Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Resurrection aka The Sibling (2013)

When you read the synopsis for A Resurrection you'll be pretty convinced that your about to watch a revenge picture. Kid's dead brother is coming back from the grave to avenge his own death and have some fun with the kids that killed him. It's true that A Resurrection is a picture about revenge, but it's really about watching people deteriorate and trust. Who is mentally ill, and how can you tell where the madness begins and where the truth creeps out. Director Matt Orlando is going to try to convince us that both sides of crazy are equally viable. Is the boy back from the dead to take revenge or is his brother who is prophesizing the second coming of his sibling about to snap?


A down to earth school psychologist tries to help a mentally ill student who actually believes his brother is coming back from the grave for revenge on the students who killed him.

A Resurrection is a solid effort from first time director Matt Orlando. He's created a world that has choices; there's a potential that either side of the coin could possibly be true. Is the brother alive or dead and what form will the alluded to revenge take. Zombies are all the rage so maybe we have an undead picture or maybe it's a supernatural attack. Ghosts. Ooooooo. You have no idea, and the suspense works aided by some good performances from a cast who has a rather high energy level. The added benefit of seeing Michael Clark Duncan in a picture after his death this past year is actually settling. I didn't realize that I missed him until I saw and enjoyed this performance.

This doesn't come off as a straightforward horror picture at first but rest assured that it does build into a nice scare movie with a powerful finish. You'll be guessing until the end. This is not necessarily for folks who enjoy effects driven horror. It's big on atmosphere, performance and building tension; not so big on creating blood splatter art. Most of the atmosphere is built in plain, everyday settings which can be just as nerve wrenching as a more surreal environment.

A Resurrection is currently available on VOD and was just released on DVD August 6th. You can pick it up at the link below. It's a good watch and worth seeing to figure out if it's the right movie for you. 


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