Monday, August 19, 2013

Drinking Games (2013)

So the title had me thinking something absolutely different. College kids playing Asshole and Peer Pong get into some trouble with some of their friends after partying too hard, and then the body count starts... that's what I thought I might see. That was the hope. Maybe I just hoped that that the synopsis was wrong. So is Drinking Games worth a watch? The short of it, yes. It's not fun, but there's a ton of cocaine and gin.  Let's do this.

Synopsis from Believe Limited:

It's the last night of the fall semester, and all over campus parties are raging. While alcohol flows, Richard and Shawn argue over what to do with Noopie, the mysterious upperclassman passed out on their floor. After a blizzard seals them in the dorm with a handful of hapless friends, Noopie awakes and uses a mix of drugs, booze and sex to manipulate the group to their physical and emotional breaking points over the longest, most dangerous night of their young lives. Will it be their last?


Drinking Games (Official Trailer, HD)
from Ryan Gielen (Believe, LTD) on Vimeo.

The story is actually quite fun, and there are some unintentionally humorous moments. The story works and conveys exactly what it intends to. A power struggle in a student dorm where alcohol and sex are traded on the black market like alcohol and sex. The dorm atmosphere is dead on. The RA snooping, trying to ruin everyone's good time... perfectly cast. The group dynamic between students and friends is very much the thing of Lord of the Flies Goes to School. Not all of the actors are top notch, but in a way they come off as real. These may be more honest performances than your used to which can be offputting.

Now, it's not perfect, and it takes a great deal of patience to get around more than a few scenes in the movie, but on the whole it is watchable. It's a quiet movie. Too quiet.  The ending is just sort of sprung on you, but there's some really beautiful shots right up until the end. Of course it's also got the "don't mix drugs" moral.  It has redeeming qualities.

Drinking Games will be released on DVD August 20th.


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