever after.

    My Favorite Jason
    Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives is a sentimental favorite.

    When my parents finally sprang for a VCR in the summer of 1989, my dad set us loose in the local video store. I was 10 – too young to have seen any of the Friday the 13th movies in the theater, but old enough to go trick-or-treating in a hockey mask.

    I selected Jason Lives based on box-art alone. My last name at the time was “Graver,” so I liked anything with a tombstone on it. It also helped that Jason looked very zombie-esque in the opening scenes of the flick.

    To this day, I get a little misty eyed when I watch this movie, and it has nothing to do with the 18 kills.


    I would have to say C.H.U.D would have made an awesome game.In this game you could either choose to start as the humans or chuds, kind of like the original jurassic park with Dr. grant and a raptor. Lets say you wanted to start out as the chuds your goal would be to take over the city. To do this you have to open as many manholes threw out the city killing and eating every human in order to get a high enough score to pass the level. Also with the chud you have to restore your energy by finding toxic waste barrels hidden threw out the levels. The final level would be facing John Goodman as "The Cop". Now if you pick the humans the characters change with every couple levels. First you start out as an undergrounder named Hugo. The Goal is to get to the train station without getting killed by rats and chuds. The next level you'd be a bag woman, the goal is to take a cops gun and avoid any cop for 3 minutes. Next your George Cooper, the goal is to find Hugo for your story. George will have to fight his way threw the under belly of New York City only to discover something far worse. Then you get to choice either Captain Bosch" who's searching for his wife" or A.J. 'The Reverend' Shepherd" who's after his regulars". Either leads you to a battle threw the city where they"re not staying down there anymore!

    My favorite Friday the 13th is-Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

    Favorite mask is also Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. Something about the broken mouth part was also creepy and awesome.

    Hate to be riding the new blood train but the movie has some of the best kills in the franchise. The sleeping bag kill alone but the best is when Melissa opens the door and gets axed then thrown into a lamp over a television.
    p.s. Already a fan!

  97. I've always had a liking for phantasm to be intorduced into the video game world, the whole background especially in the first movie is just amazing there could be a lot of potential there and if they make it extra gory that would be super!


    I'd love to see The Frighteners as a video game, as long as Michael J. Fox agreed to voice his character again!

    My favorite Friday the 13th is Part 1, where Kevin Bacon gets the arrow through his neck. Great effects for its time!

  99. 1)

    2)theres a few games that would be awesome as video games such as a lost boys game that continues the first movie and
    plays like a third person GTA game with free roaming. You pretty much gotta investigate and hunt the vampires in santa Carla.
    As the game progresses you have various hideouts and weapons.

    3)and my favourite kill was in freddy vs Jason and it was when he stabs the jack as boyfriend in the bed repeatedly and then folds the bed!


    "Evil Dead 2" would be cool- Ash with chainsaw and a 8 bit Necronomicon. The box could also be a 8 bit necronomicon. but I think "Frankenstein" would be awesome. Could you imagine a 8 bit Boris?

    I really like the beggining of Friday the 13th part 6 but 7 is my favorite Jason costume.

  101. 1.

    2. How about a game based on THE REDEEMER? I'd play it. :)

    3. My favorite Friday is definitely part 4.


    I would love to see a video game set in the world of the UNIVERSAL Monsters universe. You play as a young scientist named Dr. Jekyll. You're looking for a cure for your infliction which turns you into beast named, Mr. Hyde. You have to visit various characters around the world searching for the cure. Characters like Dr. Frankenstein, who has been making interesting discoveries in the field of medicine, but no one has heard from him ever since he went away to his castle. You go to investigate only to encounter a hulking MONSTER you must battle so that you can reach Dr. Frankenstein. Or a mystic gypsy who has been known to lift curses or place them! But for some odd reason her surrounding area is over run by Werewolves! You get to battle monsters as your Mr. Hyde self, collecting knowledge that will eventually lead to your cure. Can you collect all the clues, and beat all the monsters, OR will the monster with in take over!

