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The World's End - A Little About the Trilogy and How You End the World

Let's talk a bit about the Cornetto Trilogy for as second. What the Hell is that you ask? Horror people know what it is. It's the three films of Edgar Wright, comedies that have some connection to prepackaged ice cream cones as featured in each movie. What's the back story? Somebody saw Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and drew the connection that a couple of flavors seems represented by the on screen ice cream appearances in each film. The trilogy is born of a joke, and the third installment, The World's End, that is supposed to represent the mint chocolate chip flavor of ice cream, was born of the joke or at least it being the third installment in calorie laden trilogy was born of the joke. For more on the Cornetto Trilogy check out a brief history here. For those of you want to know if this is something for you to rush out to see... read on. 

Synopsis from Fandango so I don't spoil the shit out of the movie for you:

Five lifelong friends reunite to complete a historic pub crawl from their youth, and find that reaching the fabled World's End tavern will be no simple undertaking while they also fight for the future of all mankind. Twenty years ago, Gary King (Simon Pegg) and his pals embarked on the ultimate drinking marathon. But the beer got the best of them, and they failed to drink their final pint at the World's End pub. Now, as die-hard rebel Gary approaches middle age, he summons his old friends back to their hometown for another round. With each pint down, Gary and the gang take another step toward reconciling with the past. Yet just when it starts to look like their goal is in sight, the pals realize that a much larger struggle is currently taking place, and that the future seems particularly grim -- not only for them, but for the entire human race.


Horror fans and fans of Edgar Wright and the writing team of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright want to know if this is as funny as the first two films in the series. They want to know if it lives up to the hype, and most likely this review isn't for them anyway because if you like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz you're going to go out and see this movie in the theatre before reading  a single goddamn review. You'll form an opinion, and then you'll immediately hit the net to write your own review (however brief) via blog or social network status. So for the horror fans that defy my initial logic, yeah it's funny, but not as funny as Hot Fuzz. Since I consider Shaun of the Dead to be funnier than Hot Fuzz, that means that The World's End isn't as funny as that movie either. It's not that it isn't funny. It is. Endearing and full of physical comedy and puns with clever plays on dialogue that will have fans of the previous works laughing and have a good time. There's no reason to bash The World's End even though it's the weakest in the series. 

The World's End is a bit of a downer. Where Shaun of the Dead seems to bring friends and lovers together and Hot Fuzz creates heroes out of ordinary people and teaches them how to be human as well as heroes, The World's End is the story of broken or lost dreams. It's the story of not being able to make it in a world that isn't built for your everyone. So you get to watch more than one character divulge personal struggles that seem more angst filled than each of the previous films in the series. If I am to judge The World's End separately from the rest of the Cornetto Trilogy, I enjoy it just fine and even take some of its moral lesson to heart. That it didn't leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy even in the presence of a nice twist and the overwhelmingly positive charisma of the troop of actors collected for this film, is actually a let down. I've grown used to feeling good when finished with an Edgar Wright picture.The World's End left me more pensive. Thoughtful. I guess I'd rather be entertained than to take stock of my own life. It's as if  TheWorld's End was written about my own life circa 1999, and I imagine that the's the intent. 

Pegg and Frost and crew are all excellent. There comedy is non stop and well executed. Everything from slapstick to clever punnery to dead pan. You'll get the film you expect form The World's End, a funny story about life involving an element of horror or science fiction. The actors will attend to your need to laugh as they have done in both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz with moments that are clearly on par with the previous two endeavors. Frost and Pegg bounce lines off each other like a mad cap game of horror pong.  The new editions to the evergrowing group of the Cornetto cast are excellent and fit in perfectly. These fellas all seem like old friends who have been through life and come out its as end for better or worse.

When I say that I didn't enjoy The World's End as much as the previous two films in the series I am not saying that you should avoid this movie. You should see it. In the theater. Pay for a ticket and support an excellent flick with plenty of action, humor and some fairly off the wall effects work. I won't divulge just what the effects work involves, why it happens or when it kicks in, but it's actually very original. Blue is clearly the new red (and that's all I'm saying about that). Part of me dearly hates when the only critical analysis of a film is to compare it to the previous works by the director/writer or as a part of a franchise or series. For that I'm sorry because in spite of the fact that The World's End is seemingly unrelated to the two predecessors, it is undeniably a member of the family of films collaborated on by friends who understand how to put together a movie that make an audience feel sympathetic. It's as if Wright and co are trying to divulge wisdom about life lessons while entertaining. In that effort,The World's End is a success. Keep passing the open window and find your own way. That's not giving up too much and sound advice for anyone really.

I want the audience that goes to seeThe  World's End to remember this is about a pub crawl of sorts; a group of friends try to complete the Golden Mile to drink twelve pints at least to get to the final pub, The World's End. That means you need to have at least one beer before seeing this movie. I would also recommend sneaking a couple in and pounding them with your mates. The World's End makes a fine date movie, especially if you and your date like to get loaded and laugh. Each movie in the trilogy has an element of binging drinking that should be appreciated, indulged and admired. 

I saw The World's End as the second half of a make-shift double feature with You're Next which could be responsible for why I wasn't nearly as impressed with The World's End. You're Next sort of blew me away even though I expected an excellent movie. The World's End had a lot to live up to. It's succeeds and would be a successful film even in the absence of Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead. I strongly recommend it, and hope you support this and You're Next in their theatrical run.  

You know who really wanted to see this movie? Me, about eight years ago. I could have made some really important life changes with this one under my belt. You know what else? I really want to try and goddamn Cornetto cone. 


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