Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2: Revenge of the Loogie

Look, I know that I Spit on Your Grave strikes up this whole wild debate. Every time someone invokes the Meir Zarchi original or Steven R. Monroe remake we get in a pissing match about the Rape/Revenge genre and what it MEEEEEANS and what the studio intended and who's making money off of whose arse on screen in a compromised, violated and vulnerable position. There is a time for the scholarly everything, and then there's time to appreciate and enjoy a movie (or not). I'm here to talk about movies. The PC, politics of this thing will be in someone's review.Not this one.  So here's I Spit on Your Grave 2: Electric Loogie Loo (or some clever shit).


Woman gets raped and tortured in her urban, apartment after accidentally crossing the path of some very sick fucks. She then winds up on a nightmare filled torture ride that will lead her to the very edge of her sanity and across the goddamn globe. We can only hope she escapes this tragic ordeal and rises up to defile and DESTROY her attackers in a fit of rage unlike any scene on screen.

(It's fucking disturbing so watch yourself).

This movie is brutal, or at least it tries to be MORE brutal than either the original or the remake inserting scenes of graphic torture to supplement the endless rape sequences. While the original may have offered a few moments of torture outside of the exceptionally long rape sequence and the remake equally brutal, this picture goes a step farther and seems to prolong the torture. It seems like you'll hit the hour mark before there's an respite and then you'll wonder if it's really a rest at all. I think of movies like Funny Games. It just drags you into despair for so goddamn long that if you ever hope to get out, you better get out with a cock and balls in your hand, shoved firmly in your attackers mouth wearing his goddamn skin. So this is a warning. If you think you want to enjoy I Spit on Your Grave 2 because you like to see the assholes get theirs... you have to wait... FOREVER! (It's a given that somebody gets revenge right?)

I Spit on Your Grave 2 feels a bit like Monroe was going for a country mouse/city mouse play on the original theme and setting. This invokes images of Ms. 45 which is seen as a sleeker, more devious Rape/Revenge flick. At times I actually thought I was watching an Eli Roth picture. It's lit, acted and effected like a Hostel film. I'm not saying that Monroe imitated Roth, and if anything the dark, grime works very well for this genre and this picture specifically.

Your star is Jemma Dallender. Her performance is competent though there are moments that left my ears ringing with poorly delivered dialogue and screams of pain that seemed a bit forced. It really doesn't detract from the overall product all that much. I was able to look past it. She's not Camille Keaton and no Sarah Butler, but that's okay. This is her interpretation of the role, and it's good. Toward the end of the picture I started noticing an costume choice that had me envisioning Christina Lindberg in Thriller: A Cruel Picture. Your attackers/rapers/assholes are actually quite good as well though the characters themselves seem to have fit the typical rape/revenge mold for the baddies. I suppose there's a reason the films in this genre sink or swim. They either conform to a fairly standard formula that and audience can be familiar with enough to accept the horrible images put before them or they break the mold and somebody gets arrested in Europe for screening it.

Unlike the two movies that came before this, I don't think I'll be watching it again or at least not in totality. I'm more than likely going to stick to the third act where the chickens come home to roost. There's ample practical effects and gore to keep me satisfied and keep Steven R. Monroe's name in the Splat Pack Jr. pool.

I'm going to recommend this to you. It's not groundbreaking, but it's a complete Rape/Revenge movie with twists and gore and ick. Definitely more exploitative than some other films in this genre though not the creme de la creme. It's important to note that you can watch all three of these pictures, the original, remake and sequel independent of each other. Check out the Blu-ray for yourself HERE.


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