    My favorite Friday the 13th film to watch with a group is Friday the 13 PART 3 with out the 3D on, we always scream when things fly at the screen and take a swig of beer, fun times. Personally I LOVE Friday the 13th Part 2 and my favorite kill from it is Jeff and Sandra as they are having sex getting double stabbed!!!

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!


    A game based on the "Guinea Pig: flower of flesh and blood"
    You can either choose the guy or the girl...
    Choose the guy, you have to catch the girl, sexually remove her body parts, achieve more and more addition to your collection (until you get caught by the police?)
    And as the level progresses, you have more and more various items to torment and amputate the girl.
    Choose the girl, run.
    And as the level progresses, it's harder to run away... you have to hide and do all kinds of things (kind of like the PS game SIREN)

    and for my favorite kill in Friday the 13th is from part 3 where Jason squeezes the guys head until his eyes pop out.


    A choose your own adventure/dating simulator based on Night Warning (Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker) would be my idea. Choose between aunt Cheryl, Julia, Margie, the detective and the coach with different endings (and situations) for each.

    Favorite Friday the 13th is Jason Takes Manhattan. I remember how scared shitless I was at the trailer. Also, I am pretty sure that helped secure him as a guest on the Arsenio Hall show.


    I would love to see a video game based on Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE! How cool would it be to have a level where you play as the zombie or as the shark and battle each other. A cool bonus level would be lining up the wooden shard with the eyeball!

    My favorite Jason Kill is when Jason shoves the girls face in liquad nitrogen, then slams it on the countera and it smashes into pieces (from JASON X)

    And I liked your facebook page!



    I would say the movie I would love to see turned into a video game would have to be... um..well... It would probably be an actual combination of a lot of movies. What I mean is have all your favorite horror characters battling it out. The original Wolfman vs. David (from American Werewolf in London). Bela Lugosi's Dracula vs. The Lost Boys. Frankenstein vs. Leatherface. Reagan (the Exorcist) vs. Samara (The Ring). Jason Voorhees vs. The Predator. The possible combinations are endless! The game would be a blood soaked fantasy of awesome! Each character you pick would have its own landscape or setting that the battle would take place in. When two characters are fighting they would alternate between the two settings ( e.g. Dracula starts the fight at his castle but as the battle continues it shifts to the house at the finale of The Lost Boys)
    All over the internet and countless publications there is talk of having all these different, classic monsters battle it out to a fight to the death. Usually in those scenarios everything is done on paper by describing the attributes of all the monsters and how certain qualities allow them to win or make them lose. But here you could actually play out these scenarios on your game console!
    To market the game all you would have to do is show up at any horror convention and show the game off. Horror and game fans will love the manic and crazy intensity the game allows. And for the premiere of the game you could actually get actors dressed up as some of the characters and hold an real life battle. Have these iconic characters in person battle it out!
    My favorite Friday the 13th film is a tie between part 3 and part 7. I love 3 because of the somewhat slow burn the film has with some rather creative kills. Plus it is the first time the now infamous hockey mask shows up (Poor Shelley). Plus I had the opportunity last summer, while I was visiting my girlfriend in Texas, to go and see an original print of part 3 in 3-D at the Alamo Drafthouse. And it was amazing. The little kid in me almost had a heart attack from how awe inspiring this was. Definitely a highlight for this long time horror and Friday the 13th fan! Part 7 on the other hand offers probably the coolest looking Jason in the whole series. He just looks vicious in this film. His body language and presence is frightening. You truly believe he is a non stop killing machine who doesn't care about anything but adding to his body count. The kills in this one are just so brutal and I loved every minute of it.
    Thanks for offering this opportunity to win the figure. Once I saw that figure I wanted one so badly but unfortunately wasn't able to get one. I hope that maybe I can win this one. If not it was still cool doing this little write up about an awesome game and strolling down memory lane with the Friday the 13th series.
    Also, great website and articles. I have enjoyed reading them since I have now become a fan :)


