Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We Belong Dead Issue #10: Cushing Battles and Creates the Monster

It's time for another issue of We Belong Dead from some of the more caring authors the genre has seen. These are fans, professional writers or not, genuinely embracing the genre the way that only horror fans can. In this issue you'll find classic everything. Monsters and murderers and madmen, make up men and men... just normal men doing normal things that people do when their not creating horror on film. This issue features Peter Cushing on the cover and more than a few articles inside delve into various points of interest from his past. Let's go through some of the highlights.

The feature on a brief history of Mario Bava, the great Italian director who helped create the golden age of Italian cinema, is perfect for the beginner looking to understand the roots of one of the gratuitous eras in filmmaking. You'll get to know Bava as a person and not just a creator of horror while exploring some of his well know works. It's brief but complete. My affinity for Italian Horror means this article sold the entire magazine. There's plenty more to come.

There's a dueling feature that divides the great Boris Karloff into actor and regular, ordinary man (not the monster he's known to be in front of the lens).  His career as an actor is explored by Stephen Jacobs and his "soft side" is explored by Rhonda Steerer. Both are experienced fans of Mr. Karloff as well as scholars of his work. You'll find each equally entertaining and informative. From straight man to the Grinch. It's all there.

Another article features the movie Death Line (known as Raw Meat in the States). Followed by a feature on Gifford's Pictorial History of Horror Movies which I actually own in m collection. This is more of a personal recollection of the amazing tome of early horror. Form experience I can tell you that this book is chock full of nuggets of horror wisdom from days past and somewhat forgotten.

In the previous issue of We Belong Dead there was in a complete look back at the Hammer Dracula series. Each movie is rated and discussed. This issue the focus is on Hammer's Frankenstein series which is a cumbersome task at best but one with which  Matt Gemmell is suited for. He's fair in his assessment and this is the perfect way to jump off from the original Curse of Frankenstein or find their way through the maze of films that followed. Each film is assessed on a 1-10 scale. Most fare well.

Perhaps my favorite piece is a look back at some creature feature, animal horror. It's a fairly complete look at the subgenre with mini reviews for each film including Night of the Lepus and Kingdom of the Spiders. From Orca to the Boogens... it's all there.

There's over 70 pages of material to go through so I won't bore you any longer with my recollections. Make sure to pay attention to the Facebook feature that tells everyone to check out Horror Rises from Spain. I couldn't agree more. We Belong Dead even references our review of issue #9 in their Editorial column  for which I have to say thank you. We'll keep reading them. Keep creating magnificent reading material for the horror community.

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Viva WBD!


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