Monday, September 23, 2013

Bloody Homecoming (Review)

I was bamboozled! Okay not really. It's not Bloody Homecoming's fault that when I saw the cover and trailer that I was instantly taken back to a magical place called Prom Night (not the awkward time in my life, the movie). I don't often fall for the movie poster, trailer, promo bit where the marketing looks good and so I become intrigued and then I wrap my arms around a release in my mind and give it a hug before I see it... no... that never happens (this is sarcasm). I had the chance to watch Bloody Homecoming, and I don't have a whole lot of nice things to say about. I'm not fond of writing extremely negative reviews, and I won't now, but perhaps my critique of this film might help the movie find a viewer who will enjoy it.


It’s Homecoming night in the sleepy town of Winston as a gaggle of freshmen friends excitedly approach their first big dance at Winston High, only to be refused entry by a trio of jerky senior jocks. The group decides to throw their own party in the school theater, but when Annie’s egomaniacal date Billy threatens her, the ensuing fight results in a accident that leaves young Billy dead.

Three years later, the faculty of Winston High finally decides to bring Homecoming Night back for the school, and Annie and her former friends—now seniors—are all anxious about it's return, hoping they can forget the past and start anew.

But someone out there intends to make sure they never forget.

As darkness falls on Homecoming Night, the senior friends find themselves visited by a deadly force from their past in the dark halls of their high school.

Guys... that's a fuck-load of explanation on the movie's FaceBook Page. It even says, "in the tradition of Prom Night", so now I have to make the connection solid between the two pissed off synapses in my brain.


What don't I like about Bloody Homecoming? This is one great big mish mash of other slasher films. Typical teen victims. Typical kills. It's pretty common place to take a proven subgenre like the slasher subgenre and try to pay homage TOO MUCH to the greats that made it without carrying a meta torch ala Scream. The problem is that if it's too obvious, it has to be funny for me to enjoy it. Since Bloody Homecoming isn't funny, pays an obvious nod to slasher films that I am familiar with and has some fairly poor dialogue... I'm not interested. The killer's costume is a fireman's outfit which seems to bear odd resemblance to the miner's gear in My Bloody Valentine. It's not exact at all or probably even intentional, but that killed it for me. Done. And that's not what I wanted it to be. That part's my fault. A little Prom Night. A little late 90's early 2000's pop/celeb neo-slasher style and then not much else.

So there's a fanbase out for this kind of thing. A huge fanbase. Someone's going to love the packaging and the poster and the trailer AND the movie. Just not me.

You can pick it up and give it a whirl over HERE. It streets September 24th.


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