Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Want My (Horror) MTV: Music Videos as Horror Shorts

Some horror fans are heavy metal fans, but it seems that nearly all heavy metal fans love horror. That's a great big stereotype, generalization I just dropped on you solely to introduce an article about music videos that are more mini-horror movies or shorts than music videos. I've compiled a few here for your enjoyment. Some of them you've most likely enjoyed before and others you may not be as familiar with. What's your favorite music video that watches like horror movie? We'll even throw in some non-heavy metal.

Let's fucking party!

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

You watch this, and you must think, "these guys loved Hammer horror". I can't prove it, but considering Ozzy's original band is named after the Mario Bava legendary horror anthology Black Sabbath, I have to imagine he sat in more than one theater watching Dr. Jekyll or Dracula or Frank. Maybe he was an Amicus fan or maybe he dug the Corman AIP era stuff, but this is an homage through and through to those films. Shot in the style of at the very least.

Lordi - Blood Rain Sandman

This is a brutal Evil Dead esque haunted house battle. Ghosts and demon-like human monsters that attack without the victim ever seeing what was attacking. It's terrifying completely with back story, plot and tidy ending... or is it? This was the inspiration for this series and shared with me by horror maester Mikael Marelli.

Foo Fighters - Everlong

So this is Dave Grohl doing Evil Dead. It's one of my favorite videos from when I was growing up, and it definitely embodies the style of Evil Dead II. 

Type O Negative - Christian Woman

Let's call this one the music video equivalent of Ken Russel's The Devils or your other favorite nunsploitation flick. Nothing like horny clergy members running around trying to masturbate and slapping their hands out of the way.

DIO - Last in Line

One of my first experiences with Dio was this music video. Something about an elevator drop to the depths of Hell terrifies me to this day even though I'm not superstitious. I get in an elevator and half expect it to keep going past the bottom floor. 

Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy

This is by far the creepiest music video on our list. Have no idea what's happening? Wait for the end. Not scared? Wait for the end. Hey, and it's danceable too. 

Tool - Sober

I don't exactly know what these Tool music videos are about, but I do know that they are disturbing and full of surreal imagery that has some kind of narrative at its base. Why can't we all be sober? Because there is still more beer. Duh. 

If you guys have some that you'd like to see included in future installments of this list, send them to We'll make sure to give you a shout out. 


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