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Do Not Disturb didn't quite get me. That means that I really didn't enjoy it, but I think there's something worth seeing in it for persons who are looking to get in touch with some folks from our favorite classic 80's films, horror and beyond. I don't want to spend too much time on why I didn't like it. That's not productive, and quite frankly that's not what I do here. I want to promote movies I enjoy. This is how you might find DND interesting.

Here's the story (from Image):

Holed up in a seedy hotel, Hollywood screenwriter Don Malek (Geoffreys) is scripting a diabolical plan for revenge. But instead of writing about a bloodthirsty serial killer, Don is doing the dirty work with his own hands.

Check out the trailer:

What separates Do Not Disturb out from movies of a similar subject matter and style is the cast. If you enjoy Corey Haim (rest in piece sweet prince), Tiffany Sheppis or Stephen Geoffreys then this movie may warrant a sit down. Corey Haim's later work wasn't great. Nothing he did compared to his work as a teen sensation in the 80's which I don't like to say, but I think it's accurate. Still... maybe you're into his latter day work and need to be a completist. Tiffany Sheppis has been in everything (including Wrath of Crows which I just reviewed for Italian Horror Week and the remake of  Night of the Demons ). You like her work? You'll enjoy her in this I assure you. I do enjoy some of her pictures; just not this one. Stephen Geoffreys filled his post-horror career with a slew of porn appearances that he should be proud of (though not all of it is golden age material admittedly). He puts on a competent performance in this film. I actually enjoyed him though I do not believe he had much to work with in the way of storing or production value.

Ultimately I didn't enjoy the way the movie was shot. It's bright and shiny, but tries to be dark. It seems to try and evoke the same feeling of some of the more charismatic serial killer films of the last decade or two, but can't hope to with writing that falls flat with dialogue that feels forced. Still I like seeing Geoffreys back as the crazy guy, but we need to get him a couple o' Red Bulls to pump up his crazy. I chuckeled more than once, but it seemed more as a result of the actual production as opposed to planned moments of humor.

I do not recommend this to everyone, but it has an audience. People who follow the aforementioned stars will find redeeming value in it.

You can pick it up August 6th at the link below if you're interested in seeing what I'm talking about. I'd love feedback from people who enjoy this.


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