Thursday, August 8, 2013

8-Bit Michael Myers Action Figure... Errrr Lego Set. NECA, The Bar Has Been Raised!

I saw a really great post on Facebook today from Freddy in Space. It was a bit of tease at NECA, daring them to create a video game version of Michael Myers as represented in the Wizard Video Atari Game. This is in a direct response to the releases of both the 8-Bit Video Game Jason Voorhees and now Freddy Kruger as replicated from their Nintendo Entertainment System counterparts. For those of you unfamiliar with this oddity from the 80's, Halloween for the Atari is highly collectible, an aesthetic delight in packaging only and in actual practice and game play an abomination. I am not speaking from experience with the actual Halloween game, but having grown up playing games that were unlicensed by Atari which allowed third party game creators to decimate the selection during the early 80's, I speak with complete sympathy an understanding and experience. My fingers may never be the same.

Here's the packaging from the original game.

Let's get back to why we're here. The post from Freddy in Space... It went something like this....

Have fun turning this into a figure, NECA - N.E.C.A!

I laughed, and then I started thinking about this. You know, maybe NECA can't handle something of this abstraction. This kind of abstraction is reserved for the insane. The bored. The obsessive compulsive. The neurotic. ... ME. 

I took up the task of creating my own version of Michael Myers as featured in the Atari game. I did not use resin or other poured or molded plastic. I used Legos. 

Eat your heart out, NECA - N.E.C.A!!!

My little girl helped out tremendously by supplying various Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends and Scary Lego sets. I also consulted her as we went along to make sure my slight modifications to the design were in keeping with the spirit of the toy design. I wanted to make sure it would be fun to play with. It isn't. It falls apart easily. She also said that she was scared to keep it in her room. Is that the Boogeyman? As a matter of fact... IT IS!

Here's 8-Bit Michael Myers with Background

This is what the game looked like. Think you can play this on X-Box Live?
Game on.