    My idea for a game is Blood Diner Dash. This simple mobile game has you serving your patrons with the best "Vegetarian" food in town. Game play will have you seating your customers at the available tables, getting their orders, prepping the food, serving them, kicking them out, and then cleaning the table for next customer. But while that's fun and all you still need to help your disembodied Uncle resurrect the goddess Shitaar. This involves every five levels different mini-games like gunning down a group of naked cheerleaders, slicing off the hands of a rival restaurant owner, or avoiding nosy detectives. Once enough parts of Shitaar have been collected all that's left to do is summon her and win the game by destroying humanity. Muhahahaha

    Um yea, Favorite Friday the 13th death is the liquid nitrogen death from Jason X. Love watching that girls face explode into beautiful frozen crystals.


    Holy jumped up bald headed Jesus palomino!
    Silver Bullet would make an awesome game!!! Imagine an 8 bit Tarker's Mill where Something is killing the townsfolk. It's up to Marty and the Silver Bullet to stop this lurking menace... The Game would Start with Trying to beat Uncle Red at a game of Poker.There would be a level where you have to shoot the werewolf in the eye with a rocket. Then you could rack up some points as Jane collecting cans for the church while trying to find someone with only one eye! After that you would have to taunt the werewolf by making cut and paste suicide notes. Followed by the spy hunter esque chase scene where Reverend Werewolf is out to run the The Silver Bullet off the road before Marty can make it to the abandon bridge ( it's spooky in there ain't it?). The whole time the moon is getting full! Don't forget the awesome 8 bit montage of the Gunsmith making the silver bullet. The final stage you would have to grab the bullet out of the air conditioner vent and defeat the Werewolf by shooting out his other eye before he kills Uncle Red And Jane! And imagine all the possibilities of alternating levels where you are the Werewolf killing all the sinners saving them from eternal damnation! Marketing for this game could be A limited edition release for Comic Con where Gary Busey is handing out Coors light ( A.K.A Wolf Killers ), shaking hands, kissing cheeks and Autographing each game. I mean come on Garey Busey now that's marketing!

    Okay favorite movie Final Chapter. One of my All time favorite kills is from a New Beginning when Vic goes crazy and hacks up Joey! That totally Effed with my head as a kid... But if we are going for Jason kills I gotta say I love seeing Crispin Glover get the meat cleaver to the face in Final Chapter. I mean if you're gonna dance like that you deserve it. My favorite mask is from New Beginning I like the blue triangles I used to draw that one on my book covers at school.... This has been fun!

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    American Werewolf in London would be the game I would like to see made. I would make it so you could be the werewolf and hunt victims (like the Jaws game how you can play being the shark).

    I think Friday the 13th part II is best, love how creepy Jason looks with his pillow case over his head.

    I liked you on facebook as well :)


    I would love for them to make a game of Nailgun massacre. The setting would be in texas friends go up to a cabin for the weekend and a crazed killer with drives a hearse goes and kills the teens ,but also travels to the local town and kills the crazy hillbilly folks as well as the sex crazed teens. If you are a huge fan of NGM like me then you would love to have a game like that.

    My F13 movie would be part 7 That's when Kane hodder came into play and made jason look like a freak big and bad.

  112. 1.

    2. Remember Mighty Max? I'd like to see a game based on a similar young character who basically gets cursed on Halloween night and sent into different horror movies to survive. So one level would be A Nightmare on Elm Street, the next might be The Evil Dead, he would meet Leatherface, Jason, Romero Zombies, Dracula. It would be the ultimate horror game.

    3. My favorite Friday the 13th movie has always been the 3rd. I love the inbred Jason and some of the serious strange looks he gives in the film (it's almost like he's dementedly smiling.)

    Thanks man!