Saturday, August 10, 2013

8-Bit Leatherface Atari Game Lego Set. -"I Can Build OR Kill What I Want"

A couple days ago we posted a response to the great 8-Bit Video Game Action Figure creation trend currently being perpetrated by NECA. It started with a post from good friend, Freddy in Space, who taunted NECA to challenge a truly difficult project beyond the simplicity of the Nintendo versions of Jason Voorhees and Fred Kruger. The abstraction of the horror Atari games of the early 80's created a significant challenge for an action figure maker. It's only fitting that you have to turn to the bloggers to figure out how to create such a strange, iconic image while attempting to maintain true to game specifications.

First we created 8-Bit Michael Myers from the Wizard Video Halloween game.Let's remember that it doesn't matter that this game is hardly worth playing. It's about principle and consistency. Michael Myers had to be created so we created him. With Legos of course. Check that out HERE. Freddy in Space responded with NECA esque creations of both Michael Myers and Leatherface as featured in the Wizard Video Atari games. Check that out HERE.  Little did the world suspect that Texas was coming to Terror Town.

 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 8-Bit Leatherface needed its own Lego set. Let's break it down.

First here's the packaging (absolutely not mine).

Now here's 8-Bit Leatherface based on the Atari Game from Wizard Video.

Let's just say that Leatherface was significantly harder to build. I went through several color changes and the pieces I was using were strange, specialty pieces mostly from Star Wars and Friends Lego sets. Even keeping them together was tricky. That pretty much means playing with them is near out of the question. 

Here's a couple of screen shots from the original game. As you can see this follows in the footsteps of the some of the worst game in the history of third party video game creation for a legit system. I have never played this game. I have played games like it. The only thing that could possibly be good about this game is the wheelchair. 

As you know my little girl assisted me as a consultant for the original Michael Myers Lego rendition. Unfortunately,this time around my consultant had gone to sleep. I was unable to consult my daughter about the accuracy, playability or color choices for Leatherface. We may have to move my partners bed time to 11 o'clock on monster creation night. I don't think I can ask her to work on the Flesh Gordon Wizard Video game rendition.

Of course there is just one thing that Wizard Video didn't think of when creating the early horror games for the Atari. How can a game hold two of the most awesome forces in horror history...

The quiet one verses the loud one. 
Knife vs. Saw (is that like rock versus scissors?).

Coming Autumn 2013 to an outdated console near you...


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